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Dialectic of human Nature Overall -- A Specimen from Marx, in "Capital", volume I.

Dialectic of human Nature Overall -- A Specimen from Marx, in Capital, volume I.

Dear Readers,

Pasted-in below, for your information and enjoyment, is an E.D. [Encyclopedia Dialectica] ‘dialectogram’ diagram, representing an example of the overall dialectic of human nature that
was presented by Karl Marx in volume I of his «Das Kapital.».

Marx described this diachronic dialectic as follows:  “The foundation of every division of labour that is well-developed, and brought about by the exchange of commodities, is the separation
between town and country.  It may be said, that the whole economic history of society is summed up in the movement of this antithesis.  We pass over it, however, for the present.”

[Karl Marx, Capital, vol. I, New World [NY:  1967], p. 352].

Captions for each of the categories in the categories triad forming this dialectic are as follows --

1.  «arché» category -- The Terran human[oid] «species» began, to our best present knowledge,
as extended-family-based “bands of nomadic co-hunting, co-gathering, co-foraging, & co-scavenging Appropriators of products of exo-human Nature in their “raw” forms, without even proto-Urbansettlements, until semi-settled, multi-bandcamps irrupted.

2.  contra-category -- Emergence of human Urbanicity, from out of the womb of a once
all-pervasive ‘Rurality, begins with the “campssocial formations, progressing through villages, chiefdoms, & city-states epochs, all the way up to our present, nation-state-subsumed
formations of Urban “metropolises” & “megalopolises”.

3.  uni-category -- We see this ‘socio-ontological category’ as not yet fully extant presently, but only fractionally so.  Perhaps suburbanism is its most prominent present-day fractional «species».  In a post-capitalist future, we foresee formations of connected communities, based, e.g., in coalitions of Citizen Stewardship Equity socialized producers cooperatives, with their cores housing advanced 3D printers’ omni-factfactories, & omni-comsurround-screen tele-conference rooms, for larger ‘tele-meetings’, & also supplied by robotized trucks & airborne drones, helping make for  “a more equable distribution of population over the country.” [Marx and Engels].

Both Marx and Engels, in both their joint and their separate writings, touched repeatedly upon this dialectic of city versus countryside.  One very early [1845-1846] case of such joint exposition is the following --

        “The greatest division of material and mental labour is the separation of town and country.  The antagonism between town and country begins with the transition from barbarism to civilization, from tribe [F.E.D.:  chiefdom] to [F.E.D.:  city-]State, from locality to nation, and runs through the whole history of civilisation to the present day . . .”   

        “The existence of the town implies, at the same time, the necessity of administration, police, taxes, etc., in short, of the municipality, and thus of politics in general.  Here first became manifest the division of the population into two great classes, which is directly based on the division of labour and on the instruments of production.” 

“The town already is in actual fact the concentration of the population, of the instruments of production, of capital, of pleasures, of needs, while the country demonstrates just the opposite fact, isolation and separation.”

“The antagonism between town and country can only exist within the framework of private property.  It is the most crass expression of the subjection of the individuals under the division of labour, under a definite activity forced upon him -- a subjection which makes one man into a restricted town-animal, the other into a restricted country-animal, and daily creates anew the conflict between their interests.” [Karl Marx, Frederick Engels, The German Ideology, Progress Publishers [Moscow:  1968], p. 65].




Wednesday, June 08, 2016



                                                  Trumpty-Dumpty promised a wall.

                                                   Trumpty-Dumpty had a great fall.

                                                         All the GOP horses[-asses]

                                                             -- all the GOP men --

                                                   Couldn’t put GOP together again.


Dear Readers,

The victory of Donald “IL DUCE” Trump, in the Republican primaries, and of all of his trumpery, has happened because the Republican base has “wised up”, after a fashion. 

Much of that base recently realized -- especially after the Wall Street [i.e., 'Rocke-Nazi'] designed and orchestrated “Great Recession” -- that all of the Republican Party promises of a better life for that working-middle-class base, by way of Republican tax cuts for the super-rich, their deregulation/- legalization of big corporate crime, and their dismantling of the social safety net, etc., have utterly failed to deliver. 

Indeed, for that base, they have made life only far, far worse.

Consequently, the Republican Establishment, and all of their presidential candidates, have lost credibility with that base.

That Establishment is just itching to dump Trump as the 2016 presidential candidate of the Republican Party. 

But their knees have been quaking at the thought of the full-scale revolt of that Republican base, against them, that such an action seemed certain to provoke, at least up until the last few days, as well as at the thought of the mass defection of that base to a new third party, that would run Trump anyway, assuring a Republican defeat in this year's presidential election.

Trumpty-Dumpty, it seems, has had a “great fall”. 

Trump’s public attack on the federal judge hearing the fraud case -- against Trump -- based upon that judge’s ethnicity, coupled with the nightmare image recently conjured, in a public speech by Hillary Clinton, of Trump with his finger on the nuclear holocaust button, may have started, at long last, to have a sobering effect on many of the lemmings, in the Republican base, who have followed Trump, and who have followed the "leadership" of the Republican Establishment before him, all contrary to any rational accounting of their real interests.

Moreover, since those events, Trump has begun to emulate the lemmings upon whom he -- as well as the Republican Party in general -- so abjectly depend, by doubling down on his ethnicity-based attacks.  This, despite the mounting denunciations of those attacks, even by the Republican “elite”. 

Indeed, Trump seems to be transforming himself into a reflection of his followers:  He is transforming, before our very eyes, into the “Lemming-In-Chief”. 

And also into the “Loser-in-Chief”!

If Trump persists in his self-destructive ethnicity-based attacks, and if his followers continue to melt away, it may give the Republican Establishment the feeling of permission that they need, to “Dump Trump” at the upcoming Republican National Convention.

They might then substitute Paul Ryan -- despite his earlier protestations -- as the Republican presidential nominee, given the Party “emergency”, after Trump is dumped.

That would be “Trumpty-Dumpty”.

If they persist with Trump as “their” presidential candidate, it will be “Trumpty-Dummy, for the Republican Party, at least, and for all of humanity, should “IL DUCE” somehow win the White House!

NOTE TO READERS:  This blog-entry is an expression of my personal views.  It does not necessarily represent the views of the F.E.D. Office of Public Liaison, of the F.E.D. General Council, or of Foundation Encyclopedia Dialectica at large.  Nor does it necessarily, in any way, represent the views of the Equitist Advocacy group.



P.S.  GLOBAL STRATEGIC HYPOTHESES.  Until recently, the ruling, ‘Rocke-Nazi’ faction of the Capitalist Descendant-Phase, Capitalist-Anti-Capitalist [totalitarian, fascist state-capitalist], ‘Humanocidal’ Ruling Class, have had their “hearts” set on their longtime servant, Hillary Clinton, as the next president of the United States. 

They are setting up to smash Republican resistance to their “Global Warming” ploy, to their guns confiscation plans, etc., under a Hillary Clinton presidency, and to impose Global Warming Austerity U.S.-wide, and world-wide. 

Via this long-planned 'Global Warming Austerity', U.S. citizens' [and other nations' citizens'] monthly energy utility bills will explode beyond US$2,000.00 per month, "for the Good of the Planet" [i.e., for the preservation and advancement of 'Rocke-Nazi', totalitarian Rule]. 

This will ensue as the coal industry, and other less expensive energy resource industries, are bankrupted by the 'Rocke-Nazi'-orchestrated oil price collapse, and by federal government action, as expensive, "renewable" energy use is enforced by draconian new laws, "carbon taxes", etc., and as all less expensive energy resources are outlawed by the Hilary/'Rocke-Nazi' regime.

The 'Rocke-Nazis' will also re-escalate world oil prices and natural gas prices again, but this time to unprecedented levels, once the 'Rock-Nazis' present, temporarily lowered oil prices and natural gas prices have fully bankrupted the new, "upstart", U.S. shale oil companies, as well as the old coal industry, thus enabling the 'Rocke-Nazis' "carpetbaggers" to buy them them all out for pennies on the dollar, and to thereby concentrate all energy resource ownership or control in 'Rocke-Nazi' hands.

The resulting burgeoning of U.S. -- and of world-wide -- homelessness, once ordinary citizens can no longer afford their monthly utility bills, and the resulting bankruptcy of the thus overwhelmed social safety nets, will enable the 'Rocke-Nazis' to impose "emergency" open dictatorship, and to usher in their long-planned "emergency", FEMA, etc., "protective custody" camps, soon to "morph" into concentration-extermination "Eugenics" camps. 

You see, the ‘Rocke-Nazis’ don’t give a hang about "The Planet" -- about “Nature”, “The Ecosystem”, or “The Biosphere”. 

Indeed, they are the owners of the firms most responsible, worldwide, for every kind of deliberate toxic pollution ‘stealth humanocide’.

“Global Warming”, “environmentalism”, etc., are just an ideological cover, for them, to obtain the acquiescence of the working class, and of the, sub-Marxian, so-called “Left”, etc., in their planned hyper-impoverishment, then enslavement, then extermination, of the global working class, "justified" by "ecology".

That hyper-impoverishnment is already in dress rehearsal via the 'Rocke-Nazi' engineering of the greatest wave of homelessness and refugee migration since World War II -- over 50,000,000 people worldwide, "displaced", if not yet murdered, by 'Rocke-Nazi'-contrived wars and civil wars.

'Stealth Humanocide'.   

Remember:  "Al Qaeda" was created and funded by the U.S. CIA, in their attack on the Russian rape of Afghanistan.

After the rout of the Russians from Afghanistan, the CIA found "other uses" for their Al Qaeda creature -- e.g., for the reflating of the U.S. "Military-Industrial Complex" after the threatened decline in its taxpayer funding due to the collapse of the Stalinist dictatorships in Russia and Eastern Europe, and justifying the de facto repeal of the U. S. Constitution and Bill Of Rights via the "USA PATRIOT [i.e., TRAITOR] ACT", etc., after the "9-11" false flag operation.

The 'Rocke-Nazis' know that they have to keep the U. S. "Military-Industrial Complex" [Eisenhower] "fat and happy", and, in part, thereby, subordinated to the 'Rocke-Nazis', if 'Rocke-Nazi' rule is to continue, and to burgeon, as the 'Rocke-Nazis' plan.  A restive "Military-Industrial Complex" might otherwise overthrow the 'Rocke-Nazis', in a "military coup".

Remember too:  Most of the "9-11" direct perpetrators were Saudis, and Saudi Arabia massively funds the Wahhabist ideology, and the global Wahhabist Madrassas, that have been preparing the "jihadi" ideology -- i.e., preparing what has become the Al Qaeda, ISIL, etc. ideology -- for decades.

And, again I quote, "Those oil sheiks don't even dare to fart without Rockefeller permission".

The Saudis were ordered to fund the creation of jihadi ideology by the 'Rocke-Nazis', an ideology designed by the 'Rocke-Nazis' to fit the ideological history, and susceptibilities, of the Islamic world!

The Rocke-Nazis' planned hyper-impoverishment phase is as prelude to their planned imposition of state-capitalist totalitarian dictatorships world-wide [a la what they did before, with their fascist state-capitalisms, in their 1930s "Designer Depression"], and to their planned, dictatorships-enabled ‘humanocidal’ mass extermination of the “excess population” of workers [they used to call this “Eugenics”, until their Servant-Dictator Hitler -- turned Franken-Dictator -- spoiled that word for them.] 

For those who find this ‘Caligulan’ and ‘Neroan’ madness of the Descendant-Phase Capitalist Ruling Class hard to believe, I have documented the ‘Rocke-Nazis’ plans, in their own words, and in the words of their many 'spokes-servants', in the following entry to this blog --

However, the ‘Rocke-Nazis’ are clearly sizing-up Trumpty-Dumpty! 

Trump recently met with ‘Rocke-Nazi’ arch-agent, and arch 'humanocidal maniac', Henry “Dr. StrangeKiss” Kissinger.

The trouble with Hillary now, from the viewpoint of the ‘Rocke-Nazis’, is that she represents a slow path to their long longed-for Police-State, Totalitarian, ‘Humanocidal’, State-Capitalist “Eugenics” State in the U.S., and, thereby, globally.

Despite the "best" and continuing efforts of the 'Rocke-Nazis', and of their servants in the IMF, the World Bank, etc., and in the 'Rocke-Nazi'-owned "Third World" dictatorships, to thwart and reverse this development, new middle-working-classes, and university-educated workers, are burgeoning in Brazil, in India, all over Asia -- even in parts of Africa, of the Middle East, and even in Columbia and Mexico, despite the 'Rocke-Nazi'-run drug gangs' depradations to the contrary.

Time is running out for the 'Rocke-Nazis', despite their many years, and their trillions of dollars, invested in reversing the progress of humanity.

Time is running out for them to fully reverse the growth of "the social forces of production", of 'the self-reproductive self-force of human-societal expanded self-reproduction', of the 'self-productivity of humanity', of the growing '''technical composition of labor-power'', of the growth of an educated, collective-entrepreneurial working class, a class becoming no longer so easily duped, by 'Rocke-Nazi'-engineered, mystical and/or pseudo-scientific ideologies, into working against their own best interests.  

These developments will soon 'technodepreciate' the 'Rocke-Nazis' core, e.g., petroleum, fixed capital assets, e.g., by innovating and deploying fusion power, and will burgeon "middle class" working class populations, all over the world, demanding democracy, and overthrowing the 'Rocke-Nazis' 'servant dictatorships'.

"The growth of the social forces of production" will overthrow the 'Rocke-Nazis' -- if they don't put a stop to it soon.

They are becoming desperate -- and ultra-deranged in their desperation. 

If the 'Rocke-Nazis' can rely on “IL DUCE” to carry out their agenda, Donald “IL DUCE” Trump would give them a fast track to that Fascist Dictatorship of their dreams, and of our nightmares.

Hillary represented that slower “taxis to totalitarianism”, even before the Bernie Sanders mass movement irrupted. 

Now, the Democratic Party base is also waking up to their peril, under the Democratic Party Establishment, and under the Republican Party Establishment, alike -- the “two” public faces of the one ‘Rocke-Nazi’ invisible dictatorship, longing to "safely" become a visible dictatorship. 

Thanks, in part, to Bernie Sanders, that democratic base is being re-introduced to the terminology of class struggle, and is learning of the stealth war, waged against them as a class, by the “Billionaire Class”, and by “Wall Street” -- i.e., by the 'Rocke-Nazis'.

To placate that aroused base, a president Hillary will have to trudge even more slowly, now than before, toward the ‘Rocke-Nazis’ already long-delayed dystopia. 

Bernie Sanders's public vision, hence his “political revolution”, does not get beyond a "reformed" state-capitalism.

But Sanders’s vision of state-capitalism is of the kind that the ‘Rocke-Nazis’ hate the most.

It is of the 'Rooseveltian' kind, aimed, at least nominally, at the “general welfare” of the U.S. population, the majority of which, now more than ever before, is a middle-working-class population. 

Moreover, the ‘Rocke-Nazis’ know that mere, 'Rooseveltian' “reforms”, and a mere political revolution”, could easily, under a Hillary presidency, with the right conditions, and with the right revelations, turn into a social revolution” -- a revolutionary irruption of new social relations of production 'socio-ontology', and to a transition beyond our present, Degenerating, Derelict, Degraded, Descendant-Phase Capitalist Society, to such as what the Equitist Advocacy group has outlined --

For the ‘Rocke-Nazis’, the majority, the “people”, are valued, at best, only as 'profit-fodder', and as 'military-aggression-fodder'.

If "the people" aren’t needed for surplus-value profit production, and/or for the military rape of other nations -- nations resisting the ‘Rocke-Nazi’ yoke -- then, per the 'Rocke-Nazis', they are to be exterminated, for fear that, if idled, and if impoverished, they might rise up and revolt against their ‘Rocke-Nazi’ rulers. 

The ruling, ‘Rocke-Nazi’ faction of the Ruling Class thought that they were finished, forever, with the Roosevelt faction of that same Ruling Class, after they had liquidated the male heirs of two generations of their former lower-plutocracy servant-family, the Kennedy family, as well as Martin Luther King, Jr., and after they had raised their -- more obedient -- Bush servant-family to dynastic presidential power, with "Jeb" Bush next in line for the succession. 

But, much to the ‘Rocke-Nazis’ chagrin, the Sanders “political revolution” may bring back another generation, fighting for the 'Rooseveltian' alternative to the ‘Rocke-Nazi’, ‘humanocidal’, agenda.

However, if “The Donald”, “IL DUCE”, doesn’t pass ‘Rocke-Nazi’ muster, I expect that the ‘Rocke-Nazis’ will threaten him off, or arrange a little “accident” for him -- if they think he might win the presidency in a General Election. 

Or they will just let Hilary dispose of him in a landslide Democrat victory, if Trump’s image continues to tarnish and self-tarnish.

But I don’t think that, if the 'Rocke-Nazis' feel that they can’t control him, and if they foresee a victory for him in the General Election, that they will allow Trump to win the White House.  

That would force them to mount yet another presidential assassination, with all of the heightened risk of exposure that yet another such assassination would entail for them. 

I think that they would, instead, stop him before he got anywhere near "their" White House.