Saturday, July 29, 2017

Total Media UnCivil War within the U.S./Global Ruling Class -- GLOBAL STRATEGIC HYPOTHESES.

Total Media UnCivil War within the U.S./Global Ruling Class -- GLOBAL STRATEGIC HYPOTHESES.

Dear Readers,

The ruling, Rocke-Nazi faction of the U.S./global ruling class is under severe challenge.
They are under the most severe challenge that they have faced since the rise to rule of the Roosevelt faction of that capitalist Ruling Class, during the Global Great Depression/WWII.
That ascendancy ended only with the Rocke-Nazi factions’ wholesale slaughter of the leadership of the Roosevelt faction, especially their “liquidation”, in short order, of John Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, and Martin Luther King, Jr. .
Thereafter, the Rocke-Nazi faction, and its organs of rule -- the New York Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, The Club of Rome, etc., etc., ad nauseam -- ruled the U.S. essentially unopposed internally, and, after the 1989+ fall of most of the Stalinist state-capitalist dictatorships -- especially in Russia -- they ruled, almost unopposed, worldwide.
That perilous state of affairs -- given the publicly oft-stated plans of that ultra-bloodthirsty faction to exterminate 95% of humanity -- for a collection of such statements, & analyses thereof, see:

-- persisted, until the recent election, to the U.S. presidency, of Donald Trump.

Trump, a sort of scrape-the-bottom-of-the-barrel last resort representative of the erstwhile Roosevelt fraction of the ruling class, was “shockingly” elected by a U.S. Middle/Working Class.

That is, he was elected by a U.S. Middle/Working Class finally just barely beginning to wake up to the merciless and unremitting stealth war upon them that has been waged, ever since 1989 at least, by the Rocke-Nazi faction, as preparation for their planned dismantling of what is left of democracy in the U.S., and world-wide, as preparation for their imposition of totalitarian rule, and of new population concentration/- extermination Eugenicscamps, in their hope to succeed, this time, at what they so horribly failed to achieve last time, when their ‘servant-dictator’, Hitler, decided to “become his own man”, and to seize world dictatorship from -- and to liquidate -- them, which precipitated World War II. 

In that war, the Rocke-Nazis were saved by the American and Russian working classes, from their own Frankenstein Monster, their Hitler regime, at the cost of millions and millions of grisly deaths among those working classes, and others.

The global Great Recession of 2007-2008+, brought about by Rocke-Nazi faction Capital Assets Bubble Engineering --

-- was the latest major gambit in that long war of destruction against the U.S. Working/Middle Class. 

That global Great Recession immiserated and ‘deprivated’ those workers even further.  It deprived them of the factories and factory town communities in which they had worked and lived for generations, now replaced by ghost towns in the wake of Rocke-Nazi-designed de-industrialization, disguised as due to “globalization”.

It deprived them of their half-way decent wages there, of their jobs, of their pensions, of their “401(k)”-stock-market-gambling life-savings balances, of their homes, and of their healthcare, on a massive scale.

And do not be deluded!  The exponential rise of “autism”, the exponential rise of “Alzheimer’s disease”, and the exponential, ‘trans-CPI’ escalation of college costs, not to mention of obesity, diabetes, cancer, and “heart disease”, are not just “random happenings”. They are further features of the Rocke-Nazi faction’s stealth war on the U.S. Working/Middle class, designed to foreshorten working class life-spans, to bankrupt working class families with ever-escalating medical bills, and college costs, and, in the mean time, to destroy the cognitive capabilities of Working/Middle Class minds, old and young alike, so that their capacity to resist the Rocke-Nazi faction’s war on them is even further destroyed.  The “opioid epidemic”, and its induction of mass heroin addiction, and early death, throughout the Working/Middle Class “heartland” of the U.S., is just the latest tactic in this longstanding, ongoing Rocke-Nazi program/pogrom of Stealth Eugenics. 

Moreover, the Rocke-Nazi faction was preparing their next gambit -- their death-blow to democracy, and the beginning of their U.S./global Eugenicsfinal holocaust of humanocide --

-- dwarfing the Rockefeller-Eugenicsholocaust they had planned for Hitler, under their orders, to carry out, and that he, of course, continued to carry out, without blinking an eye, even after targeting them for like liquidation.

Had Rockefeller arch-agent and New York Council on Foreign Relations “member in good standing” Hilary Clinton won the presidency, as planned by the Rocke-Nazis, their death-blow would already have been well underway.

It would have been, we hypothesize, by way of Global Warming Austerity.

The Rocke-Nazi faction, who, by dint of the vast global liquidity always at their finger tips, and their vast infrastructure for Capital Assets Bubble Engineering, including their ‘reverse-money-laundering’ global infrastructure for disguising the unified command of the capital asset bubbles that they engineer via myriad buy orders and/or sell orders, laundered through innumerable brokerages, and innumerable agent and entity names, essentially control prices for key commodities, including natural gas.

The Rocke-Nazis have been holding down the prices of natural gas, as part of a pincer movement to destroy low-cost energy in the U.S. in particular, using “free market forces”, together with the Obama/Clinton use of federal government power, to, in effect, outlaw coal, to liquidate the U.S. coal industry [Peabody, the biggest U.S. coal producer, has already been bankrupted] -- not to mention the use of their “ecology” ideology to dismantle hydroelectric power dams across the U.S., etc., etc.

Once Clinton was in office, the Rocke-Nazis planned to consummate their killing-off of coal and of other less expensive power-sources, reverse the directions of their controls on the price of natural gas, and to also escalate the price of petroleum.

The target intended would have been that U.S. Working/Middle Class families would have found themselves, in short order, required to pay upwards of US$2000.00 PER MONTH to their utility providers to keep their homes lit and in fit temperature for life -- to “save the planet” from “CO2 pollution” [translation:  to save the Rocke-Nazi Dictatorship from overthrow by ‘technodepreciation’ -- i.e., from overthrow by the further growth of “the social forces of production”, including by the rising “technological composition” ‘educated-ness’ of a thereby ever-increasingly-prospering Global Working/Middle Class], CO2 being perhaps the primary food required for the sustenance of our photosynthetic ‘noo-biosphere’.

The resulting mass surge in homelessness would “justify” martial law, and the activation of the “waiting-in-the-wings” FEMA camps, initially as “Protective Custody Camps”, soon morphing into a re-appearance of the Rocke-Nazis “Great Depression” German, etc., Eugenics concentration-extermination camps.  The Rocke-Nazi faction would get its long-sought “second chance” at “reducing” global human population by 95+%, through an unprecedented scale of mass murder, having bungled their “first chance” with their ‘servant-dictator’ Hitler regime, which became their ‘Franken-Dictatorship’, turning against them instead, and forcing them to postpone their ‘humanocidal’ plans, until “now”, the “now” that might have been, had their whore Hilary won the presidential election.

But in the real “now”, Trump was elected instead.

And Trump has earned their undying enmity by blocking their long-laid plans for global humanocide.

That is, Trump has rescinded ‘the coal-illegalization’ decrees of the Rockefeller-whore Obama administration, and has pulled the U.S. out of the Senate-unratified “agreements” known euphemistically as the “Paris Climate Accords”, and known, truthfully, as the the Global Eugenics/Global Humanocide Accords.

Trump also terminated the Rocke-Nazis “TPP” [Trans-Pacific Partnership]” [for which ITINT, the International Truth-In-Naming Tribubal, issued an ITINTO, a court Order to re-name the “Trans-Pacific Partnership” the “Toilet Paper Partnership”, because of their intent to use the “TPP” to reduce the U.S. Working/Middle Class to the status of “used Toilet Paper”].

They plan to liquidate him.

However, so far, they seem to be wishing to avoid another “lone gunman” outright assassination of Trump.

The “cover” for their previous “de-capitations” of the emerging leadership of the Roosevelt faction -- of John Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Jr., John Lennon, John Kennedy Jr., etc., etc. -- might suddenly wear all too thin, if Trump’s demise were to follow the patterns of the Rocke-Nazis previous murders.

No, they seem to feel, at least for now, that character assassination will do.

Marshalling the “mainstream” mass media that they own or control, they think, should be enough, via daily, unprecedentedly intensive maligning of every single act by Donald Trump -- including by “criminalizing” the way he shakes hands, or scratches his nose -- to turn public opinion against Trump, and to bring about Trumps’ impeachment, on -- to coin a phrase -- their “trumped-up” charges.

And, in fact, the Rocke-Nazi mass media sound lately like a single voice.  They no longer appear to be separate newspapers, magazines, TV “news” programs, and TV networks.  They lately sound like their words have been written by a single editor, all with the relentless objective to “Dump on Trump” for any and every act that might conceivably be spun as an infraction of some kind, all somehow supposedly justifying Trumps’ impeachment -- a prospect which they, at first, raised gingerly, in many “trial balloons”, but that they now increasingly, openly, and blatantly advocate, no doubt in the pursuit of their “unbiased journalistic neutrality”. 

Not to be outdone by their “privately-owned” Rocke-Nazi media outlets, their “public” media -- what ITINT, the International Truth In Naming Tribunal, has ordered to be renamed, e.g., as CPB, the “Corporation for Plutocracy Broadcasting”, as NPR, “National Plutocracy Radio”, and as PBS, the Plutocracy Broadcasting System” -- have joined this chorus of character assassination with a vengeance!

In particular, the PlutocracyBS “News Hour” has been ordered, by ITINT, to rename itself “The Dump-On-Trump Hour, with Judy Rockefeller”. 

The anchor of this “Dump-On-Trump Hour”, Judy [“Rockefeller”] Woodruff, arch Rocke-Nazi intellectual prostitute, and member “in good standing” of the Rockefeller-“owned” New York Council on Foreign Relations [for which ITINT has long-since issued an ‘ITINTO’ Order for it to be re-named The New York Council for Global Humanocide], is frequently seen on the air exercising her journalistic neutrality and unbiased reporting by waxing apoplectic, and by exhibiting an [excre]mental hemorrhage, virtually every time Trumps’ name is mentioned during her broadcast.

Likewise, arch Rocke-Nazi intellectual prostitute Charley Rose, of the daily hour-long “discussion” program that bears his name, and that is designed to propagate the Rocke-Nazi “party-line” to unsuspecting Americans who follow “public” television, is likewise all too eager to “Dump on Trump” at every opportunity.

Rose, in a recent episode, shortly after David Rockefeller “bicked-the-kucket”, fell all over himself stressing his closeness with the Rockefeller family, and recounting how, after he had been invited to a visit with former president [and Rocke-Nazi arch-whore] George “Dubya” Bush, co-invited, on his own authority, David Rockefeller, to “tag along”.  Rose also “appropriately” grovels and curtsies whenever Rocke-Nazi Uber-Agent Henry Dr. Strange Kiss Kissinger deigns to appear on his show.

Indeed, we speculate that the timing of David Rockefeller’s demise was closely, causally related to Trumps’ populist, “pro-growth” -- pro-“productive-forces-growth -- ascendancy.  We think that David Rockefeller, seeing Trumps’ shredding of the Rockefellers long-“nurtured” plan for “Global Warming-justified” global reversal of the historic growth of the “social forces of production”, including, centrally, their planned humanocide against the working 95% of the human species, was “deeply disappointed”.  So deeply that he decided not to hang around any longer, having lost all hope of fulfilling his Eugenics dream of seeing the world in flames, and most of humanity exterminated.

The Roosevelt faction is a faction OF the capitalist ruling class. 
And Trump, in particular, is a capitalist pig.
The best that a ruling Roosevelt faction, including the Trump faction, can offer to the U.S., and to the rising global, Middle/Working Class, is the capitalist boom -- FOLLOWED BY THE CAPITALIST BUST.
But, horrific as that CAPITALIST BUST is, it is a far better offering than the IMMINENTHUMANOCIDE that the Rocke-Nazi faction intends to dish out, if it successfully liquidates the Trump faction, and regains unobstructed power.
Trump’s primary objective, in all his doings, other than self-aggrandizement, is to raise the rate of profit for U.S. industries, for the smaller capitalists that the Rocke-Nazi faction has also targeted for liquidation.
Trump plans to achieve this objective, in large part, by removing as many as possible of the claimants that drain away surplus value from the “profit of enterprise” of these smaller industrial capitalists -- taxes, regulation compliance costs, competition from products produced under “low-cost”, near-slave-labor conditions by U.S. and other mega-corporations outside of U.S. borders, etc.
Trump also intends a U.S. social infrastructure re-development program that will provide fiscal stimulus to manufacturing businesses in the U.S., and that will lower the costs and improve the productivity of virtually all U.S. manufacturing activity.  Trumps “reflation” of the U.S. military budget is also intended by him, in part, as a fiscal stimulus, to raise profits and profit rates in the “military-industrial complex” [Eisenhower].
Trump further intends to catalyze a return of industrial manufacturing to the U.S., including by one of his first acts after assuming the presidency -- his termination of the “TPP”, which would have completed the “de-industrialization” of the U.S. that the Rocke-Nazi faction had achieved by their earlier “trade deals”, etc.
By, in all these ways, raising the profits, and the rate of profits, for U.S.-located manufacturing businesses, Trump intends, as a by-product, to induce rising wages in the U.S., a regeneration of communities devastated by decades of Rocke-Nazi-orchestrated “de-industrialization”, and prosperity for the U.S. working class. 
On this basis, we hypothesize, Trump hopes for a “class-collaborationist” alliance between a revived ‘Rooseveltian’ faction of the U.S. capitalist ruling class, and the U.S. Working/Middle Class, and, thereby, to replace the Rockefeller Family as the Ruling Dynasty of the U.S. Invisible Dictatorship, with his own family as the new ruling dynasty.

The only trouble for Trump? 

  • Capitalist booms tend to turn into capitalist slumps.  Then the “class collaborationist” alliance between the capitalist ruling class and the Working/Middle Class falls apart, as the capitalists, in every way, use their unchecked power to sacrifice the well-being of the Working/Middle Class to the “well-being” of those capitalists themselves.
  • Moreover, before Trump can get anywhere near to enacting his positive program for coordinated profit-rates and wage-rates rises, he will have to face, and overcome, the full onslaught of the cornered, desperate Rocke-Nazi ruling class faction, and its myriad layers of media whores, as they move ever more fiercely to destroy his credibility in every way, to “assassinate” his “character”, to impeach his presidency, and, if those ploys fail, to murder Trump and his family outright, in order that the Rocke-Nazi faction can remain in power -- the goal to which these hyper-sociopaths will sacrifice anything, even 95% of the human race.

Unfortunately, there is presently no independent, theoretically and strategically competent, ideology-busting movement of the U.S. Working/Middle Class, that can intervene in this all-out “civil war” within the capitalist ruling class, and offer a better option for humanity than the horrors that either the Trump faction or the Rockefeller faction impend. 
Trump, as bad as he is, is the best that the Working/Middle Class has going for it so far.