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ANNOUNCEMENT:   Released Today -- A Dialectical Theory of Everything -- Meta-Genealogies of Our Universe and of Its Sub-Universes -- A Graphical Manifesto.

Volume 2:  Dialectical Meta-Models of The Human Phenome.

Dear Readers,

The General Council of F.E.D., has, today, released, for access by the public, volume 2 of their treatise, entitled A Dialectical Theory of Everything -- Meta-Genealogies of Our Universe and of Its Sub-Universes -- A Graphical Manifesto.

The specific title of this new volume, volume 2, is Dialectical Meta-Models of The Human Phenome. 

Their overall plan for this five volume treatise is -- 

Volume 0.:         Foundations of a Unified Theory of Universal Dialectics.
Volume 1.:         Geneses of the Dialectical Arithmetics.
Volume 2.:         Dialectical Meta-Models of The Human Phenome.
Volume 3.:         The Historical Dialectic of Natural History as Total History.
Volume 4.:         Dialectics and Nonlinearity.

-- of which, to-date, volume 0, and volume 2, have been released -- published, respectively, on 10 December 2010, and on 17 December 2015.

The F.E.D. General Council has previously disclosed that, so as to more protractedly preserve from disclosure the particulars of the discovery of the Seldonian systems of the mathematics of dialectics, volume 1 will be published last of all. 

The table of contents for volume 2 is attached, below.

Miguel Detonacciones,

Voting Member, 
Foundation Encyclopedia Dialectica [F.E.D.],
F.E.D. Office of Public Liaison.

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Field Notes: Guest Author -- "This Is What I Stand For".

Dear Readers,

My field assignments for the Foundation are a source of great personal satisfaction to me.

I often encounter citizens who attain extraordinary insight into, and discernment of, what is afoot in our present -- living -- history, despite the lack of access, by such citizens, to anything like the Foundation's research archives, or its internal analytical culture.

Today's anonymous "Guest Author" is a case in point, as reflected in that author's "statement of conviction", reproduced below.

Enjoy, and take heart!



"I feel the following needs to be stated, but either I will be looked at as right on the money or (possibly) placed on the watch list by the creeps of the world."

"I care not - this needs to be said:

I have done years of research -- research carried on free of vested interests' meddling and coercion -- into the FACTS regarding planetary weather and climate, and my report, which is available to anyone, shows, based upon factual material, that "global warming" is a false claim, based upon faulty science."

"The ones pushing this myth cannot make those claims in scientific

"The ones pushing it are, from all available evidence
, seemingly pushing it for motives that have NOTHING to do with the betterment of the masses and which are actually FOR the benefit of the Power "Elite", so that this tiny criminal "elite" can gain more power, influence and dominance over the freedoms and the lives of all of the other people in this world."

"I do not concern myself with whether the planet is overly cooling or overly warming."

"Since I have NO vested interests, I am free to look at ALL the facts and that path has led me to see that the claims of "global warming" are a myth."

"And that the Earth at some point in the not-too-distant future will again host another world wide ice age."

"With the Trillions of dollars
that the Power "Elite" has at their disposal, if they were truly ethical, truly caring individuals -- if they truly cared about people -- they would be assisting in planning NOW for the coming weather and climate changes which WILL make it difficult to support 7 billion or more people on this planet."

"Instead they are hoarding their money and preparing to support only their selected "elite"
, and close servants, and to support, covertly, human genocide on a scale the planet has never witnessed previously."

"They plan, again covertly, to reduce the Earth's populations by the billions, utilizing ANY means by which this reduction can be achieved, no matter how vicious,
whether that be by degrading our food supplies, our water, our air, deploying dangerous substances into the vaccines which our children are forced to be injected with, drugging our school population with equally dangerous psychiatric drugs, as well as other covert means for disposing of the populations that they deem to be "expendable"."

"It is a sad, but factual commentary on some individuals that they could sink into such depths of insanity, psychosis and paranoia; that they would actually support such measures against their fellow humans."

"Only when one KNOWS how the anti-social personality operates, and thinks, and knows what drives them, can one know that there can be individuals so twisted."

"Our hope, my hope, rests with the bulk of humanity who are ethical, honest, productive individuals."

"It is time to turn the tide against such mad individuals who have proven, by their own actions, that they do not deserve to be in such positions of power, as they have NOT demonstrated that they hold that power with any responsibility, other than to their own twisted, self-serving agendas."

"It is time for the decent people of this world to rise up and to take over the reins of power and control and responsibility, because those decent people will do the best for the most number of people IN this world."

"THAT is how one builds a new civilization, founded upon a bedrock of ethics, decency, productivity and honesty."

"The time to start this process is NOW!"

"I support ALL people who want to live in such a world.  This is what I stand for."

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Breaking -- ITINTO: Raqqah ---> 'Raqqah-Fellah'.

Dear Readers,

This just in:  An International Truth-In-Naming Tribunal Order [ITINTO] has just been issued, requiring that the name of the Syrian city of "Raqqah" be changed, immediately, into its now TRUE NAME --




Saturday, November 21, 2015

Seldon on ‘the Dialectic of Capitalist Democracy / Freedom’. GLOBAL STRATEGIC HYPOTHESES.

Dear Readers,

GLOBAL STRATEGIC HYPOTHESES.  Capitalist democracy and freedom, founded in checks and balances on state power over citizens -- on respect for civil liberties and for human rights -- is now visibly being eroded, all over Europe, in the U.K., and in the U.S. and Canada, so much more rapidly now than ever before, by the ruling-class-media-orchestrated “public” reaction to ruling-class-arranged “terrorist attacks” [arranged, in particular, by the Saudi Arabian ‘servant-dictators’ of the ‘Rocke-Nazi plutocracy’, e.g., by the Saudi’s long and massively-financed promotion, under orders from the 'Rocke-Nazis', of New Dark Ages “religion”, via their wahhabi madrassas -- "schools" to brainwash, and to further ‘suicidalize’, impoverished Muslim children, assured of little life-opportunity by the ‘Rocke-Nazi’ installed ‘servant dictatorships’, installed all over the Muslim world, to become violent terrorists and suicide-murderers -- as well as by the Saudi’s more recent massive funding of Al Qaeda, ISIL, etc.], not to mention by the political-checks-and-balances-destroying, accelerating concentration, consolidation, and centralization of capital ownership, hence of $political power$,  in ever fewer hands, e.g., by the recently re-accelerating rate of “Mergers and Acquisitions”.

I therefore thought that the following summary words on this matter, by Karl Seldon, might be timely for my readers [E.D. edits applied]:

 Capitalist Democracy, and capitalist Freedom, themselves, at length, with the immanent development of the “capital-relation” itself, destroy capitalist Democracy and destroy capitalist Freedom.” 

“They -- quite “lawfully”, and quite predictably -- destroy themselves.”

“They do so because the predictably accelerating concentration of capital ownership, hence of political power, in ever fewer hands, undermines, and ultimately obviates, the vital political checks-and-balances among the political branches of the state, that are crucial if democracy and freedom are to be reproduced -- as we see, openly, today, nearly every day, and even in the ruling-class-owned “news” [propaganda] mass media.”

“They do so, also, and even more horrifically, because of the ever more desperate motivation of the owners of that ownership-hyper-concentrated capital, the ruling plutocracy, to suppress the growth of the social forces of production so as to block the effective overthrow of their power by the ‘techno-depreciation’ of the hyper-concentrated capital that they own due to competition from newly-irrupting industrial production ontology [e.g., by radioactivity-less fusion power reactors, competitively devaluing to near zero the capital of their “Global Dictatorship of Petroleum”], unless that ruling class intervenes to suppress such socio-econo-technological development.”

As they have, with such utter viciousness, ever since ~ 1913, e.g., by their technology/industrialization suppression of the capitalist hinterland, by which they created the so-called “Third World”, via their ‘servant-dictatorships’ there.

“These “servant-dictatorships” have been funded, not by the wealth of the plutocracy that those dictatorships serve, but by yet-further deductions from, primarily, “First World” [esp. U.S. and U.K.] workers’ wages that this plutocracy imposed in the 1913 income tax legislation, and by their more recent de-industrialization, and consequent accelerating “Third-World-Ization”, of the U.S., the U.K., Western Europe, etc., collapsing, now, also, “First World” standards of living, by moving their industrial capital to the former “Third World” nations whose industrialization they could no longer fully suppress, where the national working classes, and the wage levels of those working classes, are conveniently suppressed by that plutocracy’s local ‘servant-dictatorships’.”

“It takes real socialism -- not the pseudo-socialism that is state-capitalism, ideologically theocratic or otherwise -- but ‘“equitism”’, or ‘‘‘political-economic democracy’’’, to restore democracy and to restore freedom.

It does so by advancing democracy and freedom far beyond what they ever were, or ever could have been, within the capitals-system, even at their previous zenith, the zenith of what we call the ascendance phase of the global capitalist system [e.g., the “Hundred Years Peace”]. 

That real socialism accomplishes this by adding new, unprecedented, economic checks-and-balances, necessary even to revive the old political-only checks-and-balances, while also adding an entirely new, unprecedented dimension to democracy and to human freedom.

For more detail about the psychohistorical-scientific explanation of this ‘“socio-taxis-to humanocidal[-Eugenics]-totalitarianism/New-Final-Dark-Age’’’, and of the way out of it, see the following writings by the Equitist Advocacy group --



Friday, November 20, 2015

Karl Seldon on "The Uttermost Root of "the exchange-value" [Marx].

Dear Readers,

Reproduced below is one of Karl Seldon’s most characteristic characterizations of the cognitive  psychohistorical causal core of modern human history [E.D. edits applied] --

As Marx was so often wont to note, modern, “capital-relation”-centered society, is the form of society ‘‘‘founded on [the] exchange-value’’’, and, as we so often note, Marx’s ‘‘‘elementary or accidental form of [commodity-]value’’’ is the uttermost root thereof, the uttermost root of ‘‘‘the exchange-value’’’, and of all of its profound psychohistorical consequences.

That ‘‘‘elementary form of value’’’ is, we hold, the, mostly-unconscious, ideological core paradigm of the ‘Modern «Mentalité» entire, of the Modern Human Phenome:  the equal valuation of pairs of qualitatively different objects/«arithmoi» as if by pure quantity alone -- by means of a third «arithmos» of [money-]objects, expressing a qualitative common denominator for that pair of otherwise disparate objects, one whose common character [presently socially-necessary abstract labor-time cost of reproduction] is typically unconscious for its users, inculcating, in the cognitive neuro-plasticity of those users, the semblance of a purely quantitative praxis.

The Modern World -- the world of the capital-relation, of the alienated labor relation [the wage-labor-relation] -- with all of its pluses and minuses, vis-a-vis the previous incarnations of collective humanity, and of the ‘human phenome, stems from this!”

-- a characterization which I feel to be eminently worthy of your deepest consideration.



Thursday, November 05, 2015

Part 1. 'Rocke-Nazi' Ruling Class 'Stealth Humanocide' is Working!!! -- Global Strategic Hypotheses.

Dear Readers,

GLOBAL STRATEGIC HYPOTHESES:  'Stealth Humanocide' -- We have addressed here, already, in earlier blog-entries, and we plan also to address further, in the future, the machinations of the ruling, 'Rocke-Nazi'/"Eugenics" faction of the ruling class, and of their 'Shadow Laboratories', in engineering 'Stealth Humanocide', for as long as they still lack the full, totalitarian, police-state power to impose multiple genocides openly -- e.g., for as long as part of the American working/middle class is still armed -- as did their erstwhile 'Servant Dictator', Hitler, in his initially 'Rocke-Nazi' designed, and 'Rocke-Nazi' funded, 'Eugenics Camps'.

We have pointed out the Rocke-Nazis' stealth engineering, with the help of their 'Shadow Laboratories', of the Alzheimer's Disease Epidemics, of the Autism Epidemics, and of the Obesity/Diabetes Epidemics, e.g., in the U. S., that are destroying the future of America.

We have noted also how, in Germany, over 2000 schools are closing annually, for lack of children.

The Rocke-Nazis are engineering contracted social reproduction, including contracted population reproduction -- population decline -- in ever more nations worldwide.

The focus of today's blog entry is the recently-noted rising rates of mortality among caucasian, college-UN-educated males and females in the 45 to 54 years-of-age demographic -- a group whose despair has been stealthily engineered by the Rocke-Nazi plutocracy, via their programs of "rust belt" de-industrialization and social auto-cannibalization in the U.S.



[RT America]:  "White middle-aged people in US dying quicker than in any other developed nation – Princeton study"

City workers cross the Millennium footbridge over the River Thames on a misty morning in London, Britain, November 2, 2015. © Toby Melville
"Nobel Prize-winning scientist Angus Deaton and Anne Case have come out with shocking conclusions that white middle-aged Americans are the only first-world group of people dying faster than their counterparts in any other developed country."
"According to them, this is due to an out-of-control alcohol and drug habit, as well as suicide and depression."

"Researchers have described this as an “epidemic” that threatens the fabric of future America."

"The research by economists Deaton and Anne Case, published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, follows another paper of theirs from 1999, where questions were raised regarding the relationship between income and mortality."

READ MORE: 'America is a bomb waiting to explode' 

"The worrying trend has been developing since 1998, when mortality rates for 45-54 year-old Americans suddenly jumped."

"Worryingly, the exact reasons remain unclear." [M.D. -- Not if you know the Rocke-Nazis, and their "Eugenics" agenda!].

"Experts could only determine a correlation with a rise in the availability of prescription drugs – such as painkillers – as well as a marked shift toward heroin use."

"On top of this there was the steady economic deterioration of the last 20 years, Deaton suggests."

"Since that year, some half a million Americans were killed by HIV/AIDS."

“Only HIV/AIDS in contemporary times has done anything like” what the authors describe for the other contributing factors, the report said.

"Addictions are hard to treat and pain is hard to control, so those currently in midlife may be a 'lost generation' whose future is less bright than those who preceded them," the authors said."

"Increased availability of opioid prescription drugs, chronic pain (for which opioids are often prescribed), and the economic crisis which began in 2008 may all have contributed to an increase in overdoses, suicide, and increased liver disease associated with alcohol abuse."

"What is strange is the sudden shift." [M.D. -- Not if you know the Rocke-Nazis, and their "Eugenics" agenda!].

"In the decade from 1978 to 1998, mortality rates were dropping, much like in any well-developed Western nation."

"But at the tail-end of that period, mortality began rising by half a percent every year."

"For those with a high school degree or less, deaths caused by drug and alcohol poisoning rose fourfold; suicides rose by 81 per cent; and deaths caused by liver disease and cirrhosis rose by 50 percent," Deaton and Case said."

"In some sort of nightmarish fashion, organ damage was combined with rising depression, inability to relate to others and various other forms of pain – bringing with them often an inability to work."
[M.D. -- All in exact accord with the Rocke-Nazi "Eugenics" blueprint!]

"The authors even found a strict rising correlation between the number of people reporting mental illness and the number reporting that they had difficulty in socializing with others."

"Despite popular speculation, obesity – which was also on the rise – was not viewed as a prime contributor to the trend." [M.D. -- That obesity epidemic is just another of the Rocke-Nazis' many, parallel "Eugenics" humanocide pogroms -- sorry -- programs!!!].

"One correlation, however, was obvious: among middle-aged white people, those with the lowest levels of education have been dying out at a quicker pace." [M.D. -- The Rocke-Nazis have engineered a near total exodus of decent-paying jobs for those without college educations in the U.S., and have also engineered an escalating UNaffordability of college education in the U.S.].

All-cause mortality rose by 22 percent for this least-educated group. [emphasis added by M.D.].  

Those with some college education saw little change in overall death rates, and those with a bachelor's degree or higher actually saw death rates decline.”

"The broad conclusion here is that the government should really change its attitude to prescription drug policy, but that alone would be a fraction of the story, as social and economic factors undoubtedly feed into the compounded effect, Deaton and Case said."  [M.D. -- All as so carefully orchestrated by the Rocke-Nazi plutocracy!!!].

"Deaton’s and Case’s research represents the most comprehensive and thorough study of the aforementioned relationships, and how these relationships contribute to mortality among Americans."

"To arrive at their conclusion, the authors used data from the CDC, individual death records and a slew of national surveys on population and mortality."

Sunday, October 04, 2015

Autobiographical Novel Publishing Plan for Equitism Framer Karl Seldon.

Dear Readers,

The General Council of Foundation Encyclopedia Dialectica [F.E.D.] has requested that I announce, tonight, via this blog, the plan of F.E.D. Press to publish an autobiography of F.E.D. co-founder Karl Seldon, to be entitled --

Symbolic Life:  The Idiography of the Ideographies, a Novel.

at “the psychohistorically appropriate moment”.


Miguel Detonacciones,
Member, F.E.D.,
Officer, F.E.D. Office of Public Liaison.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Key Web Sites Related to the Mission of this Blog.

Dear Readers,

The purpose of this blog-entry is to gather -- all in one “place”, for the convenience of our readers, and especially of our newest readers -- the URLs of many of the key sites that are related to the mission of this blog, sites most of which have been noted, individually, from time to time, in previous blog entries here, namely --

1.  Theory/History/Activism sites of Equitist Advocacy -- contact them to coordinate actions -- 

2.  The main site for Foundation Encyclopedia Dialectica [F.E.D.] releases, --

3.  Archive site for related theoretical tendencies & developments --

4.  Glossary/Dictionary/proto-Encyclopedia site for related theoretical tendencies --

5.  World wide «samizdat» site for related tendencies -- please contribute writings of your own! --

6.  New archive site for early theoretical/activist tendencies involving some future F.E.D. members --




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Marx's Dialectic and Hegel's.

Dear Readers,

There are still those, who take themselves to be "Marxians", but who deny that dialectic played any central part in the mature theory-making work of Karl Marx.

The following quotation, which, according to Peter Hudis, Marx penned in 1875, as part of a passage for volume II of <<Das Kapital>> -- one that Engels left out of the published version -- is but one of many that should have decided us, long since, on the validity -- or on the lack thereof -- of such denials:  

"In my zealous devotion to the schema of Hegelian logic, I even discovered the Hegelian forms of the syllogism in the process of circulation.  My relationship with Hegel is very simple.  I am a disciple of Hegel, and the presumptuous chattering of the epigones who think they have buried this great thinker appear frankly ridiculous to me."

[Quoted in Peter Hubis, Marx's Concept of the Alternative to Capitalism, Haymarket Books, Chicago, IL, 2013, p. 5, footnote 7, from Karl Marx, "Manuscripte zum zweiten Buch des "Kapitals" 1868 bis 1881", edited by Teinosuko Otani, Ljudmila Vasina and Carl-Ewrich Mori in Marx-Engels Gesamtausgabe II/11, Berlin:  Akademie Verlag.].




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Online Dictionary of Marxian, Dialectical Theory, and of Its Equitist & F.E.D. Extensions, Recently Expanded Further!

Dear Readers,

FYI:  The "Clarifications Archive", a treasure trove of definitions and commentary on key concepts of Marxian, dialectical theory, and of its Equitist and Foundation Encyclopedia Dialectica extensions, has recently undergone a massive expansion.  The URL for this archive is --

I have also pasted in links to that content below, for your convenience.



Clarifications Archive


Format Codes

  • Argumentin the form of hypothesis/premise[s]/conclusion(s)
  • Bibliographicalin the form of a list of printed, and/or web-resident research resources
  • Caricaturein the form of comics, drawings, and/or cartoons
  • Discussionin the form of a recording of an informal group discussion
  • Emailin the form of direct reader-interactive discussion with the referenced author and/or group
  • Filmin the form of short films and/or videos
  • FW (Film with Writing)in the form of written text integratively-accompanying short films and/or videos
  • Graphicalin the form of pictures, photos, graffitos, graffiti, and/or artwork
  • Historicalin the form of citations and/or recountings of historical events, outbreaks, and/or experiments
  • Interviewin the form of recording(s) of formal interactive interview(s)
  • Ideographicalin the form of ideographical-symbolic, including of 'Mathelogical', equations, 'inequations', formulas, and other such expressions
  • Jokein the form of satires, parodies, or jokes regarding the reference
  • Keyprovided search word for querying all documents under the domain network
  • Libraryin the form of references to, and/or links to, repositories of web resources and texts
  • MC (Monadization Chart)in the form of diagrams depicting the incorporation of multiple units of each given predecessor population into each unit of its 'self-hybrid' successor population
  • Metricin the form of the dynamic throughput of ideographical-symbolic processes... so exemplified as "equations, 'inequations', formulas, and other such expressions"
  • MS (Model Specification)in the form of a [dialectical-]mathematical [meta-]model specification.
  • Musicin the form of references/links to, and/or files recording background or lyrical music
  • Numericsin the form of depictions of numeric data via tables, charts, graphs or other forms of depiction or data visualization
  • Organizationalin the form of a contactable list of definitive or self-coordinated groups
  • Programmaticin the form of programs, platforms, proposed constitutional amendments, and strategy/ strategic documents intending or affirming progressive social change
  • Queriesin the form of lists of, and/or links to, web and street/P. O. Box addresses, and other loci to which readers can put their questions
  • Readingin the form of references/links to, and/or files recording solo readings or vocalization performances of textual material
  • Soundin the form of references/links to, and/or files recording, sound effects
  • SS (Solution Specification)in the form of lists, term-by-term, the solved meaning of a dialectical equation-model's poly-qualinomial heterogeneous "sum"/cumulum of symbols/terms, representing qualitatively different categories.
  • Tablein the form of tables, tabular compilations of interconnected items of information
  • Transcriptin the form of references/links to, and/or files recording the written contents of a speech, play, or film
  • URLin the form of citational links to (a) world wide web source(s) of a quotation or paraphrase
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  • XHTMLin the form of links to other related files which may contain any of these evidentiary types
  • Yearin the form of listings and/or descriptions of what else occurred in time – at, preceding, or succeeding the timing of that particular referenced item/event
  • Zonein the form of a pinpoint on an historical map




  • absolute atomism     W
  • actionics        W
  • actualization space     W
  • affective         W
  • affective psycho-history     W
  • algebra     W
  • alienation     W
  • ani-societies     W
  • android robotics     W
  • «arché»     W
  • arithmetic     W
  • «arithmoi»     W
  • «arithmos»     W
  • «arithmos aisthetos»     W
  • «arithmos eidetikos»     W
  • «arithmos monadikos»     W
  • atomic power     W
  • atoms     W
  • «aufheben»     WG
  • «aufheben» evolute product rule     WG
  • auto-duality     W
  • auto-dyad     W
  • «autokinesis»     W
  • auto-negation     W
  • «autopoiesis»     W
  • axiom of choice     W
  • B.C.E.     W
  • B.U.E.     W
  • bands, primeval     W
  • bifurcation     W
  • bion     W
  • biota     W
  • Boltzmann-Vlasov-Maxwell Equations     W
  • Boole's Algebra     W
  • Boole's Fundamental Law of Thought     W
  • Boole's Law of Duality     W
  • bubble engineering     W
  • C.O.A.     W
  • camps, primeval     W    WG
  • calculus     W
  • Cantor continuum hypothesis     W
  • capital     W
  • capitalism     W
  • category     W
  • categorial     W
  • categorial progression     W
  • category ontological     W
  • cells [eukaryotic]     W
  • cells [prokaryotic]     W
  • cellular power [eukaryotic]     W
  • change of ontology     W
  • «characteristica-universalis»     W
  • chiefdoms, ancient     W    WG
  • chrono-dynamics     W
  • chrono-empiricism     W
  • chronogenesis     W
  • chronogenetic     W
  • chronogenic     W
  • chronopoiesis     W
  • city-states, ancient     W    WG
  • closed form solutions     W
  • cognition     W
  • cognitive     W
  • cognitive psychoarchaeology     W
  • cognitive psychohistory     W
  • combinatoric explosion     W
  • commodity     W
  • completeness theorem     W
  • complex numbers arithmetic, C     W
  • concentration     W
  • consecuum     W
  • contra-Boolean algebra     W
  • contra-Cantorian totality theories     W
  • contradiction     W    W    WG
  • contrarieties     W
  • conversion formation     W
  • conversion locus     W
  • conversion meta-dynamic     W
  • conversion singularity     W
  • convolute     W    WG
  • convolute meta-numbers     W
  • convolute process     W
  • convolute product     W
  • convolute re-qualification     W
  • covolute     WG
  • cumulativity     W
  • cumulum     W
  • cumulum hypothesis [generalized]     W
  • cyborg prosthetics bionics     W
  • cyclonic vortices     WG     F
  • dark age     W
  • de-cumulation     W
  • de-evolution     W
  • de-generation     W
  • de-Parmenideanized     W
  • densification     W
  • density     W
  • determinateness     W
  • diachronic     W     WG
  • diachronic complement     W
  • diactic eventity     W
  • diacticity     W
  • diactics     W
  • diagonal     W
  • diagonality     W
  • diagonalization     W
  • dialectic     W    WG    Ta
  • dialectic, generic
  •        arché category     W    WG
  •        first contra-category     W    WG
  •        first uni-category     W    WG
  •        dyadic ontology expansion     Id
  • [the] dialectic of [the] dialectic     W    WG
  • dialectic of the dialectical arithmetics
  •        first triad     WG
  •        full zero     WG
  •        selected arithmetics     WG
  •        unit qualifiers progression     WG
  • dialectic of the standard arithmetics
  •        axioms progression     WG
  •        first triad     WG
  •        inverse operations     WG
  •        meta-model overview     WG
  •        number-spaces progression     WG
  •        ordered-pairs progression     WG
  •        proverse operations     WG
  • dialectic of mathematical discovery     WG
  • dialectic of nature
  •        diachronico-synchronic meta-fractal cosmos     WG
  •        dyadic Seldon function equation     WG    MS    MC
  •        Einstein's solution to Kant's antinomy     WG
  •        'intra-duality' of Einstein's General Relativity theory     WG
  •        'intra-duality' of the cosmos as a whole     WG
  •        electron donor versus electron 'acceptor' atoms     WG
  •        matter versus anti-matter     WG
  •        polar versus non-polar compounds     WG
  •        up to prokaryotic living cells     WG
  •        synchronic meta-fractal cosmos     WG
  •        the meta-human     W
  •        triadic Seldon function equation     WG
  • dialectic of social equity     WG
  • dialectical [meta-]axiomatics     W
  • dialectical contradictions     W    WG
  • dialectical critique of political-economy – Marxian     WG
  • dialectical eventity     W
  • dialectical function     W
  • dialectical ideography     W
  • dialectical logics     W
  • dialectical meta-axiomatics     G
  • dialectical operation     W
  • dialectical operations stage of human[oid] cognitive development     W
  • dialectical operator     W
  • dialectical [self-]contradiction     W
  • dialectical set theory     W
  • dialectical theories of everything     W
  • dialectical totality     W
  • dialectical totality-theory     W
  • dialectics     W
  • dialectics-in-general     W
  • dialector     W
  • dialector analysis     W
  • dialector calculus     W
  • dialector cumulum     W
  • dialector product     W
  • dialector space     W
  • dialector variables     W
  • «dialektiké»     W
  • diametrical     W
  • diametrical opposition     W
  • dianoesis     W
  • dianoetic     W
  • dianoia     W
  • dichotomy     W
  • dimension     W
  • dimensional     W
  • dimensional analysis     W
  • dimensionality     W
  • direction     W
  • dualectical     W
  • duality     W
  • duals     W
  • dyadic Seldon function equation     WG    MS
  • dynamasis     W
  • dynamic     W
  • dynamical algebra     W
  • dynamical analytical geometry     W
  • dynamical arithmetic     W
  • dynamical geometry     W
  • dynamical-ness     W
  • dynamical system     W
  • dynamical systems theory     W
  • dynamicity     W
  • dynamics     W
  • dynamis     W
  • dynamized     W
  • dynamizes     W
  • Earthism     W
  • eco-fascism     W
  • empires, ancient     WG
  • Encyclopedia Dialectica notationaI conventions
  •        color coding conventions     WG
  •        "double-entry" domain definitions     W
  •        ideogramic     W
  •        ideogramic and phonogramic     W
  •        pictogramic     W
  •        qualitative inequality sign     WG
  • Engels' Three Laws of the 'Dialectic of Nature'     W
  • equitarian     W
  • equitism     W
  • eventity     W    WG
  • evolute     W    WG
  • «genos»     W
  • global renaissance     W
  • historical dialectics     W
  • homeomorphic defect     W
  • human genome     W
  • human phenome     W
  • humanocide     W
  • 'ideo-ontology'     W
  • immanent     W
  • immanent critique     W
  • integers arithmetic, Z:     W
  • internal contradiction     W    WG
  • intra-duality     W    WG
  • logics     W
  • Marxian theory     W
  • mathematics     W
  • 'meta-'     WG
  • meta-Darwinian planetary selection test     W
  • meta-genealogy     W
  • meta-monadization     W
  • meta-Nazi     FW    G
  • meta-«physis»     W
  • meta-systematic dialectics     W
  • metafinite difference     W
  • metafinite change     W
  • (principle of) metafinity     W
  • «monad»     W
  • Mu ideography     W
  • natural numbers arithmetic, N     W
  • 'onto-':     W
  • onto-dynamasis     W
  • ontology     W
  • ontology-dynamics     W
  • ontological inequality     WG
  • ontological possibility-space     W
  • organonic algebraic method for solving dialectical equations     W
  • 'physio-ontology'     W
  • «physis»     W
  • planetary humanities     WG
  • psycho-history     W
  • psychohistorical dialectics     W
  • psychohistorical dialectic of human nature
  •        ancient Egyptian pyramids     WG
  •        Aristotle's doctrine of the mean     WG
  •        «Arithmos» theories     W
  •        forces, relations & modes of production     WG
  •        forms of human self-identity     WG
  •        Francis Bacon's three (3) species of science     WG
  •        governance geography     WG     MS
  •        ideologies / knowledges     WG
  •        Justinian's «Hagia Sophia»     WG
  •        "Moai Walking" on prehistoric Easter Island     WG
  •        Neptune's rings hypotheses progression     WG
  •        phonetic written language     WG
  •        Porphyry's «Isagoge»     WG
  •        presentation methods     WG
  •        productive force     WG    Me    MS
  •        sexual orientations     WG
  •        social formations     WG    MC    MS
  •        social relations of production     WG    MS    MC
  •        television programming     MS     SS     WG
  •        time memes     WG
  •        U.S. coinage categorial combinatorics     MS     SS     WG
  •        work versus play     WG
  • qualitative inequality     WG
  • qualo-fractal     W
  • qualo-Peanicity     W
  • rational numbers arithmetic, Q     W
  • real numbers arithmetic, R     W
  • 'Rocke-Nazi'     W    W    G
  • 'Rothe-Nazi'     G
  • ruling class     G
  • ruling plutocracy     G
  • Seldon functions     WG
  • Dialectic of Nature – dyadic Seldon function equation     WG    MS
  • Dialectic of Nature – triadic Seldon function equation     W
  • self-contradiction     W    WG
  • self-duality     W    WG
  • singularity
  •        in general     W
  •        infinite versus metafinite     W
  •        metafinite depletion     W
  •        metafinite resonance     W
  • «species»     W
  • synchronic     W    WG
  • synchronic meta-fractal cosmos     WG
  • systematic dialectic of Marx's Kapital, first triad     W
  • systematic dialectic of Marx's Critique of Political Economy (entire), first triad     WG
  • systematic dialectic of Marx's Critique of Political Economy (entire), second triad     WG
  • systematic dialectics     W
  • systematic dialectic of dynamics formulas     Me
  • techno-depreciation     W
  • temporal acceleration     W
  • theories of everything     W
  • time     W
  • TOE / T.O.E.     W
  • toroidal vortices     WG    F
  • Meta-Model for the Totality – dyadic Seldon function equation     WG    MS
  • Meta-Model for the Totality – triadic Seldon function equation     W
  • villages, ancient:     WG
  • whole numbers arithmetic, W     W