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‘«Generalplan Ost»’: “DOT” #10 of 12, “DOTS” SERIES. GLOBAL STRATEGIC HYPOTHESES.

DOTS SERIES -- DOT#10 of 12:
‘«Generalplan Ost»’.


Dear Reader,

This new series, entitled “DOTS” -- as in “connecting the dots” -- is intended to provide you with ‘evidentiary excerpts’ from the many years of research, by Karl Seldon, initially, and, later, by the Foundation, on the ‘‘‘lawful’’’ [as in “law-of-value”-‘‘‘lawful’’’] but secret global agenda and strategy of the ‘descendence phase’ capitalist ruling class.

We plan to present these excerpts here, within this new series, together with their source references, usually without any commentary, by us, as to how we “connect” these “dots”, to give you, our reader, the chance to make your “connections” on your own.

We will, generally, set forth our GLOBAL STRATEGIC HYPOTHESES, giving our version of the interconnections of these “dots”, and our hypotheses to explain these “dots”, elsewhere.  Some of our hypotheses such are already extant in past entries to this blog.  Only in the final few blog-entries of this series will we comment as to our views of that vast interconnection.

DOTSSeries [as in “connecting the dots”.] -- DOT #10 of 12: 

«Generalplan Ost» -- “[Eugenic] Master Plan for the East --   

A week before the invasion of Poland by Nazi armies -- the act in reaction to which World War II was first formally declared -- Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler delivered a speech to his Wehrmacht commanders at his Alps-view home, Obersalzberg, on 22 August 1939.  “The speech details, in particular, the pending German invasion of Poland and a planned extermination of Poles.  It shows Hitler’s knowledge of the extermination and his intention to carry out this genocide in a planned manner.” [wikipedia, 29March2020,'s_Obersalzberg_Speech#The_Armenian_quote] --

“Our strength consists in our speed and in our brutality.”
“Genghis Khan led millions of women and children to slaughter – with premeditation and a happy heart.”
“History sees in him solely the founder of a state.  It’s a matter of indifference to me what a weak western European civilization will say about me.”
“I have issued the command – and I’ll have anybody who utters but one word of criticism executed by a firing squad – that our war aim does not consist in reaching certain lines, but in the physical destruction of the enemy.”
“Accordingly, I have placed my death-head formation in readiness – for the present only in the East – with orders to them to send to death mercilessly and without compassion, men, women, and children of Polish derivation and language.”
“Only thus shall we gain the living space (Lebensraum) which we need.”
“Who, after all, speaks today of the annihilation of the Armenians?”
[Lochner, Louis Paul (1942). What About Germany?. Dodd, Mead & Company. pp. 11–12.].

Commentary.  Such ultra-vile, ultra-criminal pronouncements are easily dismissed, by some, as “just the Nazis”, as if the Nazis came into our world from out of nowhere, and have since ceased to exist, and as if nothing of their ‘Rockefeller Faction’ funders, plans, and policies remains. 

But, in fact, as can be seen from the quotes in the earlier “DOTS” of this series, those funders have gone unpunished -- only a few low-echelon “grunts” having been tried and convicted by the Nuremburg Tribunal -- and ARE STILL IN POWER to this very day.”

Moreover, their plans and policies have not receded from those carried out by their Nazi servants, but, in fact, have escalated from those of their erstwhile Nazi ‘Servant Dictatorship’ to an unprecedented ultra-criminal “ambition” -- to exterminate “95%” of all of humanity, as we have seen, repeatedly, in the previous “DOTS”, from out of the very mouths of the Rockefeller Faction’s ideological ‘spokes-servants’.

Compare, for yourself, the ultra-vicious, ultra-sociopathic words of Hitler, above, with those of ‘Rockefeller Faction spokes-servant’ Paul Ehrlich, author of The Population Bomb:
A cancer is an uncontrolled multiplication of cells; the population explosion is an uncontrolled multiplication of people... .”
“We must shift our efforts from the treatment of symptoms to the cutting out of the cancer.”
“The operation will demand many apparently brutal and heartless decisions.

Already, well before 1939, Hitler’s plan, stated by him above, for the ‘‘‘eugenocide’’’ of the Poles was but a small part of a much larger ‘‘‘eugenocidal’’’ plan, eventually code-named “The Master Plan for the East” -- «Generalplan Ost»:
[wikipedia, 29March2020,] --
“The Generalplan Ost...abbreviated GPO, was the Nazi German government's plan for the genocide[1] and ethnic cleansing on a vast scale, and colonization of Central and Eastern Europe by Germans.”

“It was to be undertaken in territories occupied by Germany during World War II.  The plan was attempted during the war, resulting indirectly and directly in millions of deaths of ethnic Slavs by starvation, disease, or extermination through labor.  But its full implementation was not considered practicable during the major military operations, and was prevented by Germany's defeat.[2][3][4]

“The plan entailed the enslavement, forced displacement, and mass murder of the Slavic peoples (and substantial parts of the Baltic peoples, especially Lithuanians and Latgalians[5]) in Europe along with planned destruction of their nations, whom the “Aryan” Nazis viewed as racially inferior.[6]

“The program operational guidelines were based on the policy of Lebensraum designed by Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party in fulfillment of the Drang nach Osten (drive to the East) ideology of German expansionism.  As such, it was intended to be a part of the New Order in Europe.[7]

“...preliminary versions were discussed by Heinrich Himmler and his most trusted colleagues even before the outbreak of war.  This was mentioned by SS-Obergruppenführer Erich von dem Bach-Zelewski during his evidence as a prosecution witness in the trial of officials of the Race and Settlement Main Office (RuSHA).”

“According to Bach-Zelewski, Himmler stated openly:  “It is a question of existence, thus it will be a racial struggle of pitiless severity, in the course of which 20 to 30 million Slavs and Jews will perish through military actions and crises of food supply. [11]

A part of «Generalplan Ost» was named Operation Barbarossa:
[wikipedia, 29March2020,] --
Operation Barbarossa ... was the code name for the Axis invasion of the Soviet Union, which started on Sunday, 22 June 1941, during World War II. 

The operation put into action Nazi Germany's ideological goal of conquering the...Soviet Union so as to repopulate it with Germans.  The German Generalplan Ost aimed to use some of the conquered as slave labour for the Axis war effort, to acquire the oil reserves of the Caucasus and the agricultural resources of Soviet territories, and eventually to annihilate the Slavic peoples and create Lebensraum for Germany.[24]

“In the two years leading up to the invasion, Germany and the Soviet Union signed political and economic pacts for strategic purposes.”

“Nevertheless, the German High Command began planning an invasion of the Soviet Union in July 1940 (under the codename Operation Otto), which Adolf Hitler authorized on 18 December 1940.  Over the course of the operation, about three million personnel of the Axis powers—the largest invasion force in the history of warfare—invaded the western Soviet Union along a 2,900-kilometer (1,800 mi) front, with 600,000 motor vehicles and over 600,000 horses for non-combat operations.”

“The offensive marked an escalation of World War II, both geographically and in the formation of the Allied coalition including the Soviet Union.”

Commentary.  “Eugenics” as promoted world wide by the ‘Rockefeller Faction’, as we have seen in the preceding “DOTS”, and as they promoted and funded “Eugenics” especially in the United States, and in pre-Nazi Germany -- thereby helping it to become Nazi Germany -- was never a simple matter of “selective breeding” on the scale of consenting individuals.

‘Rockefeller Faction’ “Eugenics” was always a matter of mass murder and genocide, because the ‘Rockefeller Faction’ declared whole peoples, the populations of whole nations, and of whole multi-national regions to be “racially inferior”, “deserving” merciless extermination.

By the end of World War II, at least 6,000,000 Jews, thousands of Roma [“Gypsies”], 3,000,000 citizens of Poland, and 20,000,000 Russians had been murdered, in only the earliest phases of the implementation of «Generalplan Ost», including of Operation Barbarossa, before their activities were cut-off by the defeat of Nazi Germany. 

The Stalinist dictatorship in Russia officially estimated that 20,000,000 Russians were killed by Nazi operations during World War II.  The current Russian government officially estimates that 27,000,000 Russian citizens were murdered by the Nazis.  Some Russian scholars put the number at 40,000,000.  Thus, Himmler’s numbers were only a “slight” ‘‘‘misunderestimation’’’!  

Now, today, it is not just the Jews, not just the Roma, not just the Slavs, not just the Russians, that the surviving and still-ruling ‘Rockefeller Eugenics Faction’ plans to kill. 

It is you and your family that they plan to impoverish, then enslave, and then exterminate.

You may not be a Jew, but, to the ‘Rockefeller Faction’, you are a Jew.
You may not be a Roma, but, to the ‘Rockefeller Faction’, you are a Roma.
You may not be a Slav, but, to the ‘Rockefeller Faction’, you are a Slav.
You may not be a Russian, but, to the ‘Rockefeller Faction’, you are a Russian.

To the ‘Rockefeller Faction’, you are a human being, thus a being with potential -- by technological and or by entrepreneurial innovation, by participating in mass movements for the restoration of democracy by overthrow of the Rockefeller plutocracy, etc. -- part of the “95%” of all human beings that they are planning, right now, as you read these words, to obliterate.

I believe that «Generalplan Ost» was just the ‘‘‘German translation’’’ of the Rockefeller Faction’s most fundamental “eugenics” order to their initial Nazi ‘Servant-Dictatorship’.

Those ‘Rockefeller Faction’ eugenics orders were to attack East -- to attack Eastern Europe and, especially, Russia, impoverishing, enslaving, and then exterminating the Slavic and Russian populations in the process.  Per the Nazi ideology, the Slavs and the Russians were “inferior races” that thus had to be ‘eugenicized’ and ‘‘‘eugenocided’’’.

However, the Rockefeller Faction’s real intensions for those orders to their Nazi ‘Servant-Dictatorship’ were quite other than those of the Nazi ideology that the ‘Rockefeller Faction’ had funded and had helped to design and manufacture, as we shall see.

When “their” Nazi ‘Servant-Dictatorship’ abrogated those orders, and signed the ‘‘‘Hitler-Stalin Pact’’’ with Russia on 23 August 1939 --
“On August 23, 1939, Germany and the Soviet Union sign[ed] a non-aggression pact, stunning the world, given their diametrically opposed ideologies.” [The History Channel,, emphasis added].
-- the ‘Rockefeller Faction’ quickly realized that “their” Nazi ‘Servant-Dictatorship’ was “theirs” no longer; that Hitler had “turned”, from their ‘Servant-Dictator’, ordered by them to attack Russia above all of their other assignments to him, into a ‘Franken-Dictator’, planning to hold back his plans for the conquest and ‘‘‘eugenocide’’’ of the Slavic and Russian peoples for later.

The ‘Rockefeller Faction’ realized that ‘Franken-Dictator’ Hitler’s new, first priority self-assignment was to attack West, not East:  to conquer and liquidate his former masters in Western Europe, the U.K., and the U.S., i.e., to exterminate the ‘Rockefeller Faction’.

From that moment of realization forward, the former first priorities of the ‘Rockefeller Faction’ changed drastically over night.

Those priorities had been to spread Fascist state-capitalist ‘Servant-Dictatorships’ -- secret servants to the ‘Rockefeller Faction’, brutal, mass-murdering, ‘‘‘eugenocidal’’’ tyrants to their own people -- all over the “First World”.

And so they did, in the forms of, e.g., Horthy [1920+] in Hungary, Mussolini [1922+] in Italy, Hirohito [1926+] and Tojo [1941+] in Japan, Salazar [1932+] in Portugal, Hitler [1933+] in Germany, Franco [1939+] in Spain, AND, originally, “eugenicist” and Nazi-sympathizer Charles Lindbergh, later Smedley Butler, as their would-be ‘Servant-Dictator’ IN THE UNITED STATES.

As we know, the latter plot to overthrow the Roosevelt Presidency failed, and was abandoned, in ~1939.  

It was replaced by a [temporary] alliance of the ‘Rockefeller Faction’ with the ‘Roosevelt Faction’, that lasted until ~ their 1960s “decapitation” of the leadership of the ‘Roosevelt Faction’ -- John Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, and Martin Luther King, Jr., etc.

The new “first priority” of the ‘Rockefeller Faction’ became, starting from ~ 01 Sep. 1939, to ally [temporarily] with their arch enemy, the ‘Roosevelt Faction’, because the ‘Roosevelt Faction’ had the capability to rally American workers, to die horrific deaths, by the hundreds of thousands, to save the ‘Rockefeller Faction’ from the Nazi “Frankenstein Monster” that the ‘Rockefeller Faction’ had created and unleashed upon the world.

That is why ‘Rockefeller Faction’ ruling class attitudes to the Nazis changed so drastically in ~1939!

But further historical background needs to be in place in order to understand the real motives of the ‘Rockefeller Faction’ in ‘sic[k]ing’ Germany on Russia.

The ‘Rockefeller Faction’ feared economic competition from “upstart” industrial capitalists in the “semi-periphery” of the “core” of industrial capitalism -- the “core” consisting of U.S., the U.K., France, etc.
Such “upstarts” could start with the latest, cheapest, most productive industrial machinery, and, aided further by the still much-lower-wagéd status of their incipient wage working classes, drastically undercut the prices, in their output, of those of the industrial output of the ‘Rockefeller Faction’ industries, which faced higher production costs, including higher wages-costs, due, e.g., to partial unionization of their workers, and also due to higher, e.g., depreciation expenses, on older, often obsolete, but still not fully amortized, also more costly and less productive “legacy” capital plant and equipment, that the ‘Rockefeller Faction’ industries had installed typically many years before. 

Such competition would force the ‘Rockefeller Faction’ factories to scrap their old fixed capital plant and equipment, “writing off”, i.e., subtracting, its still-unamortized historical costs against/from their gross profits, forcing their profit rate, and thus their capital equity stock share prices, down, while still leaving them legally compelled to continue to pay the remaining debt service on that scrapped, no longer existent capital plant and equipment which they had typically purchased with the help of, e.g., 50-year bank loans, or to default on those bank loans, transferring part of their losses to those banks, thus reducing the profit rates, and the share prices, of those banks themselves. 

To avoid default, such “legacy” competitors had to pay debt service on, e.g., two sets of ~50 year capital equipment loans, one for the loan(s) that had been used to purchase the equipment that “upstart” competition had forced them to scrap, another on the loan(s) to buy the newer, more competitive capital equipment that they had newly purchased to replace that scrapped capital equipment.  This is in contrast to, e.g., the single set of capital equipment loan(s) that their new, upstart competitors had to service. 

Thus, even after replacing their old capital equipment with, e.g., the newest, most-competitive capital equipment, their cost structure would remain unfavorable vis-a-vis the cost structure of those “upstart” competitors, thus worsening the competitive position of the “legacy” competitors vis-a-vis the “upstart” competitors.  

But this problem the ‘Rockefeller faction’ could “solve”, for most of the countries “peripheral” to the industrial “core” countries -- countries like Mexico, Cuba, Brazil, Argentina, South Africa, India, China, etc. -- by using the new U. S. income tax, forced through Congress by the ‘Rockefeller Faction’ in 1913, together with the Federal Reserve Act, on the very eve of World War I, to siphon-off income from workers and smaller capitalists for use by the ‘Rockefeller Faction’.  

Via their “Big Money” hold on the U. S. Federal Government, and along with some of their own wealth, ‘Rockefeller Faction’ agents would use these income tax dollars to finance the armaments, and the special “perks”, and the other costs of setting up Rockefeller-Faction-subservient military dictatorships in those “peripheral” countries.

The ‘Rockefeller Faction’ ordered these, their comprador dictatorships, to brutally suppress and to reverse scientific and technological development, and incipient industrialization, in those countries.

Indeed, that is how the ‘Rockefeller Faction’ created “The Third World”, and “underdevelopment” -- by thwarting normal capitalist industrial development throughout their “periphery”.
That is also how the ‘Rockefeller Faction’ ignited what they call “The Population Explosion”, through thereby also suppressing the “Demographic Transition” in those countries -- the “Demographic Transition” being the most effective “contraception device” ever yet discovered by the human species.

But “semi-peripheral” countries like Japan, Italy, Russia, and especially Germany were a different matter.

Germany, like Italy, came late to ‘nation-state-hood’, but also and concomitantly exhibited a fierce nationalist ideology.  Germany had also developed one of the strongest scientific, technological, and engineering cultures in the world, not easily to be suppressed and reversed.

Above all others of the external threats to their power, the ‘Rockefeller Faction’ mortally feared an alliance between Germany and Russia. 

Such an alliance, between the scientific, technological, engineering, and industrial advances of Germany, and the already incipient scientific, technological, engineering, and industrial advances of Russia, plus the vast labor, oil, and other natural resource riches of Russia, which Germany sorely lacked, would quickly put the ‘Rockefeller Faction’ “out of business” and out of power -- first economically, then militarily.

For the ‘Rockefeller Faction’, an alliance between Russia and Germany had to be averted AT ALL COSTS.

And the best way to accomplish that mission, in the minds of the ‘Rockefeller Faction’, was to induce Germany and Russia into war with one another, so as to use Germany’s and Russia’s vast productive potential, not for production, but to DESTROY ONE ANOTHER.

Nazi fellow-traveler and U.K. “King” Edward VIII put it this way, albeit in a twisted and inverted fashion to make it “fit” for public airing:
“In an article for the New York Daily News and Chicago Tribune of 13 December 1966 the Duke wrote that in 1937 Hitler persuaded him “it was in Britain's interest and in Europe’s too, that Germany be encouraged to strike east and smash Communism forever ... I thought the rest of us could be fence-sitters while the Nazis and the Reds slogged it out.[94]”.
... Edward reportedly told an acquaintance, “After the war is over and Hitler will crush the Americans ... we'll take over ...  They [the British] don't want me as their king, but I'll be back as their leader.”[102]  He was reported as saying that “it would be a tragic thing for the world if Hitler was overthrown”.[102]  Comments like these reinforced the belief that the Duke and Duchess held Nazi sympathies and the effect of the abdication crisis of 1936 was to force off the throne a man with extreme political opinions.[103]

“Eventual President, then Senator Harry Truman made a similar, inverted for public consumption, remark, still reflecting the original ‘Rockefeller Faction’ plan:  “...Harry Truman had argued in 1941 that as between the warring Russians and Germans, if we see that Germany is winning we ought to help Russia, and if Russia is winning we ought to help Germany and in that way, let them kill as many as possible.  It was not a sentiment that got Truman in trouble.”
[Kevin Phillips, American Dynasty:  Aristocracy, Fortune, and the Politics of Deceit in the House of Bush, p. 189, emphases added.].

Indeed, a core ‘Rockefeller Faction’ purpose for World War I itself, in the first place, had been to incite war between Germany of the “Central Powers”, and Russia of the “Allied Powers”. 

The June 1919 “Treaty of Versailles” was designed, by the ‘Rockefeller Faction’, over the protests of U. S. President Wilson, Economist John Maynard Keynes, and many others, to crush Germany industrially and economically, e.g., with a war reparations debt roughly equivalent to US$442 billion in 2020 US$s. 

The Rockefeller Faction’s World War I machinations also created a new threat to their power -- the Stalinist state-capitalist dictatorship in Russia.   

The ‘Rockefeller Faction’ then sought “to kill two birds with one stone”. 

The Versailles Treaty, as Keynes predicted, virtually guaranteed a Second World War, launched, in national revenge, from Germany. 

The ‘Rockefeller Faction’ hoped to then direct Germany’s war effort toward Russia. 

Hitler, of course, predictably saw through to the Rockefeller Faction’s real intensions, and, in 1939, Hitler felt strong enough economically and militarily to attack the Rockefeller Faction’s West first, leaving the East, Eastern Europe and Russia, until later -- until after the ‘Rockefeller Faction’ had been liquidated by Hitler’s Nazis.

To only a little later, as it turned out, as Hitler’s sycophants-flattered ego swelled with a delusion of invincibility.

After World War II, which, to defeat the Nazi state-capitalist Dictatorship, had involved alliance with and massive supply of the Stalinist state-capitalist Dictatorship, the magnitude of the Stalinist threat to ‘Rockefeller Faction’ power had grown many-fold. 

The ‘Rockefeller Faction’ therefore did not feel secure enough to fully break its wartime alliance-of-convenience with the ‘Roosevelt Faction’, until its 1960s coup d’état/assassinations spree, eliminating the leadership of the ‘Roosevelt Faction’.

The ‘Rockefeller Faction’ did not feel secure enough to begin openly campaigning for a roll-back of the Roosevelt Faction’s reforms -- e.g., for the de facto repeal of the “Welfare”, Social Security, Medicare, etc., legislations -- until the overthrow of the Stalinist Dictatorships in East Germany, Eastern Europe, and Russia, circa 1989.

The ‘Rockefeller Faction’ had already begun campaigning for ‘global multi-genocides’ -- ‘‘‘neo-Eugenics’’’ -- under the new code-names of “Ecology” and “The Environment”, “Small is Beautiful”, “Limits to Growth”, “Zero [i.e., Negative] Economic Growth”, “Zero [i.e., Negative] Population Growth”, and “Saving The Planet”, by the use of its massive financial capability to pervert an initially grass roots anti-pollution movement, world wide, into a People Are Pollution crypto-“Eugenics”, omni-“Eugenics” movement.

For more information regarding these Marxian and Seldonian insights, please see:


For partially pictographical, ‘poster-ized’ visualizations of many of these Seldonian insights -- specimens of dialectical art -- see:



Miguel Detonacciones

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‘«IL DUCE» U.S.A.’.


Dear Reader,

This new series, entitled “DOTS” -- as in “connecting the dots” -- is intended to provide you with ‘evidentiary excerpts’ from the many years of research, by Karl Seldon, initially, and, later, by the Foundation, on the ‘‘‘lawful’’’ [as in “law-of-value”-‘‘‘lawful’’’] but secret global agenda and strategy of the ‘descendence phase’ capitalist ruling class.

We plan to present these excerpts here, within this new series, together with their source references, usually without any commentary, by us, as to how we “connect” these “dots”, to give you, our reader, the chance to make your “connections” on your own.

We will, generally, set forth our GLOBAL STRATEGIC HYPOTHESES, giving our version of the interconnections of these “dots”, and our hypotheses to explain these “dots”, elsewhere.  Some of our hypotheses such are already extant in past entries to this blog.

DOTSSeries [as in “connecting the dots”.] -- DOT #9: 

“«Il Duce» U.S.A.” --   

[wikipedia, 27MAR2020,]:  “The Business Plot was a political conspiracy in 1933 in the United States.”

“Retired Marine Corps Major General Smedley Butler revealed that wealthy businessmen were plotting to create a fascist veterans’ organization with Butler as its leader and use it in a coup d'état to overthrow President Franklin D. Roosevelt.”

“In 1934, Butler testified before the United States House of Representatives...“McCormackDickstein Committee”...on these revelations.[1]

“No one was prosecuted.”

At the time of the incidents, news media dismissed the plot, with a New York Times editorial characterizing it as a “gigantic hoax”.[2]

“...most [Ed.:  historians] agree that some sort of plot was discussed.[3][4][5][6].”

Commentary:  Who was behind -- who was bankrolling -- this planned coup d'état?

None other than “the usual suspects” -- the same suspects whose actions have figured again and again in the ‘‘‘DOTS’’’ set forth in this series so far: principally the Rockefellers, the Morgans, and the DuPonts.

I will call this faction of the ruling class ‘The Rockefeller Faction’ for short.  By their manifest ‘hyper-hostility’ to the duly elected government of FDR -- a ‘hyper-hostility’ that was most egregiously revealed via this planned coup d'état -- they also revealed their opposing ruling class faction, which I will call, for short, ‘The Roosevelt Faction’.

This extreme division within the ruling class, between a ‘Rockefeller Faction’ agenda and strategy, and an opposing ‘Roosevelt Faction’ agenda and strategy, is a key and telling phenomenon defining the ‘descendence phase’ of our present social system. 

As to the causation of this split, and of that ‘descendence phase’, I must remain silent for the present, given the limited background that these ‘‘‘DOTS’’’ have so far supplied.  But, in my opinion, ultimately, understanding that causation is the key to understanding every last one of these ‘‘‘DOTS’’’, and to understanding modern history as a whole, as well as the options that we confront for a better future.

In the 2007 edition of his book, originally published in 1973, and entitled The Plot to Seize the Whitehouse:  The Shocking True Story of the Conspiracy to Overthrow FDR, Jules Archer wrote, in the Foreword to that book, as follows --

[pp. ix-x]:  “This is the true story of a remarkable American who, during the early New Deal years, was sought by wealthy plotters in the United States to lead a putsch to overthrow the government and establish an America Fascist dictatorship[Ed.:  i.e., a U.S. version of state-capitalism, Fascist species]  .”

“According to retired Representative John W. McCormick, former Speaker of the House, if the late Major General Smedley Butler of the U. S. Marine Corps had not been a stubborn devotee of democracy, Americans today could conceivably be living under an American Mussolini, Hitler, or Franco.”

“An ironic aspect of the conspiracy General Butler unmasked is that few Americans have ever heard about it... . texts that deal with the New Deal are uniquely silent about the powerful Americans who plotted to seize the White House with a private army, to hold President Franklin D. Roosevelt prisoner, and get rid of him if he refused to serve as their puppet in a dictatorship they planned to impose and control.”

“There is strong evidence to suggest that the conspirators may have been too important politically, socially, and economically to be brought to justice after their scheme had been exposed... .  The largely anti-Roosevelt press of the New Deal era scotched the story as expeditiously as possible by outright suppression, distortion, and attempts to ridicule [Ed.:  and by other attempts to character-assassinate] General Butler... .”

“Former Speaker McCormick told the author, “In peace or war he [Ed.:  General Butler] was one of the outstanding Americans in our history.  I can’t emphasize too strongly the very important part he played in exposing the Fascist plot in the early 1930s backed by and planned by persons possessing tremendous wealth.”

“The crucial events of the plot to seize the White House unfolded between July and November 1933, with hearings before the McCormick-Dickstein Committee begun...on November 20, 1934. ... On February 15, 1935, the committee submitted to the House of Representatives its final report, verifying completely the testimony of General Butler.”

“This book may help break some of the seeds of silence that have kept Americans from knowing the truth about that conspiracy... [as] the first effort to tell the whole story of the plot in sequence and full detail... .”

The following, sequenced excerpts from that book may serve to fill in for you a high-level overview of the Rockefeller Faction’s attempt to create ‘«Il Duce» U.S.A.’ --

[p. 20]:  “Some business leaders envied their counterparts in Italy, who had financed Mussolini’s rise to power [Ed.:  in 1922].  Il Duce’s [“]efficiency[”]...was highly lauded...with dictatorial control of labor unions by his corporate state.”

“Thomas Lamont, a J. P. Morgan partner, praised the dictator for his methods of providing low-paying jobs... .”

[pp. 22-23]:  “Butler received a phone call from...Jerry MacGuire [who] insisted that he had to see the general immediately because he had “something of the utmost importance” to impart.”

“It was August 22, 1934, three days after a German plebiscite had approved vesting sole executive power in Adolf Hitler as führer of Nazi Germany.”

“Shortly before three o’clock, Butler entered the empty hotel, where he found the pudgy bond salesman waiting for him... .  ...McGuire took him [Ed.:  Butler] into the hotel’s empty restaurant, which was not operating for the summer.”

“...McGuire revealed what he had been up to on the Continent during the previous three months.  His backers had sent him abroad to study the role that veterans organizations had bringing about dictatorships.  In Italy MacGuire had found that Mussolini’s real power stemmed from veterans organized in his Black Shirts; they had made him dictator and were the chief protectors of his regime.”

[p. 25]:  “...Thus, at one stroke, the country would be rid of Roosevelt’s misrule... .  McGuire concluded triumphantly, how did the general feel about heading the new “super-organization” that would be the power behind bringing about these sweeping changes?... .  MacGuire revealed that he now had $3 million in working funds and could get $300 million if it were needed.” 

“He added that in about a year Butler would be able to assemble 500,000 veterans, with the expectation that such a show of force would enable the movement to gain control of the just a few days.”

[p. 27]:  “His [Ed.:  Butler’s] reputation for fearless honesty, for speaking his mind bluntly no matter whose corns he trod on, also made him the ideal candidate to sell the plotters’ propaganda to the nation’s veterans... .  It explained why MacGuire had refused to take No for an answer, counting on his [Ed.:  MacGuire’s] persuasive powers as a bond salesman to break down Butler’s sales him into the plot with the biggest bribe ever offered to any American -- become first dictator of the United States.”

[p. 28]:  “MacGuire left no doubt in his [Ed.:  Butler’s] mind that the nation’s biggest financiers were, indeed, involved.  According to the bond salesman, there had been a meeting in Paris to decide upon the selection of the man to head the superorganization.  MacGuire and his group had held out for Butler, but the Morgan interests distrusted the general as “too radical”, preferring Douglas MacArthur instead.”

[pp. 30-33]:  “Even as Butler brooded over the affair and wondered what to do about it, another of MacGuire’s uncannily accurate predictions materialized two weeks after their talk.”

“In September, 1934, the press announced the formation of a new organization, the American Liberty League, by discontented captains of industry and finance.  They announced their objectives as “to combat radicalism, to teach...respect for the rights, and generally to foster free private enterprise.” ”

“Denouncing the New Deal, they attacked Roosevelt for “fomenting class hatred” by using such terms as “unscrupulous money changers”, “economic royalists”, and “the privileged princes of the new economic dynasties”.” ”

“Butler was now genuinely alarmed.  For the first time it dawned on him that if the American Liberty League was, indeed, the “superorganization” behind the plot that it seemed to be, the country’s freedom was in genuine peril.  Such money and power as the men behind the League possessed could easily mobilize a thinly disguised Fascist army from the ranks of the jobless, embittered veterans, and do what Mussolini had done in Italy with the financial support of the Italian plutocracy.”

“Convinced that the democracy he cherished was in genuine danger, he steeled himself for the ordeal of public mockery and humiliating attacks that he knew would follow his exposure of the conspiracy.”

[p. 160]:  “The American Liberty league...had brokerage head Grayson M.-P. Murphy as its treasurer and Robert S. Clark as one of its financiers... .  Its contributors included representatives of the Morgan, DuPont, Rockefeller, Pew, and Mellon interests.  Directors of the League included Al Smith and John J. Raskob [Ed.:  of DuPont].  The League later formed affiliations with pro-Fascist, antilabor and anti-Semitic organizations.”

[p. 228]:  “[other] Directors of the League were identified as also being directors of U. S. Steel, General Motors, Standard Oil, Chase National Bank, Goodyear Tire, and Mutual Life Insurance Company.”

[p. 243]:  “John L. Spivak, author of the book Europe Under Terror, wrote, about the aftermath of the Congressional investigation of this anti-Roosevelt Faction’s [i.e., this Rockefeller/Morgan/DuPont/... Faction’s] planned coup d'état, that:  “What was behind the plot was shrouded in a silence which has not been broken to this day. ... Even a generation later, those who are still alive and know all the facts have kept their silence so well that the conspiracy is not even a footnote in American histories.  It would be regrettable if historians neglected this episode and future generations of Americans never heard of it.”

[p. 244]:  “If we remember Major General Smedley Darlington Butler for nothing else, we owe him an eternal debt of gratitude for spurning the chance to become dictator of the United States -- and for making damned sure no one else did either.”

Commentary:  General Butler’s revelations clearly quashed the initial Rockefeller Faction plan to overthrow the Roosevelt Faction.  However, had the Rockefeller Faction still had a choice, I think that they would have rapidly mounted for a new coup attempt against Roosevelt’s government.
But, once again, ~1939, their “tune” changed.  The Rockefeller Faction seems to have decided that they needed the Roosevelt Faction’s regime to mobilize American workers for the invasion of Europe and the defeat of Nazi Germany, to save the Rockefeller Faction from the “Frankenstein Monster” in the form of the Nazi “Eugenics” regime that they had created, but that had turned against them.  
The Nazi regime had turned, from being their ‘Servant-Dictatorship’, to being a ‘Franken-dictatorship’ hell-bent on “liquidating” their former, Rockefeller Faction masters, and on conquering the entire world for themselves, wresting its control from the Rockefeller Faction, and exterminating those Rockefeller Faction world rulers as if those former rulers were themselves nothing but “Eugenic Defectives”.

So, again I ask, what was it that signaled so singularly to the Rockefeller Faction, in ~1939, that their former Nazi ‘Servant Dictatorship’ had turned into a ‘Franken-Dictatorship’?  The invasion of Poland?
I don’t think so!

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