Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Global Strategic Hypotheses: The Core Plutocracy’s Goal -- An Environmentalist-Eugenicist Cyber-Police-State.

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Global Strategic Hypotheses: 

The Core Plutocracys Goal -- Environmentalist-Eugenicist Cyber-Police-States Worldwide.

Dear Readers,

I have summarized, below, some further Global Strategic Hypotheses for your consideration.



The Core Plutocracys Goal -- Environmentalist-Eugenicist Cyber-Police-States Worldwide.

Recent news is filled with stories on the Obama administration’s persecutions of whistleblowers, of journalists, and of others’ -- their merciless persecution of all who reveal the Obama administration’s crimes -- including increasingly “rewarding” journalists, for doing their jobs, with “espionage” indictments.

But it is good to keep in mind the fact that the democrat and republican parties are both wholly-owned subsidiaries of the actually-ruling, Rockefeller Plutocracy.

The side-show of mutual animosity that the two parties put on regarding one another is entirely for public consumption.  That side-show serves to “divide” us, and to keep us “conquered” -- to keep us at each other’s throats, duped into fighting battles that are contrary to our own best interests, and to not noticing the machinations of the truly-ruling, Rockefeller Plutocracy -- into not noticing that this plutocracy has declared a war of extermination upon all of us, rank-and-file republican, rank-and-file democrat, rank-and-file independent, and "rank-and-file in general" alike!

Some of this "Eugenics", "People Are Pollution" Plutocracy's many public declarations of their war of extermination upon the majority of humanity were documented in a previous entry to this blog, entitled "Plutocracy Publicly, Proudly Proclaims Their Planned Planetary Population Plummeting".

The purpose of the republican/democrat side-show is, at minimum, is to keep us fighting among ourselves about democrat issues and republican issues, to delimit the domain of allowable public discourse, so that we never get to our real issues -- at least not until it is too late!

The Obama regime publicly flouts its arrogance and audacity in charging “espionage” whenever a patriotic American citizen informs fellow citizens about that regime’s growing crimes against humanity -- its crimes of “collateral [mass] murder” -- of ‘stealth genocide’ -- in Iraq, in Afghanistan, in Pakistan, in Yemen, and elsewhere -- its crimes of mass torture, mass rape, and mass murder of civilians -- especially and deliberately of women and children -- by which it recruits new revenge-seekers to help perpetuate its perpetual “war on terror”, and to “justify” ever more taxpayer funds overflowing the coffers of The Rockefeller Plutocracy’s Military-Industrial Complex, a “Complex” otherwise “impoverished” by the loss of its great “Soviet” enemy. 

The Rockefeller Plutocracy has to keep its close servants "well-fed", and "happy"!

The Obama administration’s crimes in this regard are a continuation of those of its Bush administration predecessor-in-crime.

But the Obama regime is even worse than the Bush regime in that it is farther along on the path pursued by “both” -- by both the republican and the democrat wings of the One Party -- and of the ‘stealth One Party Rule’ -- of the ruling, Rockefeller Plutocracy.

That is, the Obama regime has continued and accelerated “progress” along the Rockefeller Plutocracy’s planned path -- i.e., has achieved what any decent human being would call retrogression -- regarding civil freedoms, expanding the Bush administration’s illegal surveillance to a total data warehousing of every citizen’s every phone call, every credit card transaction, every e-mail message, every internet site visit -- and every move by automobile, via the recently revealed nation-wide program of license plate scanning [see my immediately-previous blog-entry].

This kind of data is extremely valuable to a police-state in formation.

It can be used, for example, for blackmailing citizens, to force citizens to enlist as “volunteer” participants in the terror regime of the emerging 'U.S. Secret Police'.  

For example, suppose the secret police want you to “help” them to assassinate one of your neighbors, say a troublesome voice against the regime, by administering a lethal poison to that neighbor of yours.  Suppose you refuse.  With a vast digital record of your every action over the years, and with so many little known laws on the books, they can always find something that you have done that violates one of those little known laws, and can threaten to put you, or one of your loved-one’s, away for life, unless you comply. 

That might make it a bit more difficult for you to turn them down!

It can be used, for another example, to decide who has potential organizing skills among those rounded-up -- once the Plutocracy feels ready to overtly impose its new totalitarian, police-state dictatorships, in the U. S., the U.K., and in the E.U., and, therefore, feels ready to start "populating" the concentration camps / slave labor camps / extermination camps that they have already built [using taxpayer funds, of course!], and who should, therefore, be summarily murdered, versus who should be kept alive, temporarily, for "service" as slave labor -- i.e., to be worked to death as slave laborers, in the classic 'Rocke-Nazi' fashion, for which "fashion" the mere Nazis have wrongfully been given all of the "credit".

It was not Hitler's mere Nazis who designed his "Eugenics Camps", you know.

It was the Pre-WWII 'Rocke-Nazi', "Eugenics" Plutocracy -- until 'Franken-dictator' Hitler decided to cease serving them as their 'servant-dictator', and to become their 'master-dictator', by seizing the global imperium from out of their bloody claws into his, resulting in WWII, and the abortion of the 'Rocke-Nazis' first attempt at a global system of Fascist/Military "Eugenics" Dictatorships, ruled by them, for use by them in imposing global, 95% "population reduction".

That Pre-WWII 'Rocke-Nazi', "Eugenics" Plutocracy was the immediate ancestor of the same 'Meta-Nazis' who have already built new such "Eugenics Camps", in stealth, all across the rural places of the U.S., as part of their "Department of Homeland Security" -- True Name:  "Department of Plutocracy Security", which they set up by means of the public panic that they induced via their latest, biggest "false-flag operation", their Operation-Northwoods-like 9/11 'second burning of the Reichstag'.

The Rockefeller’s, and their lower-plutocracy servant-families -- e.g., the Bush crime family, the Cheney crime family, etc., etc., ad nauseam -- are literally "itching" to free themselves from their long confinement to the ‘stealth genocide’ mode that they have “endured “ for so many years, ever since their servant-dictator Hitler turned against them -- turned “Franken-dictator”, opting to wrest their world imperium away from them, and to take it over for himself -- thus precipitating World War II, before the “Eugenics” extermination camps -- that they had designed for him, and for their other servant dictators [Mussolini, Franco, Salazar, Horthy, Peron, Hirohito, etc.] could even get off the ground.

They are "itching" to get into open, outright, overt mass extermination, making good on their oft-repeated promises to eliminate 95% of us “for the good of The Environment” [ again, see: Plutocracy Publicly, Proudly Proclaims Their Planned Planetary Population Plummeting ].

But, "itching" or no, they don’t dare do that until they have “secure”, “reliable”, “stable” totalitarian police-states in place in the U.S., the U.K., and the E.U., as well as throughout the “Third World” and the “developing world”, where so many of their 'servant-dictatorships' already / still reign "in tact".

True, they’re a little behind schedule on that -- e.g., 1984 came and went without them being able to make Orwell’s nightmare novel of that name come completely true.

But, since then, “CCTV” is spreading in the U.K. -- and in the U.S., under various guises -- although it has not spread -- à la Orwell’s novel -- into our bedrooms.  Yet.

But, just give the Rockefellers a little more time. 

As long as there is no public outcry, they’ll “come through”.

Meanwhile, their global stealth genocide pogrom continues.

But they still feel sorely the lack of a Cyber Police State. 

Such a Police State would allow them to “crack down” on science and technology, requiring all scientific and mathematical research programme’s, before launching, to submit to prior review by their secret police ‘Board of Scientific Censorship’ -- disallowing all research that might “threaten” to ‘techno-depreciate’ their capital assets, or to improve the living standards, the security, the education, or the health of their supreme, if largely brainwashed into unconsciousness, adversary, the global working / “middle” class -- on pain of death, under the official excuse that “most scientific research and technological innovation is bad for The Environment.

As if the 'Rocke-Nazis' give a hang for 'The Environment'.

They care only for their precious power, and for its sociopathic "perks" -- their "above the law" license to practice their pastimes of mass torture, mass rape, and mass murder with utter impunity.

They use that excuse only because it usually works to fool "We The People" -- because we do care about the health of the planetary biosphere.

The ‘Rocke-Nazis’ know -- they learned it from Karl Marx, by way of their intellectual prostitutes, “the best that money can buy” -- that “the growth of the social forces of production” -- the rising ‘self-productivity’ of human ‘socio-mass’ -- will, at length, overthrow them, unless they can put a stop to it.

But blocking “the growth of the productive forces” of humanity has the unpopular side effect of collapsing majority human living standards.

The 'Rocke-Nazi' Plutocracy can hardly propose such a program publicly, and expect the public to go along with it -- to ask the public to help them to save that Plutocracy’s power over that public, and to save that plutocracy’s criminal “perks” of their rule over that public.

These plutocrats have to concoct other excuses for their plans. 

Like their idea that “[The] People Are Pollution”.

Regarding the strategy that this predicament leads this Plutocracy to adopt, Hugh Moore -- not very ‘hughmooreously’ -- spelled it out, in a letter to John D. Rockefeller III himself, in 1954:

“We are not primarily interested in the sociological or humanitarian aspects of birth control.” 

“We are interested in the use which Communists make of hungry people in their drive to conquer the earth.”

[Robert Zubrin, Merchants of Despair:  Radical Environmentalists, Criminal Pseudo-Scientists, and the Fatal Cult of Antihumanism, New Atlantis Books [NY:  2012], p. 81].

Of course, this ‘hughmoore-ists’ message is partly coded, "for protection of [from] the public". 

By “Communists” our ‘hughmoore-ist’ means anti-Stalinist, democratic nationalists, of the kind who the Rockefellers’ servant-dictators have been slaughtering throughout Latin America, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia for decades.

These “Communists” are created by the brutal life-conditions that the Rockefellers, via the military, etc., dictators of their 'servant dictatorships', have imposed, to block industrialization and other economic development throughout the “Third World” that they created, in order to suppress a “growth of the productive forces” that would ‘technodepreciate’ the Rockefellers’ core capital assets in the core countries of earlier industrialization -- in the U.K., the U.S., and [now] the E.U. 

The “hungry people” that the Rockefellers fear -- and seek to “Eugenically” exterminate -- are the majority of the world’s people, made hungry by the Rockefellers themselves, in the Rockefeller Plutocracy's drive to suppress and to reverse the historic growth of the social productive forces of all humanity.

In order to protect their power, and its perks -- from technodepreciation, and from the potential of a rising, healthy, technically-educated, increasingly financially secure and independent working/middle class, which will arise if the “technical composition of capital”, and, therefore, the "technical composition of labor" [Marx], is allowed to continue to grow -- the Rockefeller Plutocracy feels forced to contrive a New Dark Ages, and a catastrophic, 95% plummeting of global human population.

But until their global Environmentalist-Eugenicist Police-States can “mature”, and seize power world-wide, the Rockefeller Plutocracy must "limit itself" to pursuing its New Dark Ages / People Are Pollution / 95% Population-Extermination Plans in “stealth” mode.

Are "We The People" mostly still asleep to this multifaceted, global 'Stealth Genocide' Pogrom?

If we sleep, will we not be murdered in our sleep?