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‘The Marxian Singularity’.

The Marxian Singularity.

Dear Readers,

In the Grundrisse manuscripts, as well as elsewhere, Karl Marx wrote about the way in which fixed capital is the ‘epitomeous’ form of capital, coming to dominate capital-mass in the epoch of the ‘“real domination”’ or “real subsumption” of the labor process by capital, the epoch that begins with a prevalence of the “relative surplus-value” form of surplus-value production, and which Seldon also identifies as the “descendence phase” of the capitalist system.  Marx also wrote there about how fixed capital lawfully tends to develop into an automatic system of machinery, as the incarnation and objectification of the very essence of “the capital-relation” itself in the shape of the physical embodiment of capital as fixed capital.

In the third volume of «Das Kapital», Marx wrote of what Seldon calls The Marxian Singularity, and which others have termed The Automation Crisis, in these words --

A development of the productive forces [M.D.:  E.g., a penultimate level of growth of industrial productivity via automation] which would diminish the absolute number of laborers, i.e., enable the entire nation to accomplish its total production in a shorter time-span would cause a revolution [and would thus also constitute an historical boundary, a productive force upper bound and limit, of the capitals-system; an end of the very possibility of the continuing the capitals-system; of the capital social-relation-of-production as predominating social relation of social reproduction -- M.D.] because it would put the bulk of the population out of the running.

[Karl Marx, Capital, volume III, The Process of Capitalist Production as a Whole, International Publishers Co., Inc. [NY:  1967], p. 263, bold italic shadowed emphasis added by M.D.].

It might be instructive, as a “thought-experiment”, to note what happens in the ‘Marxian ratios’ -- the “dimensionless” value proportions central to the Marxian “law of value”, and to the Marxian theory of the capitalist system as a whole -- in a scenario characterized by an extremity of automation.  Such a scenario would be modeled “in the limit” as “Variable capital-value”, V -- the aggregate of the values of wages or of living human labor-power commodities purchased to form part of “productive capital” -- goes to 0.

A.  Let us first apply this limit-process to the Marxian value-profit-rate ratio -- the ratio that resides at the very heart of Marx’s theory of the historical dynamics and ‘meta-dynamics’ [Seldon] of “the capital relation”, and of its lawful fate -- in its “purely”-quantitative, classical form:

lim    .      S    .       =   .  0  .       =   0
V --> 0    
          (C + V)           C

-- wherein S goes to zero together with V, because no “necessary labor” also means no “surplus-labor”, hence no “surplus-value”, S, hence no net “surplus-value”, S.  And no net “surplus-value” means no profit, hence, before long, no capitalism.

It is also interesting to see what happens in this V --> 0 limit to that form of the Marxian value-profit-rate ratio which arises by multiplying both the denominator and the numerator of the ratio as given above by 1 in the form of ((1/V)/(1/V)) -- the form in which both the “organic composition of capital” ratio, C/V, and the (net) “rate of surplus-value” ratio, (S/V), figure explicitly, as ‘sub-ratios’ --

lim    .      (S/V)     .       =   .      oo      .       =  . oo .
V --> 0    
           ((C/V) + 1)            (oo + 1)              oo

 =  ‘“indeterminate”’.

We might visualize this scenario-idealization, of ‘automation extremity’, as one in which --

*     All agental production work, which no longer figures as “living [human] labor”, is performed by AI ‘‘‘Android Robots’’’, whose costs of reproduction do not figure as V, but might, rather, be assimilated to C, or;

*     All such production work, which, again, no longer figures as “living [human] labor”, is performed by genomically re-engineered ‘meta-humans’, whose costs of reproduction therefore also no longer figure as V, or;

*      All such production work, which, again, no longer figures as “living [human] labor”, is performed by ‘hybrid meta-humans’, that combine genomically re-engineered genotypes with implants/artificial body-parts [i.e., ‘‘‘prosthetics’’’] originally developed for Android Robots, i.e., by ‘‘‘Cyborgs’’’, whose costs of reproduction thus also no longer figure as V.

-- or by combinations of the three cases described above.

The above, “infinity over infinity”, “indeterminate” result arises from the outcome that both the (C/V)  ‘sub-ratio’, in the denominator, and the (S/V) ‘sub-ratio’, in the numerator, “become infinite” in the limit as V goes to 0, due to divisions by zero, in terms of such calculations as are available in standard, “purely”-quantitative “Real” arithmetic, as augmented by the “limit” operation and by the non-standard "infinity" symbol ‘oo’ --

lim    . C .       =   . C .      =  oo
V --> 0    
            V           0

-- and --

lim    . S.       =   . S.      =  oo .
V --> 0    
            V            0

B.  Let us next apply this limit-process to the Marxian value-profit-rate in its Seldonian, ‘qualo-quantitative’ or ‘quanto-qualitative” form, as that form arises through ontological and metrical ‘re-qualification’ of ‘‘‘quantifiers’’’, by ontological and metrical ‘arithmetical qualifier’ factors or coefficients, in the seventh ‘arithmetic for dialectic’ in the “slow version” of the Seldonian ‘‘‘systematic-dialectical’’’ method of presentation of the axioms-systems of the Seldonian ‘arithmetics for dialectic’, as a dialectical categorial progression of axioms-systems’ categories:  [forthcoming].

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“The Concept of Capital” According to Marx.

The Concept of Capital According to Marx.

Dear Readers,

Marx’s Grundrisse manuscript in particular is peppered with passages such as the following [emphases added], referring to “the concept of capital” --

The exact development of the concept of capital [is] necessary, since it [is] the fundamental concept of modern economics, just as capital itself, whose abstract, reflected image [is] its concept [dessen abstraktes Gegenbild sein Begriff], [is] the foundation of bourgeois society.  The sharp formulation of the basic presuppositions of the relation must bring out all the contradictions of bourgeois production, as well as the boundary where it drives beyond itself. [p. 331].

... (3) Looked at precisely, that is, the realization process of capital -- and money becomes capital only through the realization process -- appears at the same time as its devaluation process [Entwertungs-prozess], its demonetization.  And this in two respects.  First, to the extent that capital does not increase absolute labor-time but rather decreases the relative, necessary labor time, by increasing the force of production, to that extent does it reduce the costs of its own production -- in so far as it was presupposed as a certain sum of commodities, reduces its exchange value:  one part of the capital on hand is constantly devalued owing to a decrease in the costs of production at which it can be reproduced;  not because of a decrease in the amount of labor objectified in it, but because of a decease in the amount of living labor which it is henceforth necessary to objectify in this specific product.  This constant devaluation of the existing capital does not belong here, since it already presupposes capital as completed.  It is merely to be noted here in order to indicate how later developments are already contained in the general concept of capital.  Belongs in the doctrine of the concentration and competition of capitals. [p. 402-403].

The tendency to create the world market is directly given in the concept of capital itself. [p. 408].

( ... Conceptually, competition is nothing other than the inner nature of capital, its essential character, appearing in and realized as the reciprocal interaction of many capitals with one another, the inner tendency as external necessity.)  Capital exists and can only exist as many capitals, and its self-determination therefore appears as their reciprocal interaction with one another). [p. 413-414].

It belongs to the concept of capital that the increased productive force of labor is posited rather     as the increase of a force [Kraft] outside itself, and as labors own debilitation [Entkräftung].  The hand tool      makes the worker independent -- posits him as proprietor.  Machinery -- as fixed capital -- posits him as          dependent, posits him as appropriated.  This effect of machinery holds only in so far as it is cast into the role of fixed capital, and this it is only because the worker relates to it as wage-worker, and [Ed.:  as] the active individual generally, as mere worker. [p. 702].

Some of these assertions -- particularly those like the fourth quote above -- may ring with tones reminiscent of Platonian idealism, as if an “immaterial” «eidos» controls the manifestations of physical and sensuous phenomena, from “behind”, “within”, and/or “above” them, from some “transcendental” realm of eternal, immutable, intangible, Parmenidean «eide».

But we hold that Marx’s “concept of capital” is neither a Platonian «eidos» nor a Hegelian-mystical, reified, subject-object inverted «Begriff».

Yes, Marx was coming to the study of the world-market capitalist system, and to the immanent critique of the ideology-compromised science of classical political economy, from the background of his earlier immanent critique of Hegelian/capitalist philosophical ideology. 

But the positive fruition of that immanent critique of Hegelian/capitalist ideology was what Seldon calls a ‘psychohistorical-materialist dialectical theory’ of human concepts in general, and of “the concept of capital” in particular, via a view which dialectically synthesized the scientifically-serviceable portions of the ideologies of French mechanical materialism [abstract ‘matter-ism’], and German classical idealism [denial of objective materiality].

Per that view, a “concept” such as Marx’s “concept of capital” must be a scientific one, embracing and unifying the totality of the empirical appearances of its object -- including even the obscure, little-known, or seldom-experienced of such appearances.  Such a Marxian, dialectical “concept” is no arbitrary construct.  To be “correct”, it must comprehensively explain, in a unifying way, all of the known empirical manifestations of the reality that it conceptualizes.  Regarding the case in point, human beings actively construct, produce, and reproduce the capital social-relation of societal self-reproduction, even if not with full consciousness or intent,  and they are beings which have the genomic potentiality to form ideas, potential “concepts”, e.g., about their own praxis in so constructing, producing, and reproducing.  The “correct” concept of capital, at least for a given historical moment, is that unique conceptualization of the capitalist experience of humanity that comprehends the totality of that experience. 

Such a “concept” can only be arrived at via relentless scientific criticism of the vast variety of deficient ideas of the global capitals-system that initially arise, and that continue to arise, some reflecting the “inverted” experience, and the ‘concrete mystification’, that the capital-praxis entails, and some reflecting deliberate attempted mystifications by the intellectual prostitutes and con-men of the capitalist ruling classes.

The formation of this “concept” of Marxian, dialectical “concepts” may be facilitated by recourse to an example from the “natural” sciences:  the example of the “concept” of “gravity”.

Newton’s breakthrough theory of “gravitational force” has been, and continues to be, enormously serviceable in calculations and predictions of the gravitational dynamics of massive bodies.

However, there are “appearances” of “gravitational force” which contradict the Newtonian expectations and calculations.

Such is the “appearance” of the shift of the perihelion of the planet Mercury in its orbitings of our Sun, that is unexplained by Newton’s model of gravity.  Einstein’s General Relativity theory of gravity was able to explain almost all of that discrepancy.

Another such is the measurable gravitational bending of the trajectories of light-rays as they pass in sufficient proximity to sufficiently-massive objects, such as stars.  Again, Einstein’s General Relativity ‘non-force’ theory of the gravitational field predicts accurately such bending.  Newton’s theory of gravity-force does not.

So, it might seem, Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity constructs the valid scientific “concept of gravity”, whereas Newton’s concept of gravitational force is deficient.

However, Einstein’s model of gravity goes into division-by-zero-“singularity” failure-mode when attempting to explain the appearances/phenomena of the “total gravitational collapse” of sufficiently massive objects, e.g., of stars.  Scientists who cling to General relativity Theory at this point of its breakdown, start mysticizing about physical actual infinities, e.g., of mass-density and of infinitesimal volume, supposedly existing at the core of such collapsed stars -- “black holes”.  

The F.E.D. hypothesis is that “black holes” contain a thoroughly finite form of mass-energy substance, beyond the “degenerate” matter of “white dwarf” stars, and beyond even the ‘‘‘neutronium’’’ of “neutron stars”, which we call ‘holonium’. 

If the Einstein General Relativity equations are mapped into the Seldonian seventh, or ‘Mu’, dialectical calculus, and thus ‘re-qualified’ by arithmetical ontological qualifier ‘meta-numeral’ factors/coefficients, and also by metrical qualifier ‘meta-numeral’ factors/coefficients, then their infinite collapse division-by-zero “singularity” yields, instead of any aphysical value of infinity, the Mu ‘meta-numerical’ value of full zero, which signifies that the -- quite finite -- outcome of such “gravitational collapse”, involves an ontological category of “mass-energy” which cannot be described in the mathematical language of Einstein’s General Relativity theory, e.g., given the restricted “ontological commitments”, and relatively abstract ‘descriptivity’ of that language.

Moreover, Einstein’s General Relativity theory fails to jibe with Quantum Mechanics, which is a huge problem for which both General Relativity Theory and the ideology of Quantum Mechanics are likely both to blame, even though the gravitational interactions of quantum mechanical “particles”, due to their minimal masses, are “negligible” in magnitude.

Thus, still, despite many centuries of effort, it appears that humanity has yet to arrive at the “concept of gravity” in the Marxian, scientific, dialectical meaning of the term “concept”, or “category”.

Moreover, we see that the Marxian “concept of capital” -- even given its unprecedentedly advanced character -- is in need of improvement, especially in the light of certain phenomena of capitalism that Marx did not live long enough to experience.

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Late Capitalism LAWFULLY Destroys Democracy.

 Late Capitalism LAWFULLY Destroys Democracy -- 

Descendence-Phase Capitalism Lawfully Destroys the Very Freedoms that Ascendence-Phase Capitalism Championed.  GLOBAL STRATEGIC HYPOTHESES.

Dear Readers,

Late Capitalism inherently -- lawfully and predictably, via the Marxian breakthrough in human-social science -- destroys democracy, human rights, and working class/“middle class” prosperity.

It does so, first of all, as a result of the vast, e.g., “Mergers and Acquisitions”-driven, hyper-concentration, consolidation, and centralization of capital-ownership in ever fewer hands.  This enables a tiny minority of plutocratic families to overcome the political “checks and balances” of modern democracies, by “buying out” --prostituting -- the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial branches of political government, via “lobbying” -- legalized bribery -- as well as via other, more direct forms of money-power-based control of key government officials.
It does so, even far more so, as a result of a deep split in the capitalist ruling class, a split provoked by the ‘technodepreciation’/profit-rate-fall ‘meta-dynamic’ that drives the descendence-phase of capitalism, and that constitutes capitalism’s fundamental flaw:  that the growth of the social forces of production, driven by the capitalist profit-motive itself, beyond a definite stage in the concentrated accumulation of the capital-value of fixed-capital plant and equipment, destroys more capital-value than it creates.
Thereby, further growth in the social forces of production threatens the legacy capitalist ruling class of the geographical core of the capitalist system with overthrow, due to complete “moral depreciation” of the capital assets that base their economic, hence also their political, power, by upstart capitalists wielding the latest, most technologically-advanced, most-productive vintages of capital plant and equipment, both at home, in the present capitalist geographical core, of, e.g., Germany, France, Britain, and the U.S., and in geographical “semi-periphery” of that core.  The latter was converted, for many decades, and, in part, still, by the Rockefeller Faction of the capitalist ruling class, into the “Third World” characterized by Rockefeller-subservient, industrialization-suppressing military dictatorships, by mass human rights violation, and by mass murder.
The above states the essence of the ‘Marx-Orwell-Seldon Law’ -- ‘The Political-Economic Law of Motion of Modern Society’ -- that we have expounded throughout this blog.
This Law predicts that one main faction of the capitalist ruling class -- once that class realizes the full implications and the full reality of the ‘technodepreciation’/profit-rate-fall ‘meta-dynamic’ -- will ally with the rising social class, acquiescing in the global ascendancy of a vast, high-technical-composition-of-labor global working/middle class, and the relative decline in power of their own, capitalist, class, seeking to perpetuate their power no longer so much by economic as by political ascendency advantages, and by leading and serving the interests and welfare of the rising class -- of the majority of humanity.  Such was the faction of Franklin Roosevelt, and, later, of John Kennedy and Robert Kennedy, until their ascendency was ended by the Rockefeller faction’s coup d’état.
This Law also predicts that the other, Roosevelt-faction-opposing faction of the capitalist ruling class will wage war against the further growth of the social forces of production, and, in so doing, will become ‘humanocidal’, seeking ultimately to exterminate “95%” of the human race, and seeking totalitarian state-capitalist police-state/state-terrorist dictatorships world-wide, a la Orwell’s prophecy in his novel 1984.   That faction will do so in order to position themselves with capability to carry out that global ‘humanocide’, and to “return” humanity to a neo-crypto-feudal order, with a small, easily-terrorized population of de-educated, GMO-servile slaves and serfs, with an even smaller corps of somewhat-more-pampered technician-servants, all, of course, in the name of “[people-are-pollution] ecology” and of “saving the planet” [i.e., of saving Rockefeller power].  For more about this prediction, and its fulfillment to date, see --

The fulfillment of this Law’s prediction began with the Rockefeller funding, including via the help of new recruits to their ‘Lower Plutocracy Servant Family’ cadres, such as Prescott Bush, the founder of the Bush Crime Family -- and their design, promulgation, and global promotion of Malthusian “Eugenics”, of the Hitler “Eugenics” Regime in Germany, of the Hitler “Eugenics” Concentration Camps, of the “General Plan East” and “Operation Barbarossa” plans that they drafted for Hitler -- designed too enslave and then to exterminate the Slavic peoples of Eastern Europe and Russia -- as well as with the Rockefeller installation of other Fascist dictatorships -- Franco, Salazar, Mussolini, Horthy, Hirohito-Tojo, etc. -- worldwide, in the 1930s, in the wake of their, ‘bubble-engineered’, ‘Global Great Depression I’.
This fulfillment was then paused by the turn of Rockefeller ‘Servant-Dictator’ Hitler into a ‘Franken-Dictator’, when, in 1939, he disobeyed Rockefeller orders, signing a “Peace Pact” with Stalin, rather than invading Russia as he was assigned to do.
Hitler, together with the state-capitalist Nazi State, form the publicly-known face of the most hideous Crime Regime in human history -- of the Concentration Camp mass murders, of the “General Plan East” atrocities and preparations to enslave, then exterminate, the entire populations of Eastern Europe and Western Russia, of the ultra-sadistic, ultra-perverted, ultra-sociopathic ideology of “Eugenics”.  But it should always be remembered that ‘the face behind that face’ is the face of the Rockefeller Faction -- ‘Global Mass Murder Incorporated’ -- and though the Hitler regime was liquidated in ~1945, the Rockefeller faction, that spawned Hitler, etc., IS STILL IN POWER, and still operating their new, “People Are Pollution”/“Global Warming” Austerity version of their “Eugenics” PLANETARY “General Plan” for Global ‘Humanocide’ [even if that Rockefeller Faction has been slowed down, recently, by the counter-attack of the ‘Trump Faction’].

The Rockefeller’s had to drop, temporarily, their plans for a world-wide system of Fascist dictatorships, all under their thumbs, and, in order to save themselves from their Hitler ‘‘‘Frankenstein Monster’’’, to allow the U.S. to ally with Stalinist Russia, a rival dictatorship, also seeking world domination, and thereby threatening the Rockefeller’s plan for their global system of [Orwellian] Fascist dictatorships, until the defeat of the Hitler ‘Franken-Dictatorship’ in 1945.
But then, an alliance-strengthened Stalinist rival thwarted any return, by the Rockefellers, to their plan for a global system of ‘humanocidal’ dictatorships, until the fall of Russian and Eastern European Stalinism in 1989.
Since then, the Rockefeller faction has been struggling to put its ‘humanocidal’ plan “back on track”.  They can no longer openly push their old, “Eugenics” ideology, which was globally discredited as part of the defeat of their Hitler monster, and by the post-war revelation of the “goings-on” at Hitler’s ‘Rockefeller-Eugenics’ Camps.  So they developed and permeated the world with their “People Are Pollution”, “[pseudo-]Ecology” ideology as a substitute for that “Eugenics” ideology.
The present version of the Rockefeller ‘Humanocidal’ Plan is ‘ “Global Warming” Global Austerity’, e.g., pushing up working/middle class monthly utility bills to more than $4,000.00 per month, via “Carbon Taxes”, etc., leading to mass homelessness, “martial law”, “temporary”, “emergency” dictatorship, FEMA “protective custody” camps in the U.S., and homologous developments in other, e.g., European countries, morphing quickly into Hitler-style concentration/extermination camps, plus outbreaks of ‘The Eric Pianka Plague’ -- an aerosol-spread, GMO version of the Ebola virus in those countries slated for complete depopulation, including China, Russia, all of Africa, and Latin America.
In summary:  Late Capitalism inherently -- lawfully and predictably, via the Marxian breakthrough in human-social science -- destroys democracy, human rights, and working class/“middle class” prosperity.

In fact, late capitalism will destroy the human species entire -- apart from “Populist” intervention, which Late Capitalism also, tendentially, provokes, owing to the deterioration of life conditions, e.g., in the U.S., the U.K., and continental Europe ever since the Rockefeller coup d’état against the Roosevelt faction, beginning November 22, 1963.
That “Populist” intervention has begun to appear -- e.g., in the massive, rage-driven popularity that led to the recent ascendancy of the ‘Trump faction’ of the capitalist ruling class, vis-a-vis the Rockefeller Faction, which has, before and since the election of Trump to the U.S. Presidency, mounted a massive Mass Media Civil War against the Trump Faction, one of unrelenting, daily character assassination, etc.
The Trump presidency, and the rise to state power of his ‘crypto-Roosevelt Faction’ of ‘pseudo-Republicans’, has already resulted in a tendential re-industrialization of the United States economy, and to a rise in real wages and in majority living standards for the first time after decades of Rockefeller Rule/“Invisible Dictatorship”, de-industrialization, and U.S. working class immiseration and decimation. 
This has the Rockefellers “worried” -- peeing their pants.  They can’t allow the U.S. working class to get a taste of improving life conditions for much longer, lest they lose control entirely of a populace no longer duped by their ‘eco-poverty’, “save the planet” austerity preachings.
That “Populist” intervention has also begun to appear in Europe, in the relentless campaign of the populist ‘Yellow-Vests’ against the ‘Carbon Taxes/“Global Warming” Austerity’ impositions of Rockefeller-Whore Macron.
¿Will Rockefeller ‘humanocide’ prevail?
¿Or will the majority of humanity prevail, saving both the human species and the planet from Rockefeller ruin?

For more information regarding, and for [further] instantiations of, these Seldonian insights, please see --


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