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Conditions for the Regeneration of a Global Marxian Socialist Movement . . ..

Conditions for the Regeneration of a Global Marxian Socialist Movement, for the Transcendence Aufheben»] of the Capitalist System, in and by a Global Renaissance of Human Flourishing, hand in hand with the irruption of Political-ECONOMIC DEMOCRACY.

Dear Readers,

We of F.E.D. wish to share with you our view as to the minimum necessary conditions for a global regeneration of the Marxian movement, as a movement capable of helping humanity to pull out of the present, [state-]capitalist ruling-class-driven global death-spiral, and to achieve the first global renaissance in our planet’s history, in a process that leads to the concrete, practical transcendence of the present, descendence-phase capitalist system, and to a global ascendence to the ‘planetary polis’ stage of human-social evolution -- to a global, grassroots political-economic democracy, thereby inaugurating the ‘Unification Era’ [U.E.] of Terran human history.

As we see it, these minimum conditions are the following --

·         Overcome the Leninist Perversion of Marxian Theory.  The worst fate for Marxian theory, a theory dedicated to the most thoroughgoing critique of all ideology, especially that of the ideology-vitiated, ruling-class-perverted science of classical bourgeois ‘political-economics’, was to be itself mis-appropriated by, and suppressed within, a vicious new ruling-class “legitimating” ideology.  Yet such was a ‘Marxianly’ predictable interim fate for Marxian theory.  Political intellectuals in the semi-periphery of the geographical capitalist core, its native private capitalist classes suppressed and prostituted by the power of the imperialism of the capitalist ruling classes of that geographical core, sought, as a way out of imperialist immiseration, in effect, a new pathway for the “primitive accumulation” and industrialization of their nation-states.  They perverted Marxian theory into the ideology of “Marxism-Leninism”, an ideology to support the one-party, totalitarian police-state rule of a state-capitalist state-bureaucratic ruling class, that violently exploited their working classes in order to accumulate the industrial base needed to form military-industrial complexes capable of defending that bureaucratic ruling class from invasion and overthrow by the armies of the voracious imperialist nation-states of the capitalist core.  Vicious state-capitalist totalitarian nationalism was fraudulently sold to the world as the very definition of Marxian “socialism”, via an antagonistic cooperation between the ruling classes of “pure-state-bureaucratic”, Stalinist state-capitalism, and the proto-Fascist, mixed, private-capitalist-ruling-class-subordinated state-bureaucratic-class state-capitalism in the original geographical core of the capitalist system.  Marxian theory was blamed for the monstrous evil of Lenino-Trotskyoid, Stalino-Maoid totalitarianism, mirror-seconding the global evil of traditional capitalist imperialism.  Marxian theory became globally discredited as a result.

      A regenerated Marxian movement must echo Marx’s own statement, when he noted the early ideological re-degenerations of many who claimed to be his followers, that: ‘“As for myself, I am not a Marxist”’.

      No Marxian theory that fails to thoroughly and comprehensively critique the Leninist perversion can ever hope to regain credibility with, and the trust of, humanity at large -- or to deserve that credibility and trust.

·         Reject all Forms of State-Capitalism as Any Kind of Alternative to Capitalism.  The “[political-] economic law of motion of modern [capitalist] society” that Marx’s critique of political economy sought to “lay bare” includes the ‘taxis to totalitarian, humanocidal state-capitalism as the predictable end-state of the development of “the capital-relation” and of the socio-political-economic system that constructs itself around that social relation of production, as Engels announced in Anti-Duhring.  The alternative to the “mutual ruin of the contending classes” -- indeed, to the self-extinction of the human species -- that this ‘taxis’ entails, is an alternative that requires, to be actualized, the global, concerted active-intervention of the vast, non-ruling-class majority of humanity.  That alternative is global, grassroots political-economic democracy, such as that outlined in the ‘Equitarian’ constitutional amendments and enabling legislation, drafts of which have been posted to this blog.  No Marxian movement that “settles for” state-capitalism has any hope of positive contribution to human liberation, nor does it deserve the ear of planetary humanity.

·         Renounce Taking State Power.  The Neroan/Caligulan perversion of human character, brought about by power-lust, and by unchecked power, has been evident in the fraudulent “Marxist-Leninist movement”, from Lenin to Trotsky to Stalin to Mao to their diminutive, tin-pot progeny, from Castro to Pol Pot to Un.
      As a correction of this horrific past, a new, regenerated, real Marxian movement should embrace the design of real socialist constitutions, laws, and institutions -- political-economic democratic constitutions, laws, and institutions -- that build thoroughgoing forms of, not just political-only checks and balances, such as those that characterize the constitutions of the most successful capitalist nation-states, but economic checks and balances as well.  Moreover, as a “correction of the past”, and a key gesture in re-winning the trust of humanity at large, new, regenerated Marxian organizations should pledge to never “take state power”, either by putschist violence, or by democratic election, but should, on the contrary, promise to stay outside of the offices of future, real  socialist governments, and, instead, to serve as relentless critics of any tendencies toward dictatorial abuse of power by such new, real socialist governments, in their implementation of the constitutions, laws, and institutions of political-economic democracy.                    

·         Commit to «Aufheben»-Preserve/-Advance the Rule of Law Heritage of Political-Only Democracy.  A new, regenerated Marxian movement must renounce lawless “revolutionary” violence, “cults of personality” arbitrary rule by “Marxist” dictators, and the abrogation of the “Rule of Law” heritage that, in however flawed a manner, militated against dictatorship in the most successful capitalist, representative democracies, although -- and because -- that “Rule of Law” too is now deteriorating in the global, ruling-classes-driven undertow toward state-capitalist totalitarianism.  As Marx announced in his address to the meeting of the First International at the Hague, the transition to socialism should be by non-violent, electoral politics in those nation-states where representative democracy with full working-class suffrage reigns, and where a sufficient majority of the populace embraces that transition.  The transition away from Stalinist state-capitalism in what was named the “U.S.S.R.”, but never was “Socialist”, nor, for long, “Soviet” [workers-council-democracy-based], was accomplished with little violent intervention by the Stalinist Secret Police and Army, because of the degree of the ‘majoritarianism’ of the popular rejection of the Stalinist dictatorship.  That this transition collapsed, later, into mixed, private-capitalist/state-capitalist authoritarianism is a testament, primarily, to the remaining, un-overthrown power of the U.S. ruling class in particular to impose and enforce an authoritarian, state-capitalist abortion of that anti-Stalinist movement, and to the subsequent, nationalist reaction to that ruinous imposition and enforcement.

·         Commit to Enforce, and Advance, the Human Rights Established in Human History Thus Far.  a  regenerated Marxian movement must, as such, utterly reject police state rule, the state-bureaucratic “dictatorship over the proletariat”, fraudulently sold as “the dictatorship of the proletariat”.  It mus demand the full implementation, globally, of the bill of human rights that has come to be broadly recognized, worldwide, so far in human history, including in recent, capitalist human history, and work to extend those human rights further, beyond the capitalist horizon, e.g., to include the ‘Equitarian’ human rights recognized and advocated in this blog as necessary to human flourishing, and described here under the names Citizen Externality Equity, Citizen Birthright Equity, and Citizen Stewardship Equity.

·         No More Bait-and-Switch -- Come Clean and Put All of Our Cards on the Table”, By Clearly Defining theSocialismthat We Seek.  The suffering humanity that was promised, by the fraudulent “Marxists”, a way out of their capitalist misery, suffered a “bait-and-switch”:  what they got, instead of liberation, was state-capitalist, totalitarian, mass-murderous dictatorship.  A regenerated, truly-Marxian movement must break completely with this horrific “heritage” of lies, by spelling out, in great detail, what it means by “socialism”, and what new constitutions, or constitutional amendments, what new laws, and what new institutions it seeks to construct to bring that “socialism” into actuality. The majority population must know exactly what it is voting for when it votes for candidates pledged to work for real socialism.  The ‘Equitist’ constitutional amendments, enabling laws, and newly-recognized fundamental human rights that we have documented in this blog represent the beginnings of our contributions in this regard.

·         Renounce the Outlawing of Religions, of Private Property, and of Capitalism Itself.  Outlawings of religions, of private property, of private capital, and of private capitalism itself are the acts of a totalitarian, ideology-dependent, state-capitalist, police-state dictatorship, seeking to consolidate its power against the threat of any and every kind of potential ideological and political opposition.  In the historical evolution and ‘meta-evolution’ of the human “social relations of production”, driven by the growth of the human “social forces of production”, such ideologies must be allowed to “wither away” of their own accord, if such dictatorial degeneration is to be averted.  Such “social relations of production” as private property in the means of production, and “the capital-relation” itself, as dominating “social relation of production”, must be out-competed by the new “social relations of production” of real socialist society, such as the new “individual property” [cf. Marx, Capital] represented, herein, under the name of Generalized Equity, and of Citizen Stewardship Equity in particular.  The state-persecution of those who cling to religious ideologies, and/or to waning capitalist “social relations of production”, has no place whatsoever in real socialism -- in political-economic democracy.

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Miguel Detonacciones,

Member, Foundation Encyclopedia Dialectica [F.E.D.],
Participant, F.E.D. Special Council for Public Liaison,
Officer, F.E.D. Office of Public Liaison.

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Real Socialism Means 3 New Forms of Property for Each Citizen.

Real Socialism Means 3 New Forms of Property for Each Citizen, NOT even deeper proletarian “property-less-ness’.

Dear Readers,

The old capitalist-ideological bug-a-boo to the effect that socialism or communism means the absolute abolition of all property, including the abolition of personal property -- i.e., “sharing your toothbrush” -- may have had some foundation in the practices of early Maoist-Stalinist state-capitalism, masquerading as its most extreme opposite, real socialism.

But this malarkey has absolutely no foundation in the “scientific socialism” articulated by Marx and Engels.

Engels in particular, in Anti-Duhring, emphasized the opposition of state-capitalism and real socialism.

Even if this “abolition” is confined to “the abolition of private property”, with “private property” defined as capital, especially in the form of “property in the means of [social re]production”, this concept belongs to the violent, coercive, and dictatorial regimes of especially Stalinist state-capitalism, not to real socialism.

In the Stalinist species of “semi-peripheral” national state-capitalism, a Stalinist, neo-Jacobinoid, putschist “Communist” Party, may achieve a coup d’├ętat, against the state power of a weak, backward, comprador national private-capitalist ruling class, which, typically, has been emasculated by the imperialism, and by the military interventionism, of foreign capital, wielded by the strong private-capitalist classes of the original capitalist core nation-states.

A successful such coup may then allow that Stalinist Party to form a dictatorial “One-Party State”.  

This “One Party” then becomes the nucleus around which a new, state-bureaucratic, state-capitalist, totalitarian ruling class may form.

The “abolition of private property in the means of production” simply means that this new Stalinist, state-bureaucratic, state-capitalist ruling class uses the violent, coercive apparatus of the state to expropriate the private capitalist class, transferring by this thievery the property of that comprador bourgeoisie to the new ruling class, including by means of legislation outlawing private capital.  

The new, state-bureaucratic ruling class does this, NOT to “free the proletariat”, but, precisely to secure its own monopoly on all capital, its collective ownership of the means of production, over against the wage-working class, now viciously exploited by this state-bureaucratic ruling class itself, in place of their former exploitation by their former private-capitalist national ruling class, the one that this new, state-capitalist ruling class has “liquidated”, and also in place of the workers’ former exploitation by the imperialist international capitalists, whom the new ruling class expels, e.g., by military force.

All of these ‘abolishmental’ terms and phrases mis-translate variants of the Marxian, dialectical term «aufheben» -- raised up out of colloquial German by Hegel, to champion the very opposite of “abstract negation” -- to the word “abolition”, a word which does not even preserve the ‘dialectical, determinate negation’ moment of the meaning of the core-dialectical term «aufheben», but which connotes, precisely, absolute “abstract negation”, suppressing entirely the other moments of the meaning of “«aufheben»” -- “elevation” and “conservation”.

What the construction of real socialism requires is the ‘«aufheben»-ation’ of private-capitalist property -- in actual, daily human social praxis, and in the actual, organically-arising social relations of production -- and NOT the “abstract negation” abolition of private-capitalist property, which, in actuality, only gets you to state-property, to wage-slavery on behalf of the state-bureaucratic ruling class, to the misery of the liberty-less “life” of the totalitarian police state which the state-bureaucratic ruling class sets up to protect its political-only claims to power -- i.e., to still-capitalist, state-capitalist property.

This mis-translation has well-served the interests of both the Stalinist state-capitalist, state-bureaucratic ruling classes, and the capitalist core ruling classes, themselves also verging toward a different -- “Fascist” -- species of totalitarian state-capitalism, in the ‘antagonist cooperation’ between these two pseudo-opposites.

This mis-translation has cripplingly ‘dis-served’ the interests of the majority of humanity, the working classes, for it has formed part of the still largely successful ideological attempt to ideologically blind that majority to the real alternative to the vicious, totalitarian, ‘humanocidal’ end-state to which all forms of national capitalism “lawfully” converge.

They all “lawfully” converge to Orwellian, Malthusian, ‘‘‘Eugenocidal’’’ -- ‘humanocidal’ -- state-capitalism.

The alternative to that horrific demise of humanity is ‘Grass-Roots, Political-ECONOMIC DEMOCRACY.

As Marx made clear in volume 3 of his Capital, the seeds of real socialism, emerging within modern capitalism, are to be found in two transitional, ‘intra-dual’, “self-contradictory” forms --

(1) the joint-stock company principle of “capital-equity” -- of economic democracy for capitalists only, in the form of capital stock shares-based voting; ‘shareholders’ democracy’ -- however much that principle may be honored mainly in the breach in today’s hyper-corrupt, degenerated core capitalism;

(2) workers-owned industrial producers’ cooperatives -- ‘workers’ capital’; ‘workers’ capitalism’.

The new, core ‘social relation of production’ that is to form the social basis of real socialism cannot be imposed by legislation, by state decree, and by the violent, coercive ‘expropriatory activity’ of the national state-bureaucracy, and its police-state police, in favor of its own monopoly ownership of society’s property.

That way leads only to the Orwellian nightmare of end-stage state-capitalism.

As Marx makes clear, at the end of the penultimate chapter of volume I of his Capital, real socialism is founded upon -- not the absolute, “abstract negation” of all property, but on the formation of a new kind of workers’ property, of property for the producing majority, the former wage-labor “proletariat” -- individual property, in the context of a kind of ‘‘‘social property’’’ that is NOT state-property.

[Marx]:  The capitalist mode of appropriation, the result of the capitalist mode of production, produces capitalist private property.” 

“This is the first negation of individual private property, as founded on the labour of the proprietor.”

“But capitalist production begets, with the inexorability of a law of Nature, its own [F.E.D.: «aufheben»] negation.”

“It is the negation of the negation.”
[F.E.D.: i.e., it is the ‘[re-]«aufheben»-ation of the [earlier] «aufheben»-ation’.].

“This does not re-establish private property of the producer [F.E.D.:  i.e., the dialectical process is not the “Flatland”, gain-less, viciously-circular process of formal logic -- P  ~~P -- but is ‘gain-ful’, and better ‘metaphorized’ by an upward-opening helical course of development], but gives him individual property based on the acquisitions of the capitalist era:  i.e., on co-operation and the possession in common of the land and of the means of production.[Capital, volume I., New World, p. 763].

In our, Seldonian, view, this real socialist, new-social-relation-of-production-expressing individual property involves three new species of “grass-roots”, non-capital equity property, owned by each citizen, as such, as a matter of fundamental human right [at the capitalistically attained, and then capitalistically regressed, and socialistically, ‘renewedly’-growing level of the social forces of production]. 

These newly-recognized fundamental human rights CAN be established constitutionally, within the rule-of-law of capitalist nation-states, in each national “Bill of Rights”.

This can only be achieved as the fruition of a sufficiently-majoritarian, non-violent, law-abiding movement, within national-majority working classes, reflecting an inter-national non-violent, rule-of-law-compliant movement of those working-classes, without requiring any juridical “abolition” of capital, but creating a new social-relations-of-production context in which the capital-social-relation-of-production is likely to increasingly “wither-away” --

1. Citizen Externality Equity -- A grass-roots, local, collective property human right regarding the pollution, etc., “externalities” produced by remaining private capitalist and by socialized producers’-cooperative enterprises.  This right is exercised by each citizen-resident of each locality, by voting their equal “share” in the ‘externality-equity property’ of that locale, in elections of ‘Public Directors’, to ‘Boards of Public Directors’ operating inside each externality-producing, e.g., polluting, enterprise, checking and balancing, by negotiation with each such enterprise’s local management committee, regarding the ‘externalities budget’ in the Annual Operating Plans of that enterprise, with recourse to a popularly-elected [and popularly recallable] ‘Tribunal for Externality Equity’ in the event of deadlock in those negotiations.  Enterprises would no longer be allowed to commit ‘mass murder by pollution’ for profit.  This new property right is individual property in the context of a collective property solution to the “market failures” of capitalism.

2. Citizen Birthright Equity -- Every citizen, regardless of the “side of the tracks” upon which they were born, is granted, from birth, as a fundamental human right of birth, a personal ‘socialized trust fund’.  This fund would be their personal property, but would have legal constraints on its expenditure in light of its provision, to each individual, from the resources of the whole society.  This fundamental human right is designed to provide a unified, ultra-portable social safety net to each individual, plus access to the basic opportunities of human life -- medical care, education, home purchase, unemployment insurance, etc. -- regardless of that individual’s family connections or income level.  It constitutes a form of ‘societal self-investment’, and gives society a stake in each individual citizen, and each individual citizen “skin in the game”, a stake in society, something gained from their society, and also something to lose in the event of victimizing, criminal, anti-social conduct by that individual.  That is, courts, by law, order portions of, up to all of, a jury-convicted criminal’s ‘socialized trust funds’ to go in reparation for damages to the victim(s) of jury-declared crimes by that individual, so that the crime-committing individual forfeits part or all of their former individual property in the assigned ‘socialized trust fund’, and is left, e.g., after incarceration, to fall back upon a more meager general social welfare safety net.

3.  Citizen Stewardship Equity -- The property-right, and fundamental human right, of business-plan-qualifying collectives of citizen’s to self-organize socialized, mutually-competing producers’ cooperatives, competing also against remaining capitalist firms in their field; co-ops internally managed democratically, e.g., by votings, to elect -- and to recall, if needed -- the cooperative’s management board, and/or its individual managers, etc., by the majority of the members of that collective enterprise, or “association of producers”.  Qualifying collectives are granted stewardship [not local ownership] of means of production, from out of the stock of Social Property, according to their Social-Bank-qualified business plan -- qualified by a Citizen-Stewardship-Equity, democratically self-managed ‘Social Bank cooperative’, itself competing against other ‘Social Bank cooperatives’, and against remaining-capitalist financing sources.  Each citizen-member of each such cooperative personally owns an individual property of membership rights in that socialized producers’ cooperative, which cannot be removed from that member without due process of law.  This individual property entitles each member to two streams of personal income by virtue of their membership -- to an equal share in the net operating surplus of their co-op, as well as to compensation for the work that they contribute thereto, in accord with their skill-level, performance, etc.

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Miguel Detonacciones,

Member, Foundation Encyclopedia Dialectica [F.E.D.],
Participant, F.E.D. Special Council for Public Liaison,
Officer, F.E.D. Office of Public Liaison.

Monday, March 04, 2019

Stephen Hawking on FUSION POWER -- Reaping the Wrath of the ‘Rocke-Nazis’.

Stephen Hawking on FUSION POWER --

Reaping the Wrath of theRocke-Nazis.

Dear Readers,

Stephen Hawking’s new, and final, posthumously published, 2018 book, entitled Brief Answers to the Big Questions [Bantam, NY], is not limited, in its prophetic content, to predictions and speculations regarding what we Seldonians call the irruption of the meta-human.

It also contains a brief but unequivocal call, at the very end of the book, for the development of the preeminent potential human-social [re-]productive force of fusion power, as a key to a decent future -- or even to any future at all -- for humanity, this at a time when the Rocke-Nazi, ‘capitalist-anti-capitalist’ [“socialist” [i.e., Orwellian state-capitalist]], ‘‘‘anti-humanist’’’ faction of the capitalist ruling class has seen to it that even mere mention of this prospect, let alone in a way which does not ridicule but, instead, actually promotes it, has become exceedingly rare. 

By championing fusion power, which would ‘technodepreciate’ to nearly nothing the capital-value of the entire infrastructure of the Rocke-Nazi Global Dictatorship of Petroleum, other than Global Central Banking and Finance Control, the primary premise of their power to rule and mass-murder, Stephen Hawking has, courageously, earned the undying hatred of the global Rocke-Nazi-pest, and will no doubt be targeted by the Rocke-Nazis for vilification, or at least for censorship and oblivion, in the vast global media networks that they control, now that he is safely dead [notwithstanding the way Hawking couches his call for fusion power in the politically-correct terms of “global warming”, the Rocke-Nazis primary ideological ‘‘‘excuse’’’ for their policy of Global Warming Hyper-Austerity, their primary pogrom for bringing about their planned mass exterminations of “~95%” of the human race --

[Stephen Hawking, p. 209]: “What world-changing idea, small or big, would you like to see implemented by humanity?

“This is easy.  I would like to see the development of fusion power to give an unlimited supply of clean energy, and a switch to electric cars.”

“Nuclear fusion would become a practical power source and would provide us with an inexhaustible supply of energy, without pollution or global warming.”

FYI:  Much of the work of Karl Seldon, and of his collaborators, including work by “yours truly”, is available, for your free-of-charge download, via --



Miguel Detonacciones,
Member, Foundation Encyclopedia Dialectica [F.E.D.],
Officer, F.E.D. Office of Public Liaison