Friday, September 28, 2018

A ‘Cumulum’ is NOT a “Hierarchy”. GLOBAL STRATEGIC HYPOTHESES.


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GLOBAL STRATEGIC HYPOTHESES:  The ontologically-plural -- ‘multi-ontic’ -- ‘cumula’ about which we of F.E.D. write, and which are mapped by the ‘meta-equation meta-models’ formulated in our NQ_ ‘algebra for dialectics’, are most decidedly NOT hierarchies.

Legion are the agents of the presently still-ruling faction of the ruling plutocracy -- the ultra-bloodthirsty Rocke-Nazi faction, who, indeed, do rule by hierarchy -- e.g., those agents who masquerade as scientists, are quick to tell you, to chant to you like a mantram, every chance they get, every chance that the Rocke-Nazi“main stream media” gives them, that all of Nature is a “hierarchy”, that all of evolution is a “hierarchy”:  that “hierarchy” is “natural”, implying, of course, that democracy is unnatural”.

They, and their Rocke-Nazi masters and employers, want you to believe that even the limited form, the bribery-corrupted, “lobbying”-corrupted form, of “representative” democracy that still persists in the North America and in Western Europe, is “unnatural”, let alone the deeper forms of democracy, such as those that we have discussed here under the name of ‘‘‘Equitism’’’.  All the while, the Rocke-Nazis are concocting a “crisis” whereby they plan to rip away even the remaining veneer of that “representative” democracy, and impose their police-state, people are pollution, Eugenics, Orwellian, humanocidal dictatorship, their FINAL SOLUTION TO THE HUMNAITY PROBLEM.  You can pick up the hints of the Rocke-Nazis plans, in even just a sampling of the public pronouncements, regarding “95% population production”, of their many agents, some of whose grisly statements are compiled here --

Only, now, the Rocke-Nazi faction’s plans are being thwarted by the nascent Trump faction, an ironic, pseudo-“Republican” ‘re-naissance’ of the Roosevelt faction, the faction that the Rocke-Nazis thought they had silenced forever, and the Rocke-Nazis, in response, have declared all-out media war against that rival faction of the ruling class.

The etymology of the word “hierarchy” has been associated with descriptions of the “ranks” -- of the “ranked echelons” -- of the angels.  But yes, those who push this word, and its meme, today, are, as we have seen above, No Angels.  The word has deep roots in Medieval Latin, and even deeper roots in ancient Greek, where it has been interpreted to mean “rule by a high priest”, from earlier connotations of “sacred leader”, or “a leader of sacred rites” -- hierós [sacred] + árche-in [to lead, rule].

Today, this word, from the experiences of the kinds of social relations that it describes, clearly connotes a milieu in which access to interaction is highly constrained and exclusive, e.g., such that a “lower” rank can interact only, at most, with the ranks immediately above and/or immediately below it, but is prevented/prohibited from interacting with ranks further above or further below its “station”.

But, contrary to “hierarchies”, the realities that we characterize by our term ‘cumulum’ involve spontaneously-arising ‘‘‘mixtures’’’ of the ‘‘‘logical individuals’’’ of all still-extant ontological “kinds”; minglements of the «monads» of many «arithmoi», in which individuals of all kinds, of all scales, can and do interact, yielding, in that process, ‘hybrid ontos’, ‘‘‘hybrid processes’’’, ‘hybrid eventities’. 

True, such ‘cumula’ are ‘scaled self-similarity content-structures’:  they are finitary ‘qualo-fractals’. 

However -- as we, inhering in ‘qualo-fractal’ cosmological level 9, and assigned to NQ_ ‘meta-numeral’ q256, vividly experience, when symbiotic bacteria, of our own “gut microbiomes”, bacteria inhering in ‘qualo-fractal’ level 5, and assigned to NQ_ ‘meta-numeral’ q16, build-up our immune systems, or when pathogenic/parasitic bacteria, also inhering in level 5, and assigned to NQ_ ‘meta-numeral’ q16, knock us out with pneumonia, despite our advanced position, at q256, “towering above” theirs  -- interactions, even if somewhat attenuated with ‘‘‘distance’’’, ensue continually, among essentially all scales, all levels, all extant “ranks” of the cosmological-ontological ‘cumulum’.

The axioms of the NQ_ ‘algebra for dialectics’, and the computational dynamics of the ‘ontological-categorial progression solutions’ of the various variants of the Seldon Function of the q1, «arché» ‘meta-number’ value, reflect these realities.

All of the q1-subsequent, ontological category-symbols, assigned to the higher-subscript NQ_ ‘meta-numbers’, representing the ‘meta-genealogically’-related real «arithmoi», interact, i.e., ‘inter-operate’, and produce distinct ontological-categorial product-symbols as a result of that ‘inter-operation’.  In every modeled epoch, subsequent ontological category-symbols arise solely by the interaction and/or self-interaction of previously-interaction-generated ontological-category-symbols, all the way back to, and starting from, the “squaring”/‘self-interaction’ of the «arché» ontological-category-symbol itself, assigned to the q1 ‘dialectical meta-number’. 

FYI:  Much of the work of Karl Seldon, and of his collaborators, including work by “yours truly”, is available for your free-of-charge download via --


Miguel Detonacciones,
Member, Foundation Encyclopedia Dialectica [F.E.D.],
Officer, F.E.D. Office of Public Liaison