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Part 6 of 6: The Political-Economic "Law of Motion" of Modern, Capital-based Society

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Below is part 6 of my 6-part serialization of the Equitist Advocacy group’s essay "The Political-Economic Law of Motion of Modern, Capital-Based Society -- The 'Sociotaxis' Toward [State-]Capitalist Totalitarianism as Political-Economic Attractor".

As with my previous serialization, here, of their "Malady and Remedy" manifesto, I have felt free to add to and/or to re-write portions of the text which I feel need updating, or other improvement(s).

The Equitist Advocacy group’s original essay can be accessed via the following URLs --



The Political-Economic "Law Of Motion" of Modern, Capital-based Society --

The 'Sociotaxis' To State-Capitalist, Humanocidal Totalitarianism as 'Political-Economic Attractor'

Part 6 of 6:  The Ruling-Class Origins of Today's 'Social-Atavistic', Misanthropic, Neo-Nazi/'Meta-Nazi' Ideologies --

The Core Plutocracys 'Human Anti-Humanism'

[ EVIDENCE:  see, for example, ]

¿Finally, what would a more developed Marxian theory predict that the ruling faction of the capitalist class would do, in the context of burgeoning life extension technologies, and ‘genomic self-re-engineering’ technologies, emerging late within the descendant phase of the epoch of capital?

¿What will the 'Meta-Nazis' do, faced with the prospect of a marked extension of their life-spans, in the context of the danger posed, to their "population control" plans -- to their plans for the rest of us -- should fuller knowledge of the power of this life extension technology already achieved ever reach the wider populace?

¿Given privileged access to technologies for the ‘self-re-engineering’ of the human genome, will the 'Meta-Nazis' ultimately opt to replace the rest of the human race — themselves and immediate servants excluded — with a non-human and sub-human replacement slave labor force, not only with non-android and android robot slave drones, such as are already partially visible to the public, but also with a genetically-engineered, congenitally servile, ‘designedly’ sub-human race of ‘chimaerismic’ slave drones, “chromosomically incapable of revolt”, and/or with a likewise ‘designedly’ sub-human race of likewise ‘engineeredly’ servile, “revolt-incapable” ‘‘‘cyborg’’’ slave drones, hybridizing/synthesizing features of the other two options just noted above?

Update:  The core plutocracy's secret laboratories -- funded by the tax "donations" of worker-taxpayers, of course -- may not be far away from successfully fabricating a "...genetically-engineered, congenitally servile, ‘designedly’ sub-human race of ‘chimaerismic’ slave drones, “chromosomically incapable of revolt”...", and/or "a likewise ‘designedly’ sub-human race of likewise ‘engineeredly’ servile, “revolt-incapable” ‘‘‘cyborg’’’ slave drones...".

Data suggesting this was provided in a later episode of Jesse Ventura's "Conspiracy Theory", not long before it was taken off the air, concerning the [Rockefeller-owned-]U.S.-Government's 'Designer Diseases Development Laboratory' at Plum Island.  I am not referring, here, to the so-called "Montauk Monster", but to a "mutated [M.D.:  human] body", found later, near where the -- allegedly chimaeric -- "Montauk Monster" was found earlier --

"In 1975, a mystery illness broke out just a short distance away from Plum Island in the town of Old Lyme, Connecticut."

"This mystery illness was coined Lyme Disease."

"Cases would soon pop up all over the Northeast, and officials quickly determined that the disease could only be caused by one thing, deer ticks."

"Coincidentally, back in 1952, The Joint Chiefs of Staff authorized a project that allowed germ warfare research to be done at the Plum Island Animal Disease Center, specifically on birds and ticks."

"Along with the Montauk Monster and the spread of Lyme, in 2010 a[n apparently murdered -- M.D.] mutated body washed ashore at Plum Island." 

"Police were called out to the island to investigate after maintenance workers dialed 911." 
"According to police reports, the body had elongated fingers, webbed digits in some areas, and five holes drilled into the skull."  [ ].

¿Will the core plutocracy incarnate, not only 'capitalist anti-capitalism', but ‘‘‘eugenocidal’’’ 'human anti-humanism' in that sense?

¿Will they not then up the ante of their global-eugenics "population reduction" program/pogrom, from ‘serial stealth genocide to comprehensive 'humanocide' — to their Final Solution to the Humanity Problem-- once their slave drones are ready, dispatching the rest of humanity via a genomically-engineered, aerosol-vectored, 24 hrs.-lethal, ebola-like virus, targeted to the human genome, and to which only the core plutocracy will have the antidote, to which they will have mutated themselves so as to be genomically-immune, and to which their slave chimaera, and/or their cyborg slaves, will also be ‘engineeredly’ immune?

 Hypothesis:  The core plutocracy's genetically-engineered AIDS virus has been "successful", for them, as a "population control" designer disease, killing millions worldwide ever since they unleashed it.  But the core plutocracy is now nearing readiness for a "whole new level" of designer disease "success" -- for a 'genomically-engineered' designer disease that will bring about the virtual extinction of the genomic human species, once their chimaera slave drones, and/or their android robot slave drones, and/or their cyborg slave drones, as replacement slave labor force for most of the rest of humanity, are in sufficient readiness.

Given all that we have presented above, in all of the installments of this serialization, and more, we hold that the fight for human liberty — and, indeed, the fight for any humane continuation of human life at all — is now a life-or-death struggle against the 'Meta-Nazis' — against the dominant, pro-totalitarian, pro-genocide — in truth, 'pro-humanocide' — ruling faction of the core capitalist plutocracy.

The fight for human freedom is now the fight for political-economic democracy as the only way to preserve even any iota of political democracy, in the context of the hyper-accumulation and hyper-concentration of capital-ownership in the hands of the 'Meta-Nazis', including that of the capital of the oligopolized mass media of communication, and in the context of the mounting “threat” -- to the 'Meta-Nazis' -- of the comprehensive technodepreciation-induced devaluation and de-capital-ization’ of the core plutocracys core capital assets, the very foundation of their power to rule globally, especially in the global “oil industry”, i.e., in their globaldictatorship of petroleum -- that is, the “threat” of the de-value-ization’ of almost the totality of the core plutocracy’s concentrated-ownership capital-property, including of their long term bank-loan capital-assets, if the growth of the social forces of production resurges, e.g., via the invention and deployment of fusion power.

This hyper-concentration of capital ownership lends the 'Meta-Nazis' the financial capability to utterly prostitute the political-economic state, to "buy-out" the executive, the legislative, and the judicial branches — lock, stock, and barrel — in the ultimate upshot of all of the decadent-phase waves of "mergers and acquisitions".

It gives the core plutocracy the lobbying infrastructure to implement this capability, thereby circumventing and effectively abolishing the merely political checks and balances among those formerly politically countervailing branches and powers of an only, any longer, superficially representative-democratic national state.

The mortal threat of technodepreciation to the very foundation of their economico-politico-social power to rule globally gives the core plutocracy the motive to push their potential for totalitarian, humanocidal rule to its actualization in full-blown, police-state, ‘ eugenics-exterminationist dictatorship.

Totalitarianism is the first resort of this core plutocracy because, unlike in the ascendance phase of the capitals-system, the agenda of this core plutocracy no longer contains any benefits for any of the other classes that this plutocracy lords it over, and, especially, no benefits for the working/middle class, because the objective of this ultra-Malthusian, Eugenicistplutocracy is as follows:

If you are not a part of the plutocracy, or of their immediate servants corps, then --

The core plutocracys goal, in a ‘near-universalization’ of their erstwhile servant-dictator Hitlers goal for the Jews, is, like Hitler --

First to impoverish [largely already accomplished] you and your family, and to sicken/debilitate you and your family, via their pseudo-foods/pseudo-vaccines/other pseudo-medicines-induced autism, diabetes, Alzheimer's disease, etc. [largely already accomplished], then to enslave you and your family, then to exterminate you and your family.

[begin M.D. insert:]  At this juncture, I would like to quote from a recent interview with the co-founder of Foundation Encyclopedia Dialectica [F.E.D.], Karl Seldon --

I now ask your guests of this site, especially those who are citizens of the United States of America, to ask themselves what, today, is left of the legacy and of the heritage of liberty in the U.S.A.; what is left of the U. S. Constitution and of its Bill of Rights. 
Under the recent U. S. Federal Government administrations -- administrations of the [both ‘misnomered’] “Republican” Party & “Democratic” Party alike, as if they have been working to a common plan, despite all of their dividing-&-conquering theatrics of supposedly unalloyed mutual hostility and opposition -- the U. S. Constitution/Bill of Rights has been utterly shredded, in essence, if not yet fully in practice, ‘til essentially nothing of it remains in recent “law”:

  • By the recent “eminent domain” decision of the U. S. Supreme Court, any sufficiently influential private corporation, enlisting the support of “your” municipal government, can confiscate your personal and/or your private property, e.g., your home, with but pennies on the dollar in “compensation” to you.  “Eminent domain” takings of private and personal property were intended to achieve overriding public good, not merely private corporate profit, but, no more! [Kelo v. City of New London, 545 U.S. 469 (2005), ];

  • By recent U. S. Supreme Court decision, U. S. corporations now have the “right”, as ‘virtual persons’, hence also as ‘virtual citizens’, to apply their effectively unlimited monetary wealth so as to effectively buyU. S. elections. This decision is expected to increasingly nullify the voting rights of the actual citizens of the United States, at all levels of government, local, state, and national, and to prostitute, to corporate special interests, an ever greater proportion of those candidates who wish to be able to win elections -- by buying more mass media mud-slinging ads than their opponents, etc. -- which requires them, if they are not independently wealthy, to accept millions in corporate de facto bribery  [Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission, 558 U.S. 310 558 (2010), ];

  • By recent Congressional legislation, signed into law by President Obama, the government, by its sole order, has the “right” to imprison any U. S. citizen indefinitely -- even for the rest of their lives -- without charge(s), without trial, without conviction -- of any crime, by any jury of their peers -- and without any habeas corpus access, or other access, to the U. S. Courts, for that “citizen”, a “citizen” thereby reduced, ipso facto, to a kind of non-citizen” slave of the [‘‘‘corporatist’’’] government [ ];

Clearly, these new corporate and government “rights” are really wrongs, and total violations of the U. S. Constitution and Bill of Rights. 

These developments instantiate the horror that is heralded by our psychohistorical, technical prediction: the law of motion of descendant-phase capital-based society is a sociotaxis to humanocidal totalitarianism

They come at the same time that the Wall Street ‘‘‘R.I.C.O.’’’ corporations and their criminal CEOs have stolen, from so many millions of Americans, and without a single Big Bank CEO prosecution, those citizens’ pensions, their 401(k)s, their life savings, their jobs, and their homes.  Moreover, these same CEOs  have also absconded -- via the complicity of the many ruling class members who are also federal government appointees at the highest levels, and of their lower-level political prostitutes in the U. S. federal government -- with trillions of dollars of U. S. taxpayers funds, and also with the proceeds of trillions of dollars of new taxpayer debt, created to “bail out” those CEOs, which they then used to pay themselves even more exorbitant salaries and bonuses than they used to do before they launched their Global Great Depression II, as well as to buy even more elections -- so that they have effectively robbed the Social Security Trust Fund, and the U. S. Treasury as a whole, of the funds previously promised to actually benefit majority taxpayers, and so that they can now say -- ‘‘‘we really just can’t afford the promised Social Security and Medicare benefits [that workers pay for from every paycheck], Medicaid, Head Start, Pell Grants, U. S. Federal Government Pensions to federal government workers, or any social safety net at all’’’, and so that they can continue to buy elections to put into office enough prostitute politicians repeal these programs, and virtually every other government program that actually benefits the U.S. majority [ ].

The “representative-democratic” political system of the United States of America has become increasingly reduced to a system of legalized corporate bribery, to a system of intellectual and political, policy prostitution to mega-corporate Big Money, by which the major corporations write the laws of the land, and thereby also “legalize” their mounting criminality. 

The houses of legislature have become houses of prostitution, together with the executive mansions and the court houses   -- especially the White House and the “house” of the “corporatist” U. S. Supreme Court. 

The horrific results, sampled above, are hardly surprising. 

And the ruling corporate whores have far more horror still in store for you and your family.

So, we ask our U. S. citizen friends:  What is left of your America?  

Is this “bi-partisan” shredding of the founding contracts of the United States of America simply an accident? 

Or, does it reflect the intention, the agenda, and the plan of the ruling, core plutocracy, which wields both major political parties like a limp pair of soulless marionettes?[end M.D. insert]

... In the U.K., CCTV is already ubiquitously in place in public space [though not — at least not yet, as in George Orwell’s novel, Nineteen Eighty-Four — in the “private” space of every bedroom]....

The descendant-phase plutocracys planned Orwellian nightmare a la Nineteen Eighty-Four — the world of reality beyond both visionary utopian dreams, and visionary utopian nightmares, something far worse than even Orwell envisioned in Nineteen Eighty-Four — is only a little bit behind the schedule that Orwell predicted. 

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