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Part 6. of 8 -- The Equitists' "Malady and Remedy" Manifesto.

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This blog-entry contains the sixth part of my serialization, within this blog, of the Equitist Advocacy Group's groundbreaking manifesto entitled "Malady and Remedy:  What's Wrong, and What to Do About It", with my own edits added to their text, for its improvement [at least, I think so!]. 

In my opinion, this text is too important to be treated as any kind of "sacred text".

It needs to be improved upon, and circulated <<samizdat>>, worldwide, in such "improved" forms -- i.e., in as many versions as are seen as being needed, by every author who thinks that [s]he can improve upon it [including this one].

Here is a link to the original version, including to its "endnotes" --




Diagnosis:  What's Wrong [continued].


The Genesis of the Core Plutocracy's 'Human Anti-Humanism'
As a consequence of reversing the growth of the productive forces, reducing productivity, and reducing production, back to pre-capitalist levels, thus reducing the human '''carrying capacity''', not of exo-human “nature”, but of human society, the core plutocracy would also have to move to drastically reverse the growth of human population worldwide — to '''eugenicize''' and reduce the global population of commoner "riff raff", by “95%” [see quote from CNN founder, core plutocracy servant/spokesman, and ‘‘‘humanocide’’’ "advocate" -- i.e.,, 'humanocidal maniac' -- Ted Turner: ].

This would also, in the eyes of the core plutocracy, have the '''by-product benefit''' of reducing the workload of their servant-dictatorships' secret police -- all over the “Third World” that they have created, so as to suppress potential nascent industrialization, and the technodepreciation of plutocracy assets that it would entail, in that part of the world -- and thus of increasing the probability that their servant-dictatorships could maintain the enslavement and oppression of the remaining "commoner", neo-peonic populations there, as well as the suppression of any tendencies to rekindle scientific and technological advance there.

Indeed, the original Rockefeller Eugenics "Movement", in the U. S. — not yet today's Rockefeller-subverted perversion of the grassroots anti-pollution movement, not yet the Rockefeller-funded, 'Soylent Green', humanocidal pseudo-religion of "People Are Pollution", Neo-Malthusian 'Earthism' — was the first new ideology, together with the ideology of "Social Darwinism", by which the core plutocracy sought to elicit public acquiescence in their planned, world-wide multi-genocides.

Indeed, Adolph Hitler, initially a core-plutocracy-funded servant-dictator, modeled his early, proto-Holocaust decrees on the legislation imposed in the U. S. by the Rockefeller-funded Eugenics "Movement".   Hitler received direct financial support from that U. S. Eugenics "Movement" [for more about this, see War Against the Weak, by Edwin Black]. [e8_1]

The core plutocracy's new, 'Soylent Green' "Global Warming" ideology, as "justification" for global multi-genocide — since '''human population is the root of all pollution ["People Are Pollution"]''' — is, indeed, the direct successor to the Rockefeller/Hitler Eugenics ideology of the 1920s-1930s. [e8_2]

The ultra-secret meetings that crafted the legislation to establish the Federal Reserve System, and its regime of continual inflation [see the "Zeitgeist" movie [e9], moving the slider to ~1:17:20], and the imposition of the Federal Income Tax, both in 1913, created the opening gambits of their implementation of "option 2".

Their engineering of World War I in 1914 constituted their next phase [see the "Zeitgeist" movie [e9], moving the slider to ~1:28:24].

The plutocracy's engineering of the 1929-1939+ Global Great Depression I, the spread of the core plutocracy's militarist-fascist-racist servant-dictatorships world-wide — Horthy in Hungary, Mussolini in Italy, Hitler in Germany, Franco in Spain, Salazar in Portugal, Castillo and Peron in Argentina, Hirohito and Tojo in Japan, Chiang Kai-Shek in China, etc., etc. — and of 1939+ World War II, comprised their next phase, of planned fascist dictatorships worldwide, and of fascist-state imposed concentration-extermination “Eugenics camps” worldwide, albeit that the U.S./U.K. core plutocracy thereafter largely lost their former sole control of the global situation, for the next ~50 years, from 1939 to 1989, after Hitler’s ‘Franken-Dictator’ turn against them, seeking to replace their global dominion with his own, and, immediately thereafter, the rise of Stalin’s empire as the new global contender against them -- a rise which they were forced to partly fund, because they so desperately needed the Stalin regime’s help against their Hitler Frankenstein -- of a new counter-empire to theirs, growing up on the corpse of Hitler’s empire [see "GS9: Capital Asset Bubble Engineering: An Economic Weapon of Mass Destruction in the Arsenal of the Ruling Plutocracy"]. [e12]

The core plutocrat's even planned a military coup in the United States, to overthrow the Roosevelt Presidency, and to impose yet another one of their Hitler-like dictatorships, and of concentration/extermination “eugenics camps”,  upon the people of the United States as well.

On August 22, 1934, three days after Hitler was granted total dictatorship over Germany, a pudgy agent of the plutocracy, erstwhile bond salesman Jerry MacGuire, approached General Smedley D. Butler, with an offer from the leading families of the U.S. section of the core, U.S./U.K. plutocracy — from the Rockefeller, Pew, Morgan, Mellon, and Du Pont families, among others.

They requested that General Butler raise an army of unemployed WWI veteran soldiers, lavishly provendered by these plutocratic families, and lead these embittered veterans in a military overthrow of the United States constitutional government, to depose Roosevelt, and to install himself, General Butler, as the first dictator of the United States, i.e., as the public front man for these families, and for their social, political, and economic policies, which he was to administer on their behalf, and under their covert "guidance". [e13]

Unfortunately for these plutocrats — and oh so fortunately for humanity as a whole — things began to go wrong with these plutocrats' plans. Their designs began to unwind.

Their then-servant-dictator Hitler was assigned, by the U.S./U.K. core plutocracy, to attack Russia, thereby to assure the mutual destruction of Germany and Russia, and thereby to elimination the threat that a potential alliance between the vast productive force potential of the two -- the vast scientific and industrial strength of Germany, and the vast human and natural resource strength, plus the vast industrial and scientific potential of Russia, posed to the global preponderance of power of that U.S./U.K. core plutocracy.

It was none other than Prescott Bush himself — father of CIA Director and U. S. President George H. W. Bush, grandfather of President George W. Bush, and founding father of the 'Bush Crime Family' as a lower-plutocracy servant-family to the core, upper plutocracy — who 'conduited' much of the financing, by that core plutocracy, of Hitler's rise to power in Germany, from Bush's position in the investment bank of Brown and Harriman. This led to indictments, and to seizure of assets, under the WWII "Trading with the Enemy Act", as documented by Kevin Phillips in his book, American Dynasty: Aristocracy, Fortune, and the Politics of Deceit in the House of Bush. [e13_1]

Thus, the 'Bush Crimes-Against-Humanity Family' has been a family allocated, by the core plutocracy, to the facilitation of the core plutocracy's erstwhile Nazi servant-dictatorship — and to the facilitation of other core plutocracy servant-dictatorships world-wide; to War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity of many kinds — since its very inception as a servant-family within the lower plutocracy.

The Bush family's latest assignment — to establish a totalitarian servant-dictatorship in the United States of America, failed, but only narrowly-so.  

That assignment has now passed to the Democrats, under the administration of President Barack Obama.

Unfortunately for that plutocracy, Hitler decided that he had the potential to replace them with himself, and turned on them, signing an [insincere] peace pact with Stalin, on August 23rd of 1939 and, Frankenstein-like, attacking Poland, and his erstwhile masters to the West, starting on September 1st of 1939 [see "GS11: The Great Depression, World War II, Hitler, and the 'Rocke-Nazis'"]. [e14]

Hitler's "Franken-Dictator" turn forced that plutocracy to suspend their plans, and, instead, to more thoroughly utilize, rather than overthrow, the Roosevelt Administration, to militarily mobilize the U. S. working-/middle-class population to die horrific deaths by the thousands, as soldiers, to save the core plutocracy from their rebelling monster, Franken-Dictator Hitler.

This required some "New Deal" concessions, to motivate that mobilization, in place of the totalitarian — and 'Eugenical', '''Population Reduction'''-based '''Raw Deal''' — that the core plutocracy otherwise had planned for these American commoners, their '''genetic inferiors'''.

After Hitler's demise, the plutocracy faced a new "Franken-Dictator" in the person, and in the regime, of Stalin, who viciousness viciously vied with their world-historical viciousness over which of them would win world domination.

Only since the fall of the Stalinist dictatorships in Russia and Eastern Europe, circa 1989, has the core plutocracy felt free to resume the implementation of their "Anti-Marxian Marxianist" plan.

The present, incipient Global Great Depression II, is that resumption — their global bubble-engineered’, ‘engineered-bubble replay of the 1930s, with a vengeance.

The present, incipient Global Great Depression II is being used to “justify” the destruction of civil liberties, the imposition of supra-national, as well as of national, “austerity”-imposing dictatorships, and the destruction of “social safety nets” globally, including, this time, in the U.S. and in Europe, by foisting upon national states -- i.e., on their worker-taxpayers, who foot their bills -- the ballooning debt created by private sector ‘bubble-engineering’, to “save” the private sector banks and other corporations from the self-bankrupting consequences of their own actions, and, again “justified” by that very giveaway of the national taxpayers’ treasuries to the core plutocracy-owned financial corporations, destroying any reserves that the world working class has left, by slashing employment, and by slashing the wages and the salaries of both those private sector and those public sector workers who remain employed, slashing and/or eliminating pensions, collapsing the value of any securities-based savings of workers [e.g., “401(k)’s”], crushing home-ownership rates, and the value of workers’ owned-home assets, acceleratedly escalating the cost of medical care, and slashing medical benefits, both private and public, so that the working class will have nothing left to fall back upon when the fullness of the plutocracy’s second “Great” Designer Depression is unleashed worldwide. 

The planned timing of this worldwide unleashing is possibly set for next year, via the U.S.’s “Fiscal Cliff” theatrics, choreographed and orchestrated by the core plutocracy, ‘marionetting’ their wholly-owned, “Democrat” and “Republican” parties, which feign to oppose one another, only so as to divide and conquer the public, by urging that public to go against each others’ throats, and whose manipulated maneuvers serve mainly to “justify”, in the mass-media-addled minds of the public, the capitulation, by the “Democrats”, to the draconian ‘‘‘Social-Darwinistic’’’ and ‘‘‘eugenocidal’’’ demands of the “Republicans”.

This Designer Depression is also urgently designed, by the U.S./U.K. core plutocracy, to destroy also the burgeoning, technodepreciating industrialization of China, India, and Brazil, through the resulting collapse in world trade, caused by the collapse of working-class/middle-class incomes/demand in the U.S. and the E.U., before the vast, renascent populations of China, India, and Brazil can secure a sustaining growth of trade among themselves, escaping from their present abject dependence upon trade with the U. S. and the E.U. for their very survival.
Note to Readers:  Typographical and notational conventions observed throughout this text are described in the 'zeroth' endnote. [e0]

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