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Karl Marx on Psychohistory.

Karl Marx on Psychohistory.


Dear Readers,

GLOBAL STRATEGIC HYPOTHESES.  Karl Marx was deeply concerned with and scientifically at work upon the science of Psychology.

However, in Marx’s view, the science of Psychology was not the ideology of atomistically-conceived human-individual ‘‘‘molecules’’’, detached from all social relations infrastructure, floating in mutual detachment, mutual indifference, or mutual predation, in some kind of “human” gas.

Such was the view of that Rockefeller-whore gas-bag, Margaret Thatcher, who made war upon the British working class, and in whose ideology human society, as such, simply did not exist. Another of her unique distinctions is to have promulgated a Nazi -- racist/Eugenicist -- theory of Nazism, holding that a flaw in German genetics made Germany susceptible to Hitler -- not post-WWI national humiliation, followed by hyperinflation, followed by hyper-depression, etc., etc.  Haggie Maggie held that the British people, with their “better genes”, would never succumb to Fascism, while all the while herself laying the groundwork of Fascism in Britain, and bringing Britain to the brink of Fascism.

In Marx’s view, psychology was a collective ‘Psyche-ology’, a ‘Psyche-ology’ of what we call ‘The Human Phenome’ -- inherently a social and cultural and civilizational ‘Psyche-ology’.

All of this is manifested in the following passage from perhaps Marx’s earliest writings as what we now call a ‘‘‘Marxian’’’:  the “Economic-Philosophic Manuscripts of 1844”.  They were written on the eve of the great European uprisings of 1848, against monarchical despotism, that also signaled the birth of the modern working class movement for the transcendence of capitalism.

We quote, below, from pages 162 to 164 of Karl Marx: Early Writings, translated and edited by T. B. Bottomore, foreword by Erich Fromm [McGraw-Hill, NY:  1964].

Thus, Marx:  It can be seen that the history of industry and industry as it objectively exists is an open book of the human faculties, and a human psychology which can be sensuously apprehended.”

“This history has not so far been conceived in relation to human nature, but only from a superficial utilitarian point of view, since in the condition of alienation it was only possible to conceive real human faculties and human species-action in the form of general human existence, as religion, or as history in its abstract, general aspect as politics, art and literature, etc.”

“Everyday material industry (which can be conceived as part of that general development; or equally, the general development can be conceived as a specific part of industry since all human activity up to the present has been labour, i.e., industry, self-alienated activity) shows us, in the form of sensuous useful objects, in an alienated form, the essential human faculties transformed into objects.”

“No psychology for which this book, i.e. the most tangible and accessible part of history, remains closed, can become a real science, with a genuine content.”

“What is to be thought of a science which stays aloof from this enormous field of human labour, and which does not feel its own inadequacy even though this great wealth of human activity means nothing to it except perhaps what can be expressed in the single phrase -- “ need,” “ common need ” ?”

“The natural sciences have developed a tremendous activity and have assembled an ever-growing mass of data.  But philosophy has remained alien to these sciences just as they have remained alien to philosophy.  Their momentary rapprochement was only a fantastic illusion.  There was a desire for union but the power to effect it was lacking.  Historiography itself only takes natural science into account incidentally, regarding it as a factor making for enlightenment, for practical utility and for particular great discoveries.”

“But natural science has penetrated all the more practically into human life through industry.  It has transformed human life and prepared the emancipation of humanity, even though its immediate effect was to accentuate the dehumanization of man.”

“Industry is the actual historical relationship of nature, and thus of natural science, to man.  If industry is conceived as the exoteric manifestation of the essential human faculties, the human essence of nature and the natural essence of man can also be understood.”

“Natural science will then abandon its abstract materialist, or rather idealist, orientation, and will become the basis of a human science, just as it has already become -- though in an alienated form -- the basis of actual human life.  One basis for life and another for science is a priori a falsehood.”

“Nature, as it develops in human history, in the act of genesis of human society, is the actual nature of man; thus nature, as it develops through industry, though in an alienated form, is truly anthropological nature.”

“Sense experience (see Feuerbach) must be the basis of all science.  Science is only genuine science when it proceeds from sense experience, in the two forms of sense perception and of sensuous need; i.e. only when it proceeds from nature.”

“The whole of [human] history is a preparation for “ man ” to become an object of sense perception, and for the development of human needs (the needs of man as such).  [human] History itself is a real part of natural history, of the development of nature into man.”

“Natural science will one day incorporate the science of man, just as the science of man will incorporate natural science; there will be a single science.

FYI:  Much of the work of Karl Seldon, and of his collaborators, including work by “yours truly”, is available, for your free-of-charge download, via --



Miguel Detonacciones,
Member, Foundation Encyclopedia Dialectica [F.E.D.],
Officer, F.E.D. Office of Public Liaison

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The Karl Seldon on Karl Marx Series, Part 1 -- Seldon on Marxian Theory.

The Karl Seldon on Karl Marx Series, Part 1 --

Seldon on Marxian Theory.

Dear Readers,

This new series -- “Karl Seldon on Karl Marx” -- is for the purpose of my presenting to you key excerpts from Karl Seldon’s discourses, among we of F.E.D., on the topic of the work of Karl Marx.  This series begins -- in this Part 1 -- with a general statement on the F.E.D. consensus regarding Marx’s theory overall.

[Seldon:]  The point, with regard to Marx’s work, is not to ‘dogmatize’ it, or to ‘catechismize’ it -- as is the wont of the purveyors of “pure-state-bureaucratic” [“Leninist”, Trotskyist”, “Stalinist”, “Maoist”, “Castoist”, “IList”, “UNist”, etc., ad nauseam] 'proto-state-capitalism', who hope to make of their twisted ideology, which they [flagrantly and falsely] claim to be Marx’s, a kind of secular religion that will secure their totalitarian, Orwellian, mass-murderist dictatorship, and its perverted “perks”, for all futurity.  Those purveyors degenerated Marx’s theory into a new ideology, to cover-up their new, bloody pathway to capitalism, via their new variant of ['proto-state-capitalist'] “primitive accumulation”.”

“The point, with regard to Marx’s work, is to continue it, to extend it, including by continually immanently critiquing its own internal tendencies toward ‘re-ideologification -- to take up that work again where that work left off, with Marx’s untimely death, and with Engels’s insufficient efforts to edit the manuscripts that Marx left behind.” 

“This means to advance, once again, Marx’s work, in the several crucial loci which Marx left most incomplete and most unclarified, e.g., in particular --

(1) The nature and causation of capitalist crisis, in relation to Marx’s “Law of the Tendency of the Rate of Profit to Fall”;

(2) The detailed, necessary nature of the higher successor system to the capitalist system, and, especially, of the new prevailing “social relation of production” at the heart of that successor system -- the nature of the association of “the associated producers”; the nature of a ‘producers’ democracy’, and;

(3) The nature of the Marxian dialectic in general, of the systematic and historical dialectic of capitalism in particular, of the dialectic of human history as a whole, and of the Marxian dialectic of Nature as a whole.”

“Above all, this means recognizing the nature of Marxian theory itself, namely, as a fundamental theory within human social science as a whole, in contrast to which the various and pathetic mysticisms and idealisms of capitalist ideology, masquerading as social science, pale in comparison.  Marxian theory represents the most comprehensive scientific theory of human-social evolution, and of human-social ‘meta-evolution’ [i.e., of social relations of production “revolution”, driven by the growth of the social forces of production across critical thresholds], so far achieved by Terran humanity.”

“But, as such, as a scientific theory, its hypotheses must be grasped as susceptible to falsification by contravening empirical evidence, and even as seeking such falsification, as a means to continually guard against ‘re-ideologification, and as a means to continually improve those hypotheses.

FYI:  Much of the work of Karl Seldon, and of his collaborators, including work by “yours truly”, is available, for your free-of-charge download, via --



Miguel Detonacciones,
Member, Foundation Encyclopedia Dialectica [F.E.D.],
Officer, F.E.D. Office of Public Liaison

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Check Out Our New Website -- !!!

Dear Readers,

We have opened an additional website, while the old website is being repaired: -- Check it out!



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A New Youtube Comment.

Dear Readers,

I have been posting the following Comment on Youtube --

"For free-of-charge works carrying forward the work of Marx, by-passing the Leninist dictatorial fraud/bait-and-switch, see the dialectics org. web site.

GLOBAL STRATEGIC HYPOTHESES: "Late Capitalism", or 'Descendence-Phase Capitalism', begins at that point in the global accumulation of capital, when, because of the growth of the social forces of production under capitalism [growth of "productivity"], expressed, in part, as growth of fixed-capital-plant and equipment value relative to all other elements of industrial capital value, for core, concentrated industrial capital, further continuation/acceleration of profit-motivated productivity-enhancing innovation will destroy, by write-off against current gross profits, more old industrial capital, due to pre-wear-and-tear-depreciation/amortization 'techno-obsolescence' thereof, than its adds to new industrial capital value via incremental profits, thus driving core industrial capitalist profitability secularly negative. This, starting in the late 1800s, led to extreme reactions and actions on the part of the core capitalist ruling class, leading to their pushing of the "Eugenics" ideology worldwide, to their "Federal Reserve" Central [private] Bank dictatorship in the U.S., and to the U.S. Federal Income Tax on U.S. workers' wages [state-extracted neo-surplus-value], plus World War I.  Later, it led to the "Great Depression", and to the U.S. ruling class's [e.g., the Rockefellers'] support of Eugenics and of Hitler, in particular, in Germany, and of Fascism worldwide in general, until Hitler turned 'Franken-Dictator' -- e.g., 1939 Hitler-Stalin Pact -- and decided to kill off his Rockefeller-masters, and subjugate the entire planet for himself, leading to World War II.  Since then, the Rockefeller ruling class has concentrated on propagating their "People Are Pollution" version of "ecology", preparing -- as they have publicly, if somewhat 'sequesteredly', repeatedly stated -- for their planned "~95% population reduction" Global Warming Austerity Pogrom, their "FINAL SOLUTION TO THE HUMANITY PROBLEM"."



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Just Posted a Comment ...

Dear Readers,

FYI:  I just posted the following comment to a post at that mentioned Apple's plan to develop an adaptation for television of Asimov's Foundation series --

Those who have been moved by Asimov's Foundation 'heptalogy', might want to know about a pseudonynmous group that has derived seven "simultaneous" 'psychohistorical-dialectical [meta-]equations', using a new mathematics of their own discovery, and that apply to the real world of a single planet, Earth, now poised between the alternatives of a New/Final Dark Age, and a first GLOBAL Renaissance -- a group that has devised a '''Seldon Plan''' for planet Earth. The works of this group are available for free-of-charge download via .

-- URL --



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The “Yellow Vest” Insurgency in France +. GLOBAL, HUMAN-SPECIES-STRATEGIC HYPOTHESES.

The “Yellow Vest” Insurgency in France + -- The Popular/Populist Global Fight-Back Against the Rocke-Nazis’‘Global Warming Austerity’ Stealth Humanocide Pogrom has Begun!


Dear Readers,


The “Yellow Vest” insurgency in France, now spreading to Belgium and beyond, is an early chapter in the inevitable popular uprising against the primary ‘Humanocidal’ Pogrom of the Rocke-Nazi, 'Meta-Nazi' plutocracy:  ‘Global Warming Austerity’. 

This will be a fight to the death against the ‘Global Warming Austerity’ ploy of that Rockefeller-dominated plutocracy, which is purportedly designed to “Save The Planet”, but is really aimed at “SAVING ROCKEFELLER POWER”, and all of the perverted perks of that “above the law” Separate Power, by escalating energy costs for ordinary citizens -- e.g., monthly utility costs for electricity, natural gas, etc. -- so high that their very lives become “unaffordable”, as detailed in earlier blog-entries hereto.

But this fight to the death against the HUMANOCIDAL, ultra-sadistic psychopaths and sociopaths of the Rockefeller ruling faction, will force that ruling faction into non-violent capitulation -- as it did the ultra-vicious psychopaths and sociopaths of the Russian Stalinist ruling bureaucracy -- if enough of a majority or plurality of citizens, world-wide, wakes up in time to their ultra-peril at the hands of the Rockefeller ‘Global Warming Austerity’ Global Pogrom.

Some basic background on the “Yellow Vests” movement is available via the following URL --



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Dear Readers,


After reading the two immediately-preceding blog-entries here --

-- perhaps you can begin to understand the utter urgency we feel in our efforts to convey, to you, this message:  The ‘Rocke-Nazis’ -- the [State-]Capitalist system’s Descendence Phase global ruling class faction -- want you dead, and, in their Caligulan hyper-corruption and hyper-perversion, borne of unchecked power, and of existential fear of overthrow by the accelerating ‘techno-depreciation’ of their capital, they want you and your family to die, very soon, and in the most agonizing way that they can devise [see Eric Pianka’s tirade in --

-- for the retention of their unchecked power, but also simply for their “entertainment”, and for their “revenge” upon you and yours, for, in their “Eugenical” eyes, you should die in agony because ‘“you never should have been born”’.

Over and over, the Rocke-Nazis’ intellectual hirelings, their ‘spokes-servants’, have stated this, publicly, again and again, mocking us as to how they have ‘depressioned’ and ‘pseudo-fooded’ and polluted and 'drugged-side-effectized' and doped and ‘opioided’ and ‘adulterated-vaccined’ and educationally “dumbed-down”, and ‘diabetized’ and ‘heart-diseased’ and ‘cancered’ and ‘Alzheimered’ and ‘autismed’ and ideologically ‘lemmingized’ us into passivity, to the point that, even when they tell us that they are planning to kill us, and even tell us how they plan to kill us -- even then!!! -- so many of us will not fight for our own lives and for the lives of our families, and for the lives of our fellow citizens.  After all, “people are pollution”, and we are people!  [For a sampling of these pronouncements of planned global ‘humanocide’, click the link immediately above]. 

And virtually no other force in human history, past-to-present, has ever held even as great a power to bring about this planned “95%” ‘humanocide’ as the ‘Rocke-Nazis’ now hold -- to bring about their planned torture-murder of you, of the rest of your family, and all of the other families, except for the ‘Rocke-Nazis’ themselves, and their narrow ~ 5% -- except for they themselves and their “house servants” and their “field servants”, those few that, alone, are to be spared!

The only present potential force in human history that has the potential power to overcome the Rocke-Nazis’ ‘humanocidal’ plan is the worldwide working-middle class itself, awakened to its present mortal peril, and, concurrently, awakened to its higher potential destiny:  to bring a higher, deeper, “checks-and-balances”-restoring and -deepening, rule-of-law-restoring form of democracy to birth, for the very first time, on Earth --





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The Strategy of the Trump Faction -- ‘‘‘Reflate’’’ the Profit-Rate. GLOBAL, HUMAN-SPECIES-STRATEGIC HYPOTHESES.

The Strategy of the Trump Faction -- ‘‘‘Reflate’’’ the Profit-Rate. 


Dear Readers,

GLOBAL, HUMAN-SPECIES-STRATEGIC HYPOTHESES.  As we have noted here before, the Rocke-Nazi faction -- the formerly, all but ‘uncontestedly’ ruling faction of the capitalist ruling class, ever since their coup d├ętat, in which they exterminated the leadership of the rival, ‘‘‘Roosevelt faction’’’ in the 1960s, but whose rule is now under severe contestation by the Trump, ‘crypto-Rooseveltian’ faction revival -- has, together with their Spokes-Servants, publicly, if somewhat ‘sequesteredly’, announcing their plans to exterminate ~95% of the human race, thus including you and your family.  They have been announcing these plans for a long time -- 

-- but are only now approaching, again, the capability to carry out these horrific plans, iff they can get the Trump faction out of their way.

What is it about the Trump faction’s strategy that has so unnerved the Rocke-Nazis, to the point that they have declared all-out ideological total war against the Trump administration, and against the “nationalist” and “populist” movement that supports that administration, electorally and otherwise, and have focused all of their mass media assets -- television, radio, magazines, remnant newspapers -- on a 24 X 7, almost second-by-second disparagement of everything about Trump and his administration, of every single thing that he does, down to the minutest minutiae?  Indeed, ever since the Rocke-Nazisdeclared all-out ideological war on Trump and his faction, there is only one program ever aired in the Rocke-Nazi owned-and/or-controlled mass market tele-media:  the ‘Dump-On-Trump Show’!

The working class in America is not a “class for itself”, aware of its own identity as such, aware of its interests, and actively and consciously pursuing those interests.  It has largely been reduced to a defenseless “class in itself”, balkanized and bamboozled by every divide-and-conquer ruse that the Rocke-Nazis have been able to concoct.
One of the consequences of this is that it has taken a long time for the working class majority to even begin to figure out that the many misfortunes that have avalanched upon them, upon their whole families, ever since the 1960s Rocke-Nazi coup d├ętat, is the result of a planned -- pre-meditated -- Rocke-Nazi war upon the working class, and especially upon the U.S. working class, as part of the Rocke-Nazisgeneral War Against Humanity. 

The movement behind the Trump faction’s electoral victories is a sign that the U. S. working class is beginning -- just beginning -- to wake up to that war upon them, and to their own dire peril, at the hands of the Rocke-Nazi Deep State.

The best times, within capitalist times, for a working class “in-itself”, are the times of capitalist economic recovery, expansion, boom -- times like right now.

During those times, the pro-productive-forces factions of the capitalist class, and the working class, can enjoy mutual benefits.  During those times, even a partial alliance is possible between the two classes.

It is such an alliance that the Trump faction is seeking -- and partially succeeding already in achieving.  The Trump faction is beginning to deliver prosperity -- even unprecedented prosperity -- rising wages, falling unemployment, low inflation, > 2% [GDP] growth, etc., and is relying on the working class to deliver electoral victories to Trump faction candidates in return.

But how has the Trump faction achieved these already nearly-unprecedentedly-positive economic results, and what is the Trump faction’s strategy for sustaining and even surpassing these results?  And what is the Rocke-Nazi strategy to derail all of these unprecedented benefits?

To address the first of these two questions, we will draw upon Marxian, dialectical social science, and, specifically, upon Marx’s immanent critique of capitalist political-economics.

Per Marx, and many others, the ‘socio-politico-economic’ driving force of the capitalist world market social formation entire is profitability, specifically, the general social rate of profit on capital.

We can look at this “rate of profit” in a more phenomenal view, such as the view of it that capitalists natively take, or we can see this rate from the more core-analytical, Marxian viewpoint. 

The phenomenal view measures this rate as, e.g., “rate of return on Investment, r/I, wherein r denotes the gross monetary return “caused” by the operation of the capital Invested in fixed capital means of production, etc., denoted by I.

The Marxian view measures its “rate of profit” as gross social “surplus value”, s, in relation to the capital investment that yields that, with that capital investment crucially disaggregated into the part of the invested capital value that pays workers, v, plus the other part of invested capital value, that represents capital value that pays for materials and other non-worker means of production, called c.  So the Marxian profit-rate ratio is thus s/(c + v).

These gross rates, however, do not tell the story of actualized profitability.  That story must be stated in terms of periodic net return, r’, and of periodic net surplus-value, s’.

The costs that must be “netted out” of the gross numerators to accurately compute the net numerators of these profitability ratios include the following --

  • D =  interest costs; periodic costs of Debt-service on loans to capitalist firms;
  • L =  Land, etc., rent costs; costs of periodic payments to the owners of lands
                      rented or leased to capitalist firms;
  • T =  costs of Taxes paid to governmental entities by capitalist firms;
  • G = costs of compliance with Governmental regulations.

So, with greater specificity as to actualized profitability, these ratios become --

Marxian core-analytical view:    s’/(c + v)  =  (s - D - L - T - G)/(c + v);

capitalist, phenomenal view:      r’/I  =  (r - D - L - T - G)/I.

From the perspective offered by the above profitability metrics, we can see that the core strategy of the ‘Trump Faction’ is to ‘‘‘reflate’’’ the net profit rate of, in particular, smaller industrial and manufacturing firms, by reducing the absolute value dollar size of both T and G for those firms -- i.e., by reducing both corporate taxes and the costs of compliance with governmental regulations. 

Changes to federal tax law that Congress passed along with the corporate tax cuts, that tend in the direction of immediate depreciation of capital investments in new plant and equipment fixed capital, also take some of the sting out of ‘‘‘technodepreciation’’’, thus encouraging fresh capital investment by such firms in yet another way.

The resulting, surging increases in profitability will then fuel, per this strategy, an economic expansion that will look like a sustained “boom” in comparison to the  sustained strangulation of profitability and productivity that have characterized the Rocke-Nazi regime in the U.S., ever since the 1960s.

Tariffs.  The Rocke-Nazis have used “free trade”, together with non-enforcement of U.S. immigration laws [de facto “open borders”], to crush the wages and employment opportunities of the U.S. working class, transferring formerly U.S.-based higher-paying industrial jobs to foreign dictatorships, which keep their working classes, and those classes’ wages, in check, by police-state means, resulting in the de-industrialization of America, and the creation of a vast “Rust Belt” [more truthfully named The Rockefeller Belt] of quasi-Third-World impoverishment and immiseration in the heartland of the United States.

Rockefeller-whore economists, in droves, opine relentlessly, on Rockefeller-controlled fake news media outlets, that “Tariffs never do anybody any good” and that “Tariffs only raise prices for consumers”, in a display of statical thinking that is pathetic even for capitalist-class ideologues.

The Trump tariffs are an integral component of the Trump Faction’s ‘profit-rate reflation’ strategy.  True, in the short run, such tariffs will tend to raise prices.  That rise in prices is crucial to the capitalist dynamics that the Trump Faction seeks to unleash. 

Those price increases can create potential profit margins, big enough to attract capital investment to restart former U.S. industries, the very industries that the Rocke-Nazis had targeted and destroyed in their de-industrialization campaign/pogrom since the ‘60s.  These potential profitabilities can thus catalyze a re-industrialization of the United States.  The intensified, innovative investments, due to the intensified competition of capitals that such re-industrialization entails, will then lead to heightened productivity, lower unit-costs, and hence to decreases in the prices initially raised by the tariffs early-on.  They will also lead to higher wages and revitalization for the U.S. working class.

That is the very last thing that the Rocke-Nazi Faction ever wants to see!

Risks to the Trump Faction’s Strategy.  . . .


For deeper, scientific and ‘‘‘psychohistorical’’’ understanding of this ‘‘‘political-economic law of motion of modern -- capitalist -- society’’’, see the other key entries to this blog, and see also --



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WHY the ‘Rocke-Nazis’ Plan to Murder You, and the Rest of Your Family ...

WHY theRocke-NazisPlan to Murder You, The Rest of Your Family, and~95%of the Rest of Humanity.  GLOBAL, HUMAN-SPECIES-STRATEGIC HYPOTHESES.

Dear Readers,

GLOBAL, HUMAN-SPECIES-STRATEGIC HYPOTHESES.  The Rocke-Nazi formerly-ruling faction of the capitalist ruling class -- now under contestation for that rule by the Trump crypto-Rooseveltian faction revival -- and their Spokes-Servants, have been publicly, if somewhat ‘sequesteredly’, announcing their plans to exterminate ~95% of the human race, thus including you and your family.  They have been announcing these plans for a long time -- 

-- but are only now approaching, again, the capability to carry out these horrific plans.


Only the Marxian human-social-scientific hypothesis, to our knowledge, can adequately account for this ultimate horror.

But the ‘Rocke-Nazi’ domination of mass media, of public education, of the “food” industry, of AMA “medicine”, etc., via their pseudo-foods promotion, their drugs promotion, including, more recently, their opioids promotion, and others of their Stealth Humanocide pogroms against America, and against humanity at large, make it deeply difficult for a “dumbed-down” and cognitively-poisoned public to understand that explanation.

Stated generally, this ‘psychohistorical-materialist’ explanation is as follows. 

Capitalist competition, driving the consolidation, centralization, and concentration of capital, while also driving what Marx called “the growth of the social forces of production” -- what we call ‘the self-accelerating self-growth of the human-social self-force of human-societal expanded self-reproduction’ -- which drives the ascending profitability and ascending relative prosperity of the ‘‘‘ascendence phase’’’ of the capitalist system, is also self-undermining, self-negating. 

As “successful competition”-borne concentration of industrial capital and of financial [e.g., banking] capital deepens, plus as the technical composition of the hyper-concentrated ownership portions of industrial fixed capital plant and equipment deepens, and as the competition-motivated rate of industrial-technological innovation accelerates, a turning point is reached -- in the U.S., this turning point was reached in the later 1800s, per the available data.

After this turning point, further growth of “the social forces of production” -- further deep technological-industrial innovation, and further rises in productivity, including in the productivity of the production of industrial fixed capital plant and equipment, thus lowering its unit-cost, collapses the rate of return on fixed capital investments for the core capital owners, and the ability of core industrial firms to pay back their long term bank loans -- especially and mainly for the core, concentrated-ownership, highest technical composition industrial capital, and for its supporting banking capital.

The write-off of the value lost on ‘techno-depreciated’, obsolescent fixed-capital plant and equipment, and of the consequently unrepayable industrial loans from the biggest banks, against periodic gross profits of core, concentrated-ownership industrial corporations and banks, increasingly turns periodic profits negative, as more $s of old/‘obsoleted’ fixed-capital and of its bank loans are charged-off than the incrementally-increased net earnings due to replacing that obsolete fixed capital with the latest vintages of more technologically advanced, higher productivity fixed capital can match.

Further growth of “the productive forces” makes capitalism unprofitable for the core, ruling-class capitalists.

Those capitalists are threatened with destruction -- with their bankruptcy; with the overthrow of their socio-economic power, together with all of its perverted perks -- by the further immanent development of their own system.

‘‘‘Psychohistorically’’’-speaking, those who have become addicted to power -- consider the ancient, pre-capitalist cases of mass-murderous tyrants like Alexander “The Great”, Nero, Caligula, etc., etc. ad nauseam, for example -- will do anything -- ANYTHING -- to hold-on to their vicious power.  They become, not just Dr. Strangeloves, but Dr. StrangeHATES.  They come to hate, and to plan to murder, most of humanity itself.  The ‘‘‘psychohistorical’’’ reaction of these plutocrats to that, their power predicament, turns the ascendence phase of the modern capitalist system into its horrendous descendence phase.

In response to their power predicament, the dominant faction of that capitalist class coalesces to plan a global war against the productive forces -- and, thus also, a Global War On humanity, because, when the growth of the social forces of production is attacked, the majority of humanity are pressed onto a path of revolt against their resulting immiseration, and, therefore, also onto a path of revolt against the ruling class faction that is imposing that immiseration:  the Rockefeller faction.

The early signs of this Rockefeller war on humanity  included --

  • The imposition of the “Federal Reserve”, by the Rockefeller faction;
  • The imposition of the Federal Income Tax in the U.S., by the Rockefeller faction, e.g., in part, to create the Third World by using the resulting revenues for financing the Rockefeller Servant Military Dictatorships that were charged, by the Rockefellers, with reversing the incipient industrialization in the “semi-periphery” of ‘US/UK core capitalism’;
  • World War I, a masterful early example of Rockefeller faction Stealth Humanocide;
  • The global promotion of Eugenics ideology, and of its mass-murderous practice, by the Rockefeller family”, in the U.S., and, especially, in Weimar Germany.

After their globally mass-murderous World War II, against their former Eugenics Servant-Dictator, Hitler, turned Franken-Dictator circa 1939 --

  • The global perversion, by Rockefeller faction Big Money, of an emergent grassroots anti-pollution, anti-Externalities movement into a ‘‘‘neo-Eugenics’’’, ‘‘‘Stealth Eugenics’’’ PEOPLE ARE POLLUTION movement for Global Humanocide.

Most recently --

  • Their preparation of plans for the global, totalitarian, Humanocidal imposition of Global Warming Austerity, to “Save The Planet” [translation:  To Save Their Power, and all of the Hideous “Perks” of that Power].

For deeper, scientific and ‘‘‘psychohistorical’’’ understanding of this ‘‘‘political-economic law of motion of modern -- capitalist -- society’’’, see the other key entries to this blog, and see also --




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A ‘SKYdeological’ Dialectic of the Ancient Americas.

A SKYdeological Dialectic of the Ancient Americas. 

Dear Readers,

This post is illustrated by a dialectogram that depicts a psychohistorical ideological dialectic of the Ancient Americas, one that was, at once, an architectural dialectic, a theological dialectic, and a calendrical dialectic -- a historical ideo-dialectic of the ancient Sky religion, and of the Sky proto-science, of the South American and North American “Amerindian” social formations.   

This example subtly evinces some of the generic ideo-meta-dynamics of ideological meta-evolution that encompass also the ideological meta-dynamics of modern capitalist ideology today.

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