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‘Rocke-Nazi’ Stealth ‘Humanocide’: Maternal Mortality Rate DOUBLES in the United States -- GLOBAL STRATEGIC HYPOTHESES.

Rocke-Nazi Stealth Humanocide:  Official Maternal Mortality Rate DOUBLES in the United States -- GLOBAL STRATEGIC HYPOTHESES.

Dear Readers,

GLOBAL STRATEGIC HYPOTHESES:  The [so-called] “Scientific” American magazine, having long ago prostituted itself to the Rocke-Nazi Plutocracy, and to their strategy of ‘‘‘Eugenocidal’’’, ‘“people are pollution’’’ population reduction, and of reversal of the historic growth of the social forces of production in general, including protracted reduction in the standards of living of the U. S. working class in particular, as well as of the world working class entire -- of course, all on pious [PSEUDO-]“ecological” grounds -- recently found itself having to make a most uncomfortable admission, and to try to defuse that admission in a most clumsy and contrived fashion. 

In a 08 June 2015 on-line posting, “Scientific” “American” wrote as follows -- “statistics in recent years have revealed a worrisome trend:  the rate of maternal mortality in the U.S. has more than doubled in the past few decades. Whereas 7.2 women died per 100,000 births in 1987, that number swelled to 17.8 deaths per 100,000 live births in 2009 and 2011. The uptick occurred even as maternal mortality dropped in less-developed settings around the world. Now women giving birth in the U.S. are at a higher risk of dying than those giving birth in China or Saudi Arabia. The reason for this disturbing trend has eluded researchers, however.”

The Huffington Post, in a 19 June 2015 on-line posting, offered a rather more honest assessment of this disgusting and inexcusable catastrophe --

American maternal mortality rates rose over a 20-year period at a rate that places the U.S. in the company of war-torn countries like Afghanistan and impoverished nations like Chad and Swaziland, according to a new report.”

“The findings were recently published in the Lancet by the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation, a global health research center at the University of Washington. They comprise over 20 years of maternal health data from around the globe. The report shows that there are 18.5 maternal deaths per 100,000 live births in the U.S., up from 12.4 deaths per 100,000 births in 1990.”

“Dr. Nicholas Kassebaum, the lead author of the study and a pediatric anesthesiologist at Seattle Children's Hospital, said the findings show that America has a long way to go when it comes to identifying and caring for women at risk of pregnancy-related complications.”

“ "In the global context, yes -- the United States has a low maternal mortality rate," Kassebaum told The Huffington Post. "But we rank 60th in the world, and below virtually every other developed nation. We're close to triple the rate of the U.K. and eight times that of Iceland, the world's leader." ”

“What is it about the U.S. that makes pregnancy more deadly?”

“It all comes down to health care access ... the pitfalls and perils of trying to gain access to affordable care in the U.S. compared to other nations.” []

OUR HYPOTHESIS.  Ironically, and in a way in which the Huffington Post writer no doubt never intended, in her comparison of the U. S. maternal death rate to those of “war torn countries”, the U. S. too is a ‘“war torn country”’. 

But the ‘‘‘war’’’ that is tearing the U.S. apart is a somewhat -- to some eyes -- invisible war, a stealth war of ‘humanocide’, against the U. S. working class, and, indeed, against “the 99%” of the people of the United States entire, by the Rocke-Nazi ‘‘‘invisible dictatorship’’’. 

The rising U. S. maternal death rates, we hypothesize, are just one more outcome of that stealth humanocide.

The Rocke-Nazis, as they converge toward their planned global, humanocidaldictatorship, seem to fear the people of the United States more than any other people. 

They seem to be quite self-assured that their state-capitalist ‘partner-dictatorships’, and their state-capitalist ‘servant-dictatorships’, that impose low-wage near-slavery upon their local working classes, elsewhere in the world -- especially in state-capitalist China, and even in their newest ‘partner-dictatorship’:  state-capitalist Cuba! -- can keep their people down, quite reliably, as well as that the burgeoning EU dictatorship, which is, e.g., murdering Greece, the original home of democracy, and in which unconstitutional police-state surveillance legislation, legalizing universal human rights violating practices that rival those of the U. S. NSA, are passing apace, can, using Greece as a model, grind down the rest of the European peoples into servile submission, and into even-further-accelerated “population reduction”. [For more about the global demographic decline that the stealth humanocide program of the Rocke-Nazishas already achieved, see Jonathan V. Last, What To Expect When No One’s Expecting, Encounter Books, 2013, which is one of the few recent books to analyze this demographic debacle, though it is also, unfortunately, marred by various right-wind delusions].

However, when it comes to the people of the U.S. -- who seem, to superficial observation, to be perhaps the most deluded and “dumbed-down” of all among the global “sheeple” -- the Rocke-Nazishave embarked upon the most comprehensive and coordinated multi-vectored stealth humanocideattack in their whole horrific history.

By ‘de-industrializing’ the U.S., hemorrhaging U.S. manufacturing jobs to their state-capitalist, low-wage,  near-slavery ‘servant-dictatorships’ abroad, thereby de-unionizing, unemploying’, and impoverishing the U. S. working class so that more and more U. S. workers cannot afford nutritious real foods, healthy residential environments, or basic medical care; by denying the universal health care access that is standard in the rest of the “First World”; by formulating and promoting deadly-bacteria-infested, obesity-inducing, diabetes-inducing, heart-disease-inducing, cancer-inducing, and dementia-inducing pseudo-foods and dietary policies; by engineering and mass-prescribing deadly designer-side-effects-inducing pseudo-medicines, and by “treating” the resulting, engineered-in side-effects cascades with ever more prescriptions of further designer-side-effects-inducing pseudo-medicines, and by further inducing exponentially-rising autism and dementia epidemics [with autism afflicting 1 in 110 U. S. children as of 2009; see graph below] in part, via adulterated vaccines, laced with squalene, to “over-rev” the recipients’ immune systems, inducing auto-immune diseases, and with thiomersal, to impose Mercury-poisoning on those recipients, and with cancer-causing formaldehyde, and with viruses, including those causing the paralyzing Guillain-Barre' syndrome, the Rocke-Nazishave mounted a withering assault on the cognitive powers, the powers to resist the rising Rocke-Nazidictatorship, and the very survival, of the American people --

That the Rocke-Nazisstill feel they still must conduct these mass murders in ‘‘‘stealth’’’ mode, means that humanity still has a fighting chance to rid itself of the Rocke-Nazi Pest[ilence]’ -- if enough of us wake up, and take pro-humanity ACTION, in time!



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The Opening Sentence of Marx’s Das Kapital.

Full Title:

The Opening Sentence of Marxs «Das Kapital»

and the Seldonian -- Meta-Pythagorean’ -- ‘Universal Theory of «Arithmoi»’.





Dear Readers,

From time to time, I like to share with you some of the gems of insight that leap from out of the ‘‘‘multilogues’’’, among Karl Seldon and other members of the Foundation, and from the transcribed versions, published internally, including of those ‘‘‘multilogues’’’ in which I did not happen to participate, when and if those [edited] transcripts are cleared for public sharing by the Foundations General Council.

Below is an excerpt from the transcript of a recent such ‘‘‘multilogue’’’. 


The content of this ‘‘‘multilogue’’’ extract should be grasped in the light of previous content presented here, regarding the F.E.D. Meta-Pythagorean Proposition, and Universal Theory of «Arithmoi»’ --,Definition,Plate_1_of_3,The_Seldonian_Synthesis_of_Ancient_Arithmoi_Theory_and_Modern_Arithmetic_Theory,02NOV2014.jpg,Definition,Plate_2_of_3,The_Seldonian_Synthesis_of_Ancient_Arithmoi_Theory_and_Modern_Arithmetic_Theory,02NOV2014.jpg,Definition,Plate_3_of_3,The_Seldonian_Synthesis_of_Ancient_Arithmoi_Theory_and_Modern_Arithmetic_Theory,02NOV2014.jpg.










[Karl Seldon]: 
... For example, the global capitalist system is, from one fundamental point of view, an «arithmos» of commodity units [later, in a systematic-dialectical, categorial-progression presentation of such, seen, after the progressive evocation of somewhat greater explicitude, to consist, primarily, of units of the commodity-CAPITALs category, qKC [---) q5] -- a ‘‘‘number’’’ of commodities in the ancient sense, i.e., an assemblage of qualitative units, or «monads», each of which is an individual commodity, but also in the modern sense, that of an exact abstract “number” which represents the global census of commodities, e.g., at/for a given instant of historical time.”


However, that exact “number” of commodities, in the modern sense, may not be known with certainty, for any given instant of historical time -- may never be so known -- and need not be so known, e.g., for the presentation of Marx’s scientific theory of the global, world-market, capitals-system. 


That exact numerosity, that precise count, can remain indefinite -- a generic, ‘‘‘indefinite number’’’, never specified -- without that condition detracting from that presentation one iota!


It is the characteristics, the qualities, that all such units share in common, that is important, for connoting, and for knowing the essence of, the category, or the concept, that Marx named commodities [qC = C [---) q1].


Of course, in the course of his systematic, critical presentation of the global, world-market, capitals-system, Marx goes on to show that, and to show how, this concrete/qualitative ‘‘‘number’’’, or assemblage, of commodities exists in systematic interconnexion to/with other such concrete/qualitative ‘‘‘numbers’’’, assemblages, or «arithmoi».


E.g., the capitals category is also, from various points-of-view, an «arithmos» of monetary units [qCC =  qM  =  M [---) q2], and an «arithmos» of [abstract, and of concrete] labor hour units, and an «arithmos»  of individual capital units, etc.


Marx wrote, in his Preface to the first German edition of Capital, volume I, as follows, about his choice of the «arché» category, or starting category, for his systematic-dialectical, categorial-progression presentation of the modern, present, capitalist, system of human-social reproduction --  


“ bourgeois society the commodity-form of the product of labour -- or the value-form of the commodity -- is the economic cell-form.” [Karl Marx, Capital I, NW, 1867, p. 8].



The opening sentence of that same masterpiece of critical human-social science, of that same ‘‘‘immanent critique’’’ of ideology-contaminated science, and of that pioneering work of psychohistorical meta-science, conveys this concrete/qualitative ‘‘‘number’’’ character -- this «arithmos» character -- of the opening category of its categorial progression, or progression of «arithmoi»’, in the following words -- 


“The wealth of those societies in which the capitalist mode of production prevails, presents itself as “an immense accumulation of commodities,”1 its unit being a single commodity.”


1 Karl Marx, “Zur Kritik der Politischen Oekonomie.” Berlin, 1859, p. 3.”












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Marxian Dialectics: New Dialogue, Exchange #2.

Dear Readers,

The transcript of "Exchange #2" in a new, 'multi-exchange' dialogue on extended Marxian Dialectics, has recently been posted to the website, as a new entry within Aoristos's Blog.

I have also posted the -- very rich and thorough! -- question that opens this second exchange here, below, for your convenience.


Miguel Detonacciones,
Member, F.E.D.,
Officer, F.E.D. Office of Public Liaison

Exchange #2:  Dialogue on F.E.D. Dialectics.  29MAY2015.

I1 Q #2:
I think the first response many people would have to this interesting string of ideas, is disbelief.  It seems reasonable that humanity is poised on a precipice, and that both development into a more unified global culture or a fall into chaos or even oblivion are definite possibilities.  But the comparison with the kind of mathematical precision possessed by the fictional foundation in Asimov's novels would seem to be a stretch, based on what we know of in contemporary science.  
Concordantly, when many people hear Marx used in this predictive context, there is also a rather strong reaction coming from popular generalizations about his failure to properly understand the complexity of the historical process, and perhaps his inability to accurately foresee his own effect on the very revolutionary process he was predicting.  Even for many people not averse to Marx or Marxist analysis, it is common to say he was a good diagnostician but not a great prognostician.

So how is it your method and prognostications are able to be more accurate and certain, not only more than Marx, but more than what is perceived to be possible in the social sciences of our day?  Or do I misunderstand you?  Is precise prediction and intervention with a mind to push us to a more favorable probable future more of a metaphor, where the emphasis is really on transformation to a more qualitatively different possible future, and therefore not literally a matter of exact predictive science?
Is qualitative transformation, what has been historically associated with ontological concepts of emergence and mathematical concepts of non-linearity, capable of being modeled more explicitly, more predictively than the general and often retroductive modelling of emergence in contemporary science? Or is this attempt at quantitative precision in qualitative modelling exactly what you were critiquing in your hyper-link definition of evolution, as opposed to a more symbolic, heterogeneous rendering you called meta-evolution?  In short, is your modelling of non-linearity and meta-evolution just another qualitative description in the language of formal symbolism, or is there some novel scientific content to your modelling?
It was suggested that you have developed or are developing new mathematical and logical tools to overcome barriers to this higher future.  You identified the non-linear barrier as one important form of the main impasse preventing our higher fate.  You suggested non-linearity was the mathematical form of what is also an affective and conceptual barrier, relating it to dialectics.  Your hyperlink for dialectics described it in terms of algebra and arithmetic that were very technical and specific, using graphic symbols that are unfamiliar.  Yet you obviously have a broader understanding of the dialectic that you link with the Western philosophical tradition.  Can you describe more simply your understanding of dialectic, and if you must define it against Boolean logic, please explain what that is and why this distinction is important.
I think many people would agree and can understand why cultural transformation is important in this crucial time period.  And certainly our affective as well as conceptual development are important to any cultural change.  But why is mathematics so important?  And since non-linearity in science and mathematics has been around for a long time now, how is your approach different?  Why do you see non-linearity as a problem of dialectics and why do you see dialectical logic as offering a way beyond not just scientific and conceptual barriers to progress, but emotional/affective barriers as well?  Is this is a spiritual path to you?  Not necessarily understood as non-material or transcendental, but as a path of personal ontological transformation, a change of one's being?  

Marxian Dialectics: New Dialogue, Exchange #1.

Dear Readers,

The transcript of "Exchange #1" in a new, 'multi-exchange' dialogue on extended Marxian Dialectics, has recently been posted to the website, as a new entry within Aoristos's Blog.

I have also posted this transcript here, below, for your convenience.


Miguel Detonacciones,
Member, F.E.D.,
Officer, F.E.D. Office of Public Liaison

Exchange #1:  Dialogue on F.E.D. Dialectics.  21MAY2015.

I1:  Please tell me:  Who or what is the Foundation Encyclopedia Dialectica?  What is the nature of your work, and what do you hope to accomplish by it?

I2:  Foundation Encyclopedia Dialectica is an organization for the conduct of ‘‘‘universal labor’’’, as defined by Karl Marx [Capital, volume III, Chapter V, Economy Through Inventions, NW [NY:  1967], p. 104]. 
Marx named, by his term “universal labor”, the conduct of the kind of human labor that, as distinguished from, but also as interconnected with, “cooperative labor”, and with ‘‘‘particular labor’’’, discovers new universal principles, principles that, potentially, advance the productivity of cooperative labor, and enhance potentially all ‘‘‘particular labors’’’.   It thus includes, in particular, the labors of scientists and inventors.
The easiest way to define Foundation Encyclopedia Dialectica is to say that it is the organization for the development, the eventual publication, and, thereafter, for the continued updating of Encyclopedia Dialectica.  
But this is also the least revealing definition.
A more revealing way to define the Foundation is to address the resonance that we intended in naming it so -- the resonance, and the analogy, between the fictional world of Isaac Asimov’s ‘Foundation Heptalogy’, and the real world of contemporary global terran humanity.
Asimov described a fictional world in which a galactic scale human civilization was declining, whose culture in general, and whose science and whose ethical values, in particular, were in a nose dive, headed for a dark age, for 30,000 years of barbarism.
Asimov’s fictional Foundation, even using its new scientifico-mathematical tool called “psychohistory”, had only just enough resources, given the already advanced state of decay of that civilization, to deploy seeds of a new civilization -- enough to reduce that dark age interregnum of agony to a single millennium.   The compilation and publication of that fictional Foundation’s “Encyclopedia Galactica” was a key element in the accelerated catalysis of the rise of that new galactic civilization, preserving the long accumulation of human culture, of art, of science, and of invention -- of human knowledge -- that would otherwise be lost in the descent into that dark age.
The intensions of our actual Foundation Encyclopedia Dialectica are analogous to those of Asimov’s fictional “Foundation Encyclopedia Galactica” [for a galactic scale civilization], but at the planetary scale of planet Earth.   Our contemporary global civilization writhes in a complex contention of tendencies that portend a first global renaissance, and tendencies that portend a new, likely final dark age.
It is our intension, in concert with like-minded others, to do all that we can to avert the actualization of those tendencies in the form of a new dark age here on Earth, and to catalyze their actualization, instead, in the form of global renaissance, or, if it is too late to avert a new dark age actualization, to act to help minimize both the severity and the duration of that dark age -- to avert its finality.
Our real Foundation is equipped with the newly-discovered tools of the dialectical arithmetics, and of their algebras, and with the principles of a successor field to classical science, which we too call “psychohistory”, or, more specifically, ‘psychohistorical dialectic’ -- a ‘meta-science’ which aims always to take into account, not just the cognitive content of the theories that we humans create, but also the «mentalité», the culture, the ideology [in Marx’s sense], in short, the ‘‘‘phenome’’’ of the theorizers, in the evaluation of old theories, and in the formation of new -- including through dialectical-scientific explanation of said «mentalités» themselves, as part of the ‘[meta-]evolution’ of the ‘‘‘human phenome’’’ as a whole.
We hold that we can achieve these aims, in part, through a revival, and through a ‘‘‘[trans-]modernization’’’, including through a ‘mathematicization’ [in a manner which also ‘co-transforms’ mathematics], and through an empirical ‘scientification’, of the dialectical tradition -- in the Occident, the tradition from Heraclitus to Zeno to Socrates to Plato to Aristotle to Hegel to Marx and Engels [to name only its principal developers] -- which, until the post-1900, descendance phase of capitalist civilization set-in, was the widely-acknowledged leading tradition of philosophy, of philosophical systematics, of philosophical logic, and of social science [at least].
Our goal, in short, is, via this revival of the dialectical tradition, to catalyze an accelerated advance in ‘‘‘universal labor’’’, including in the sciences of ‘‘‘human Nature’’’ and of ‘‘‘extra-human Nature’’’ alike.  
This ‘re-advance’ starts with logic, and with mathematics.
For, as we have come to see, the primary barrier to further human scientifico-engineering advance -- to ‘re-advance’ in the conscious, democratic social engineering of new human-social “relations of production” [Marx], and in the infrastructural engineering of the new “forces of production” requisite to those new social relations, and to global, human-social renaissance -- is “The Nonlinearity Barrier”.
That Barrier is a deeply conceptual, philosophical, and affective barrier, not a simply “technical” Barrier.  
Indeed, we have found it to be none other than ‘The Dialectics Barrier’, in its mathematical disguise.
Seen another way, our work is that of the immanent critique of the prevailing, crippling ideologies, in Marx’s sense, that can be foreseen, by ‘psychohistorical dialectics’, to afflict the ‘‘‘human phenome’’’ in the advanced-descendance phase of its global capitalist social formation, the predictable final phase of humanity’s “pre-history” [Marx], whether that “prehistory” ends in the globally liberating life of political-ECONOMIC DEMOCRACY, or in “the mutual ruin of the contending classes” [Marx and Engels].  
This means to resume the work -- of the immanent critique of contemporary ideologies, and of the dissemination of the positive fruitions of those immanent, determinate, dialectical negations -- that Marx and Engels began, but left far from finished as of the times of their deaths.  
The scope of this resumption includes -- and without the slightest concessions to the fraudulent claimants to Marx’s and Engels’s legacy; to the psychohistorically predictable, dictatorially corrupted, totalitarian ideologies of Leninism, Trotskyism, Stalinism, Maoism, etc., etc., ad nauseam -- the clarification of Marx’s ‘psychohistorical materialism’, of his dialectics, of the “dialectics of Nature” paradigm, opened especially by Engels, of the “law of motion of modern [i.e., of capitalist] society”, and of the lawful self-induced demise of that global capitalist/world-market system [including the clarification of the ‘the law of the tendency of the rate of profit to fall’, and of the ‘intra-duality’ of capital, as ‘self-expanding value’, versus as ‘self-contracting value’], the ‘psychohistorical materialist’ explanation of ‘The Modern Ideology’ in its entirety, i.e., of the pervasive «mentalité» of capitalist humanity -- its benefits, it pathology, and its remedy -- and the extention of Marx’s immanent critique of the capitalist-ideology-vitiated social science of “economics” [of capitalist “political economy”, “classical” and “neo-classical” alike], to an immanent critique of all fields of modern science, theoretical and applied/engineering alike -- of modern science in its totality, including, and, indeed, starting with, the immanent critique of mathematics and of mathematical logic, via the immanent critique of ‘infinitistic’ set theory, a critique whose positive fruition takes the form of a ‘mathematics of nonlinearity’, i.e., of a ‘mathematics of dialectics’, in ways which enable new fundamental advances in the human-social forces of expanding human-societal self-re-production, and, last, but far from least, the detailed dialectical derivation of the essential features of the higher successor system to the present, capitalist, system, for the organization of human-social reproduction, which we call Political-ECONOMIC DEMOCRACY, ‘‘‘Generalized Equity’’’, or ‘‘‘Equitism’’’.
Encyclopedia Dialectica, and the other publications and communications of Foundation Encyclopedia Dialectica, are intended to serve as catalysts, and as seeds, toward all of the developments detailed above, seeds of a new, human-species-wide, ‘‘‘human phenome’’’, fit for the task of transcending human prehistory, with the human species in tact.