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Reply to a Proposed Revision of Marx’s THESIS 11 [On Feuerbach].

Reply to a Proposed Revision of Marx’s THESIS 11 [On Feuerbach].

Dear Readers,

I have responded to a recent blog-entry post proposing a revision the final thesis of Marx’s eleven, new world-view-founding “Theses On Feuerbach”.

I have posted a link to that blog-post, together with my response, below.




Dear Professor Santos,

It is a telling ‘‘‘psychohistorical’’’ phenomenon of our times!  You are not the only Marxian who has felt the need to enhance Marx’s culminant thesis on Feuerbach, thesis 11.

Of the present Marxian tendencies -- the tendencies that eschew all forms of sub-peripheral “pure” state-bureaucratic state-capitalism/pseudo-socialism -- Leninoid, Trotskyoid, Stalinoid, Maoid, Castroid, Unoid, etc., etc., ad nauseam -- as well as of hybrid, private-capital-dominated/state-bureaucratic-class-administered state-capitalism -- Hitleroid, Fascist, Falangist, Peronist, Salazaroid, etc., as well as the forms prevalent in the core capitalist countries today -- the present Marxian tendency that I like best has enhanced Marx’s eleventh thesis to the following:

“The philosophers have only interpreted the world, in various ways; the point, however, is for us to change our presently still “prehistoric” human world, in the direction of, and all the way through to the actualization of, a global political-ECONOMIC DEMOCRACY, and thus to enable, thereby, that regime of a continuing GLOBAL renaissance of humanity -- the first such ever -- a regime of the growing global flourishing of human Nature and of planetary exo-human Nature alike, the regime that political-ECONOMIC DEMOCRACY makes possible.”

Like you, they see the need to integrate “non-human “ Nature, both theoretically and practically, into the movement for planetary self-liberation, showing how humanity is an outgrowth of pre-human Nature, by way of principles and processes that are generic in Nature as the totality; showing that humanity is a self-extension of, and a predictable self-continuation of, pre-human Nature itself.

Indeed, they have resurrected Engels’s unfinished “Dialectics of Nature” in a form deeply conversant with contemporary modern science, and with contemporary modern mathematics.  They have revived it into the form of a unitary, natural-historically-generic “DIALECTIC [singular] of Nature”, containing separate, successive, and progressive epochs of natural history, each with its own natural-historically-specific “dialectical-natural laws”, each such “law” a variant of, but each also fully conformant with, that natural-historically-generic ‘self-aufheben’ dialectical ‘‘‘law of Nature’’’ [singular].

Their detailed definition of “political-ECONOMIC DEMOCRACY” can be found at --

Their voluminous work in general is freely available via: .

‘The Urgency of Externality Equity’ -- GLOBAL STRATEGIC HYPOTHESES.

‘The Urgency of Externality Equity’ -- GLOBAL STRATEGIC HYPOTHESES.

Dear Readers,

In this blog-entry, below, I discuss the abject failure of external, bureaucratic regulatory agencies, and of the U.S. civil court system, to protect U.S. citizens from lethal pollution externalities, and the consequent urgency of instituting revolutionary reforms such as that of the Equitist Advocacy group’s proposed “Citizen Externality Equity” constitutional Human Right, in order to save millions of citizens’ lives from slow and agonizing deaths by pollution-induced illnesses.

These illnesses are, in part, due to the ‘Stealth Humanocide’, “Stealth Eugenics”, “population reduction” machinations of the ‘Rocke-Nazi’, Rockefeller/Morgan/DuPont, etc., ‘anti-productive-forces’, ‘capitalist/anti-capitalist’ ruling faction of the ‘descendence-phase’, capitalist ruling class.




GLOBAL STRATEGIC HYPOTHESES.  A recent news segment highlights the urgency of fundamental “social relations of production” revolutionary reforms, of the kind proposed by the Equitist Advocacy group, under the name “Citizens’ Externality Equity”. 

A Youtube recording of this news segment is accessible via the following hyperlink --

-- starting from time index value 7:29.

This case -- but one specific example among myriads such -- involves undisclosed contamination of a river that supplies drinking water for hundreds of families, with DuPont-made molecules linked to heightened incidences of ulcerative colitis, pregnancy-related hypertension, thyroid gland diseases, high blood cholesterol levels, and kidney and testicular cancers.

¡The stealth contamination began in 1980, but was not revealed to the affected public until 2017, i.e., was hidden and ongoing for nearly 40 years!

The drinking water contamination culprits in this case were installations owned by the DuPont de Nemours corporation, located in the U.S. State of North Carolina, including in the vicinity of Fayetteville, with discharges of the offending DuPont-made molecules into the Cape Fear River.

The original of these offending molecules is known as “P.F.O.A.” [PerFluoroOctanoic Acid], later joined by a related molecular species known as “GenX” [involving 2,3,3,3-tetrafluoro-2-(heptafluoropropoxy) propanoic acid], both belonging to the «Genos» of compounds known as “Fluorochemicals”.

“Fluorochemicals” involve the most violently chemically-reactive of the chemical elements, Fluorine.  These compounds are used, by DuPont, etc., in the manufacture of Teflon, etc., “non-stick pans”, as well as in that of waterproof jackets.

Per the news segment, the DuPont de Nemours corporation, and its spinoff, Chemours, were eventually sued in civil court by the North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality [DEQ] and by a water utility company with a water processing plant near Wilmington, North Carolina, in complaint over the many years of their non-disclosed deadly discharges.

These corporate entities were ordered to pay ~ $670 million in compensation for the damages that they had inflicted, in secret, upon the citizens of North Carolina -- decades of dangerous and life-damaging, deadly discharges of the carcinogenic P.F.O.A., and, later, of GenX.

Now, it is all well and good that DuPont, etc. were finally brought to justice, at least to this degree, for the horrific, agonizing suffering, disease, and early deaths that they had caused.

¡But it took nearly forty years for the State regulators to wake up and take action! 

The Federal regulators -- perhaps long since prostituted by the likes of the deep-pocketed DuPont de Nemours company -- apparently never lifted a finger to protect the citizens who were targeted by the DuPont GenX compound.

Moreover, the State standards for “safe” levels of GenX in drinking water are not legally enforceable -- they are mere goals, with no Federal laws backing them, hence no state laws to enforce them either.  GenX is not a regulated-by-law compound.  GenX, like P.F.O.A., is not easily removed from water, once GenX-contaminated -- cannot be "boiled" out of such water, and is not easy to "filter out" either, according to the news segment.

¡Moreover, there are about 85,000 other corporate compounds -- with more on the way -- that are similarly unregulated, and, hence, that are not part of U.S. water quality standards, and for which U.S. drinking water is therefore not even tested!

As capital-wealth “lawfully” and predictably concentrates into ever fewer hands -- hands that can increasingly buy the silence of bureaucratic external regulatory agencies, and that can corrupt the civil court judiciary, etc. -- the prospects for such agencies’ defense of citizens lives from similar, e.g., waterborne assault become ever dimmer, dimmer even than they were circa 1980, when this case began.  

This is especially so given a descendence-phase ruling faction that is so dead-set on “Stealth Eugenics” and ‘Stealth Humanocide’, as documented in the following blog-entry --

-- and this case is but one example among myriads of such examples, all over the U.S., not to mention the rest of the world.

We suggest that the only promising prospect for the overthrow of this regime of ‘stealth mass murder’ by drinking water “fluoropollutant” contamination, and by similar “externalities”, is a movement of U.S. citizen-workers powerful enough to institute, as a constitutionally-recognized Human Right, “Citizen Externality Equity”, together with the other “Equitarian” revolutionary constitutional reforms, so as to transform the prevailing social relation of production from that of descendence-phase, social-forces-of-production-destroying, proto-totalitarian, “people are pollution” [“eugenics”] state-capitalism, to that of “political-ECONOMIC DEMOCRACY” --

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Contribution to an Internet 'Multilogue' on “Atheistic Materialism”.

Contribution to an Internet 'Multilogue' on “Atheistic Materialism”.

Dear Readers,

I recently posted the following contribution, pasted in here below, to an extensive, multi-year web dialogue on "Atheistic Materialism".



“If it is true that we can neither prove the existence of God/of a Divine Realm, nor prove the non-existence of anything adequate to such names, then perhaps this post should be about 'Agnostic Materialism', not about "Atheistic Materialism".”

“I like the work of a research programme, called Foundation Encyclopedia Dialectica, that does not waste a lot of effort debating Theism vs. Atheism vs. Agnosticism, but, instead, uses a new 'contra-Boolean algebra' of dialectics that they have discovered, to build qualitative models -- '''ontological models''' -- of the entire known universe -- the 'Dialectic of Nature' -- and of the many 'sub-universes' of our one experientially-known Universe.  Their work is available for free-of-charge download at .”

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Bringing 'The Seldon Project' "Down to Earth" -- Opening Dyad of a Potential New Internet Dialogue.


Bringing 'The Seldon Project' "Down to Earth" -- Opening Dyad of a Potential New Internet Dialogue.

Dear Readers,

I just replied to the post at --

-- as follows:

“Dear seldon_1,

I like your proposal, and I know some people who evince a remarkably similar ethos to yours, co-founded by someone using the nom de plume “Karl Seldon”. 

They are collectively known as Foundation Encyclopedia Dialectica. 

All of their -- voluminous -- writings toward a, “0-->I Kardashev jump”, “Global Renaissance”, and toward an averting, or at least a foreshortening, of what they see as our looming “New/Final Dark Age”, is available for free download [except for the three books that they have published so far]. 

You might consider contacting them, to see if they and you are resonant enough to form an alliance to further your project. 

Their main web site’s URL is: . 

 Foundation Encyclopedia Dialectica may be contact via: .

Their version of the Hari-Seldonian “Psychohistorical Equations” is available via the following link --

Meantime, I will post this comment, and a link to your proposal, in a blog-entry, so that some of my many readers may learn of your proposal, some of whom might not otherwise run across “this corner of reddit”.”

I have appended the reddit post to which I responded below, for your convenience --

submitted 9 days ago * by seldon_1

Seeking: coders and data scientists with a desire to do some serious sociopolitical paradigm-shifting (and yes, I know that's about as overused a phrase as you can find, but it's actually applicable here, if I'm right about a few things), coders and data scientists who aren't turned off by the rest of this post, and are in fact intrigued by it... should they exist and be browsing this corner of reddit around now for whatever reason.

Offering: an idea, and what Asimov would have called 'an intuitive grasp of Psychohistory.'

The good news: I can envision, with precise detail, a software platform that, I believe, if built correctly, could meaningfully increase our species' odds of a successful 0-->I Kardashev jump, and would catalyze other ripples I can only begin to predict which might also harbor the possibility for tangible progress on this, the truly singular problem of our time. I do not know of any inherent barriers to such a platform's existence, though no such platform is extant.

The bad news: I cannot code for shit, nor could this project be completed by one person even if I could (probably? I don't know, perhaps there's someone capable of its entirety, but I doubt it), so I need lots of help.

The bad news isn't actually bad news of course, because a project like this is far better done as a team effort, and I should have as little to do with actually building this thing as possible, because it's not my project or your project or anyone's project, it's just something that should exist because it increases the odds that our species will continue to exist.
I am nobody, you're nobody, and I'm not offering anything except the chance to play a thankless part in increasing our 0-->I odds. Nobody will get paid anything for this, there will be no ads or anything, and the only possible time we might solicit donations from users will be for server costs if this thing actually takes off. Any financial involvement corrupts the entire underlying ethos and is antithetical to the endeavor's truest nature, yes even paying people to build it. 
Yes, I know that sounds ridiculous, and yes I'm aware that I'm probably not looking for something most people can offer. If, however, you have enough financial stability and awareness of the situation to still be reading this, and aren't already spending your free time working on a project that increases our odds, what's there to lose from hearing me out a bit further?

I'm being deliberately vague on details here, because this is a cards-somewhat-near-the-vest thing at the moment, and the premise, my username, and the requirements are sufficient filters/shibboleths to find who I'm looking for at this stage. The details will already be half-apparent to the right person, they just probably haven't put everything together from quite the same perspective I have yet, because they're a coder, not a full-time social scientist. If someone with the coding skills had done so, such a platform would likely exist already.

I will say this though, to add just a bit more detail (assuming, again, that you've read your Asimov):  I don't think my generation, the millennials, will necessarily have a singular Seldon-figure, one who warns us of collapse and single-handedly engineers the formation of a future alternative.

We have, instead, a myriad of data sources and analyses of said data giving ample warning of a variety of impending collapses, and a large percentage of the population that sees and understands these data and analyses.

I believe, therefore, that we need to collectively build a 'digital Terminus,' so to speak, both to tackle the immediate challenges in hopes of minimizing the damage caused by various collapses and to prepare ourselves to make the 0-->I jump; these two are of course deeply related, though not exactly the same. The former, if not tackled properly, might put a terrifyingly short timer on the latter though, so it seems prudent to work expediently on both.

I am certainly not Seldon, and I don't think any one person can be Seldon.

I think we, all of us together who see this heap of dead canaries and want to ensure (as best we can) that our progeny will have a future, are humanity's first true 'Seldon.' (Yes, I imagine parallels can be drawn to figures from our history who helped form new kingdoms and dynasties as old ones were collapsing, but everything before there were serious 0-->I implications on the table is, frankly, child's play compared to what we have to tackle shortly, so I'm ignoring those potential historical parallels).

We must, together, build whatever comes after many of the current economic, social, and political paradigms proves inevitably unequal to the tasks immediately ahead. The sooner we start building our own Terminus, the better our odds will be of weathering what is to come.

And I specifically say Terminus, not 'our own Foundation' because, unlike in Asimov's story, no deception about an encyclopedia (spoilers, sorry, but really if you haven't read Foundation by now it's really on you) is necessary. We just need a safe place, digitally speaking, for all the Founders to weather the collapse and start germinating what is to follow.

So, I guess the question then becomes, 'are you seldon_2?' Once someone says yes to that, 'who is seldon_3?'

My full idea (this post being the tip of a rather large iceberg) about what a digital Terminus specifically looks like might be terrible, I don't know because I'm hopelessly biased, but I know a digital Terminus will need to exist for us to successfully make the 0-->I jump. 
 I think my conception of it is a solid starting point, I know we need to do many absurd-sounding-yet-imperative things if we're going to make the 0-->I jump because time is getting short and exponential curves are rough when you're unprepared, and I figure, 'what's to lose by shooting for the stars?' 
If you agree with my premise and you hear my idea out, but you think it's shit, great! Go build your own, better digital Terminus! And, because I know tone can be tough online, I want to be clear that that has no sarcasm tag on it, I genuinely want the best digital Terminus possible to exist, whether or not I'm involved. 
Help me with my idea, steal my ideas and add your own, whatever, I don't care if you're working on building what needs to be built.

The biggest hurdle I've repeatedly come up against is that all the good coders I know IRL need to get paid for their work, though there are also some who don't give a shit about whether we make the 0-->I jump or not for some vaguely nihilistic reasons I have trouble getting on board with.
If neither of those describes you, and this post piques your interest, please shoot me a message. I'm not expecting full-time help (though if anyone is so set they actually can do that, that's obviously awesome), any time or expertise you could contribute will probably be useful.
Thank you for your time and consideration, even if this post isn't for you. Please consider if it might be for anyone you know, if you're concerned about the jump but can't help yourself:  the wider and more random a net is cast, the more likely I'll find the right people to make this a reality and improve our odds.”

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Seldon Presents -- Why We State Each Contemporary Date with a ‘C.E./B.U.E.’ Era Suffix.

Seldon Presents -- Why We State Each Contemporary Date with a ‘C.E./B.U.E.’ Era Suffix.

Dear Readers,

It is my pleasure, and my honor, as an officer of the Foundation Encyclopedia Dialectica [F.E.D.] Office of Public Liaison, to share with you, from time to time, as they are approved for public release by the F.E.D. General Council, key excerpts from the internal writings, and from the internal sayings, of our co-founder, Karl Seldon.

Just such a release is entered below [Some E.D. standard edits have been applied, in the version presented below, to the direct transcript of our co-founder’s discourse].

For more information regarding, and for [further] instantiations of, these Seldonian insights, please see --

In particular, regarding The Psychohistorical-Dialectical Meta-Equation of Human-Social Formations Meta-Evolution, please see --



Miguel Detonacciones,

Member, Foundation Encyclopedia Dialectica [F.E.D.],
Participant, F.E.D. Special Council for Public Liaison,
Officer, F.E.D. Office of Public Liaison.

... In secular contexts, contemporary dates are usually tagged with the ‘abbreviatory era suffix’ “C.E.”, which, in such contexts, abbreviates the phrase “Common Era”, or “Current Era”, replacing, in those contexts, the theologically sectarian suffix “A.D.”, abbreviating the phrase “After [Christ’s] Death”.” 

“Sometimes even “C.E.” is interpreted in an equally Christian tendentious fashion, as abbreviating “Christian Era”, implying that the era after the death of Christ is the era of Christian domination over all other religions.”

“The “C.E.” era begins with the end of the “B.C.E.” era, the “B.C.E.” ‘era suffix’ abbreviating “Before Common Era”, or “Before Current Era”, replacing, in secular contexts, the Christian-chauvinist ‘era suffix’, “B.C.”, abbreviating the phrase “Before Christ”.”

“The fourth of our psychohistorical-dialectical meta-model meta-equations, the meta-model named The Psychohistorical-Dialectical Meta-Equation of Human-Social Formations Meta-Evolution, per our solution of it, predicts the formation of a global political-economic-democratic society, a Planetary Polis, by Terran humanity, as the foundation of our next era, iff [“if and only if”] this humanity successfully navigates its -- looming --Meta-Darwinian Planetary Selection Test, entering into the “state of society” known, among us, as Global Renaissance.”

“This global polity is not the mass-murderous new world order/one world government --
the global eugenics, people are pollution,prison planet enslavement/extermination regime, via totalitarian global dictatorship -- pursued by the presently-ruling, ‘‘‘humanocidal’’’ faction of the global plutocracy.” 

“The achievement of this global polity presupposes a successful equitarian reform/revolution, overcoming the destructive ‘‘‘humanocidal’’’ power of the descendence phase, capitalist-anticapitalist’, state-capitalist ruling class.” 

“The latter is the “state of society” known, among us, as the New/Final Dark Age, consequent upon a FAILURE of the Meta-Darwinian Planetary Selection Test.”

“In our writings, we have adopted a new-era ‘abbreviatory era suffix’, ‘U.E.’, abbreviating the phrase “Unification Era”, to designate that next era, of human[e] history, predicted, by us, to ensue, after the successful end of ‘‘‘human pre-history’’’ [Marx].”

We therefore tag contemporary dates with an additional ‘abbreviatory era suffix’, ‘B.U.E.’, abbreviating the phrase ‘Before Unification Era’.