This is everything Edward Snowden revealed in just one year of unprecedented top-secret leaks

In June 2013, The Guardian reported the first leak based on top-secret documents that then-29-year-old Edward Snowden stole from the National Security Agency (NSA). At the time, Snowden worked as an intelligence contractor for Booz Allen Hamilton in Hawaii.

That leak would certainly not be the last. In the years since, more than 7,000 top secret documents have been released by journalists Snowden entrusted them to, which some believe is less than 1% of the entire archive.

Now, with the film "Snowden" premiering Friday, it's worth taking a look back at what secrets he actually revealed. We've compiled every single leak that came out in the first year of the Snowden saga, though there were many more that came later.

Snowden allegedly downloaded up to 1.5 million files before jetting from Hawaii to Hong Kong to meet with journalists Glenn Greenwald and Laura Poitras. After he handed off his treasure-trove of documents, he flew from Hong Kong and later became stranded in Moscow. His future was far from certain as the journalists he trusted started revealing his secrets.