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Part 8. GMO-Ebola Global Pandemic -- The Eric Pianka Plague?: Latest Chapter in Ruling Class 'Stealth Humanocide' Program/Pogrom? GLOBAL STRATEGIC HYPOTHESES.


Part 8GMO-Ebola Global Pandemic -- The Eric Pianka Plague?:   

Latest Chapter in Ruling Class 'Stealth Humanocide' Program/Pogrom? 

Dear Readers,

Series Introduction --

GLOBAL STRATEGIC HYPOTHESES:  On the 21st of March last year, we posted, here, the blog-entry that has become the most read ever, of any of this blog’s entries.

It’s title? --

Plutocracy Proudly, Publicly Proclaims Their Planned Planetary Population Plummeting Plague Program/Pogrom.

-- a link to which is provided below --

-- and a key portion of which -- the Eric Pianka part -- was extracted and presented again in Part 1 of this series.

Throughout the months and years of this blog, we have pointed to, explained, and documented the -- humanely, almost unbelievable -- global EugenicsStrategy of the ruling, Rocke-Nazi faction of the global plutocracy, more specifically, the ‘Rocke-Nazis strategy for [globalhumanocide’ -- a new term, which was coined from out of the horrors of the Rock-Nazi-contrived “Bosnia-Herzegovina civil war”, that destroyed Yugoslavia, with its attempted institutions of political-economic democracy, in the form of workers' collective self-management of enterprises, and that brought Eugenicsconcentration/extermination camps, so-called ethnic cleansing camps, back to Europe -- a term which we of F.E.D. have defined, together with related terms, including here in this blog:

We have explained how the dominant, Rocke-Nazi faction of the capitalist ruling class emerged as early as the late 1800s. 

We have explained how this faction realized -- with a little help from their adversaries, e.g., from the writings of Karl Marx, of Thorstein Veblen, and others -- that further growth of “the social forces of production” would increasingly constitute a net-loss proposition for their core fixed capital holdings -- the foundation of their socio-econo-political power -- devaluing their core concentrated fixed capital by ‘technodepreciation’, i.e., by obsolescence depreciation, and driving their rates of profit, net of write-offs of the historical cost of their obsolescent capital plant and equipment, deep into negative territory, until the point where their comprehensive bankruptcy -- economic, political, and social -- would ensue.

This faction could always afford "the best minds that money can buy".

When their intellectual prostitutes studied Marx's writings in depth, on orders from this faction, they learned, from Marx, that, at the stage of accumulation of the core industrial fixed capital that was concentrated under the ownership of the members of this faction, even as of the late 1800s, i.e., at the stage of the growth of the social forces of production reflected in the disproportionate share of fixed capital value in the total capital-value owned by this faction's members, and in their total capital's level of "technical composition" [Marx] and of "organic composition" [Marx], further innovation-driven growth in industrial productivity would be a NET-loss proposition for this faction's members.  

That is, at the stage of productive force growth/incremental relative surplus-value potential -- in terms of the ratio of old fixed capital exposed to 'technodepreciation' by innovation, in 'r[el]atio[n]' to the incremental relative surplus-value profit-increase contributions that such innovation could generate -- further productivity-enhancing innovation/obsolescence depreciation would increasingly tend to aperiodically write-off sums of old fixed capital value, as losses, that would be greater, in absolute value, than the incremental profit value sums that it would generate, as counter-balancing gains.

A saner branch of the U.S. capitalist ruling class -- the Theodore/Franklin/Eleanor Roosevelt family faction -- favored a gradual transition from capitalism to a more egalitarian successor system, eased by a “welfare state” that would soften the transition for the majority working class, and defuse the overwhelming potential, otherwise, for working class-led violent social revolution, in response to the political and economic immiseration of that majority under the descendant phase, oligopolistic, employment-scarce, increasingly totalitarian, police-state state-capitalism that would otherwise result, while allowing the capitalist ruling class to gradually ‘‘‘wither away’’’ -- in terms of its previous ‘‘‘ultra-exaltation’’’, in wealth and living standards, relative to the majority class, and in terms of its predominant political power over that majority class -- once predominant power which would, instead, be exchanged for a populist alliance between the ruling class and the working class.

The Rockefeller/Morgan faction utterly hated the Roosevelt faction’s strategy, and sought -- with all of the ultra-sadism of the psychopathic, sociopathic, and cosmopathic mania to which the threat to their predominant social power drove these Rocke-Nazis, these latter-day Caligulas and Neros, these 'Doctor Strangelove-like cosmopaths', in their already mad power-mania -- to concoct the most agonizing forms of mass extermination possible for the majority of the majority class, world wide, the class that they so hated, including, most decidedly, for that majority in their home base, in the U.S.A.

The Kennedy family started out as a family of the plutocracy, as just another lower-plutocracy Servant Family to the Rockefellers -- much like the Bush Servant Family.  Joseph Kennedy, the sire of the Kennedy Servant Family, ruined his U.S. political career when, as U.S. ambassador to the U.K., he -- just before Hitler’s ‘Franken-Dictator’ turn -- dutifully mouthed the Rockefeller Party Line, as to the demise of democracy, and as to Hitler-like dictatorships, world-wide, representing the wave of the future.


But when the Kennedy family later embraced the Roosevelt Faction, and so developed a world-wide popularity-based political power that threatened to ruin the carefully crafted national and global divide-and-conquer lines that the 'Rocke-Nazis' had invested in for so long, and to eclipse the power of the 'Rocke-Nazis', the Rocke-Nazis then saw to the systematic and brutal liquidation of every last member of the Kennedy family who had any modicum of political power potential.

Since the 'Rocke-Nazis' feared the rising innovativeness of a globally rising, technologically capable, innovative and inventive ‘upper proletariat’ -- called, in the Rockefeller-controlled mass media, the “middle class” -- which would demand, and enforce, democratic reforms, and whose innovations would further devalue the Rocke-Nazi’s concentrated fixed capital base, bankrupt their gigantic banks and energy corporations, and eventually end their rule -- they felt compelled to suppress this rising class, globally.

This meant that they felt compelled to suppress industrialization, democratization, rising living standards, and rising educational standards, in South America, in Eastern Europe, in the Middle East, in Asia, and in Africa, as well as to reverse all of the gains of social progress in Western Europe, and in North America, and to embark upon a global -- ideological and actual -- population reduction pogrom, to -- gradually, then suddenly -- exterminate the rising majority, a majority which would otherwise eventually overthrow the 'Rocke-Nazi' "invisible dictatorship", in reaction against theRocke-Nazi-imposed reversals in living standards and in general social progress.

The greatest contraceptive device known to humanity -- the “Demographic Transition” -- would not do, to “control population growth”, and to “protect the environment”, for the Rocke-Nazis’, because the “Demographic Transition” required rising standards of living -- a rising ‘upper proletariat’ globally.  

That was the very progress that the Rocke-Nazis so feared, as the very <<gotterdammerung>> of their rule.

Population control”, & environmental protection were NEVER real goals of the Rocke-Nazis’, anyway.

The 'Rocke-Nazis' real goal -- as always -- was the preservation of their predominant, pathological socio-politico-economic power, and its hyper-pathological "perks", against the further growth of the social forces of production under capitalism, growth that would otherwise terminate their power to daily and hourly torture, rape, and murder humanity. 

“Population control” and “environmental protection” were merely, in the Rocke-Nazis' hands, ideological excuses for the Rocke-Nazis' draconian pogrom of global mass murder -- meaning Stealth Eugenics, to begin with, while their hold on power was still incomplete, crescendoing to Openly-Proclaimed and Practiced Humanocide once the Rocke-Nazis' global system of totalitarian, police-state Servant Dictatorships had swept away the last embers of capitalist representative democracy, and, with it, of the capability of the majority of humanity to resist the Rocke-Nazi global pogrom [this, at least, is what theRocke-Nazimadmen hoped].

But now that industrial and social progress -- in Brazil, "even" in Russia, in India, and “even” in China, as well as elsewhere in the 'Rocke-Nazi-created, but increasingly former, “Third World” -- has begun to escape their suppression mechanisms at an accelerating rate, the 'Rocke-Nazis'  have, we hypothesize, begun to despair that their so-long-planned Global System of "'Nazi'" Servant Dictatorships, and their world-wide system of "Eugenics" concentration/extermination camps, can be assembled in time to reverse the growth of the social forces of production, and in time to exterminate the majority of the working class, in time to bring about their imagined New Dark Age/Million-Year Reich, before human progress escapes their power to further derail it.

The discovery of the clean-burning nuclear fire of fusion power, for example, might be made public any day now, escaping the power of their global mass media to suppress its advent, and techodepreciating the "futures" for their global dictatorship-of-petroleum capital plant to near zero over night.

Therefore, these 'Rocke-Nazi meta-Nazis' have, we hypothesize, become increasingly desperate, and have begun to believe that a global, aerosol-vectoredGMO-disease pandemic -- far more virulent than their "population control", 'Stealth Eugenics' HIV-AIDS GMO-virus, their earlier 'Designer Disease' partial "success" -- may offer the 'Rocke-Nazis' the best means, at their disposal, to dismantle humanity, almost simultaneously, in Africa, in the Middle East, in Europe, in Asia, in South America, in North America, and elsewhere -- world-wide.

The Rocke-Nazis, of course, will have the antidote -- totally hidden from, and withheld from, the public -- to this, their newest genetically-engineered, GMO-virus Designer Disease, an antidote which will be administered only to the Rocke-Nazis themselves, and to their selected slaves -- to their ‘“House Niggers”’, and to their ‘“Field Niggers”’, kidnapped and shanghaied from every human skin-shade, and clime, from every corner of the globe.

We have described how this faction, led especially by the Rockefeller Crime Family, the Morgan Crime Family, as well as by other such “families” of the '''1% of the 1%''' plutocracy, contrived economic depressions, and World Wars, to help overthrow democracies, and to impose a global system of totalitarian dictatorships, with each such national Servant Dictator “under the thumbs” of the 'Rocke-Nazi' faction, including the 'Rocke-Nazis' plan -- publicly and heroically exposed by Marine General Smedley Butler -- to overthrow the Roosevelt regime in the U.S., and to impose a Nazi-like military dictatorship in the U.S., too, and how the 'Rocke-Nazi' faction seized upon, and massively funded, the emergent Eugenics ideology -- especially in the U.S., and in pre-Nazi Germany, financially & ideologically sponsoring the rise to power of the Hitler Eugenics Regime, as a leading instance of its planned global system of 'Servant Dictators'.

Of course, when Hitler signed a “peace pact” with Stalin, his Rocke-Nazis-assigned prime military target, and attacked Westward of Russia instead, with Hitler now seeking to seize the 'Rocke-Nazi' Global Imperium for himself, by first “liquidating” the Rocke-Nazis [leaving Stalin for later “liquidation”], the Rocke-Nazis' plan to overthrow the Roosevelt administration had to be halted by them, and reversed by them:  They now desperately needed that administration to save their asses from their erstwhile Eugenics ‘Servant Dictator’ Hitler -- now turned ‘Franken-Dictator’ -- who quickly brought their other main ‘Servant Dictators’ along with him, into a global Axis alliance against the Rocke-Nazis global rule, i.e., intending to replace the 'Rocke-Nazis' "New World Order" [New Dark Ages] global rule with the global rule of the "Axis" powers' global New Dark Ages instead. 

The Rocke-Nazishad to suspend implementation of their plan for a contrived-global-economic-depression-imposed global system of Servant Dictatorships, each equipped with its own Rocke-Nazi-designed national system of Concentration/Extermination Eugenics Camps -- until 1989; until the collapse of their last real rival for, and a mirror image of their own aspirations to global domination:  The global Stalinist state-capitalist police-states empire.

Ever since then, the Rocke-Nazis have resumed their implementation of their humanocidal plan -- with a vengeance!

One “minor” manifestation of this mounting momentum of Rocke-Nazi implementation of their plan was the erection of the Stonehenge-parodying, so-called "Georgia Guidestones", in 1980, a monument that, again, exemplifies the masquerade of a "conservationist", "environmental", "ecological", "balance with nature" manifesto that characterizes recent ruling-class ruling faction ideology when it is meant for public consumption -- which called for, as its number one "guidance", a "population reduction" of humanity from ~ 4,449,048,798 in 1980 to 500,000,000 -- thus calling for an ~88% plunge at that time --
  1. "Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature."

The number two "guidance" carved into that monument is a call for the world-wide imposition of  Rockefeller Eugenics, with the implied ruling class dictatorship "guiding" human reproduction, a la in the Rocke-Nazis' erstwhile "thousand-year Reich" Nazi Eugenics Dictatorship:  2. "Guide reproduction wisely — improving fitness and diversity."

Now, it appears that a full dress rehearsal of what we might all too aptly name, in our opinions, The Eric Pianka Planetary Plague is well underway, beginning in West Africa, where a Center for Disease “Control” [Truth-In-Naming Court Ordered Name Change:  "Center for Controlled Disease"] estimate expects, “worst case”, 1.4 million Ebola deaths by the end of this year, in Africa alone.

The article reproduced below --


-- by Uri Dowbenko, discusses the hypothesis of a ruling class global program of "stealth genocide", a program prominently featuring 'Designer Diseases' as a major means of its execution, and reviews the historical evidence of the existence and development of such a program, with several points in common with the hypotheses presented here.

In subsequent blog-entries here, after this blog-entry's excerpt, below, on the historical context of the present Ebola outbreak in terms of ruling class "population reduction" strategy, we plan to excerpt and discuss further recent reviews of the global Ebola situation from what we believe to be NON-‘Rocke-Nazi-controlled internet news media.




The Stealth Genocide
Program - Review:
Death In The Air

By Uri Dowbenko

You can call it "genocide." You can call it "crimes against humanity." Or you can call it "population control." Whatever you want to call it, the target is the same - people.
In other words, if you regard humanity as a race of "useless eaters" (that's Power Elite-Ruling Class jargon), you would employ your extensive resources for population reduction.
In fact, believing in Malthusian and Darwinian ideology would require you to cull the masses - and not just by the usual means of wars and "low-level conflicts."
A strategic propaganda campaign through Government-Media would be enacted to promote "public health" practices, which are actually hazardous to the well-being of the population.
This genocide by stealth -- using "public health" to promote slow death -- is the subject of Death in the Air: Globalism, Terrorism and Toxic Warfare by Dr. Leonard Horowitz.
A health science investigator and author of many ground-breaking books, Dr. Horowitz was one of the first to discover and publicize the "smoking gun" documents, which showed that US Government defense contractors like Litton Bionetics were responsible for the production of the AIDS virus, a man-made disease used for bio-warfare and "population control."
"Acceptance is not easy in this regard," writes Horowitz in the book's preface. "Coming to terms with such facts leads by necessity, through Elizabeth Kubler Ross's 'death and dying' process. In her model, denial is always the first step in integrating a horrifying painful reality. It is not pleasant to consider the possibility that many of our public servants cannot be trusted, but even worse, that friends and family members may have been injured by such biochemical attacks."
The biochemical attacks to which he refers include a panoply of population reduction techniques -
* Man-made bio-warfare agents like AIDS and Gulf War Syndrome.
* Toxic pharmaceuticals made by multi-national chemical companies with ties to the genocidal Rockefeller-I.G. Farben Syndicate.
* So-called "chemtrails," which rain death and sickness from the skies on an unsuspecting populace.
* "Mandatory" vaccinations for polio, hepatitis B et al
* Air-borne pesticides like Malathion and Anvil, used by public health officials to supposedly control diseases like the West Nile Virus.
Dr. Horowitz writes that "the alleged outbreak of a type of arbovirus provided an excuse to spray 'mosquitoes' as well as millions of predominantly Jewish, Black and Hispanic residents in the tri-state metropolitan region" during the so-called "outbreak" of West Nile Virus in New York City.
The decidedly racist subtext of this genocide by stealth is one of the predominant themes of the book. The expendables, those whom the deranged Malthusians have decided are to be eliminated, are targeted again and again in illegal government "experiments" or "public health programs." Using humans as guinea pigs has certainly not ended, and because of its promotion through government agencies like CDC, it has become defacto state-sanctioned genocide.
"By 1930, John D. Rockefeller's Standard Oil company had 'married' the I.G. Farben chemical pharmaceutical cartel," writes Dr. Horowitz in the book. "Farben's directors - the cream of the SS and Third Reich -decided that Jewish people would best serve as slave labor in their corporate 'concentration camps.' Hitler's 'racial hygiene' program, historic documents showed, evolved from the 'public health' and 'scientific eugenics' effort of the Rockefeller Family, the British Royal Family and other powerful notables including Prescott Bush - George W. Bush's grandfather."
"It was Rockefeller money that primarily built the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute for Eugenics, Anthropology and Human Heredity in pre-Nazi Germany, forerunner to today's Cold Spring Harbor Labs' operation," Horowitz continues. "Then, the Rockefellers installed Ernst Rudin as the Institute's director. He later became Hitler's chief racial hygienist. Margaret Sanger, the grand matriarch of 'family planning' and world 'population control' worked vigorously at that time to herald the necessary elimination of 'dysgenic' people - mainly Blacks and the mentally retarded."
The "population control" movement and its twisted history based in eugenics is also responsible for the multi-billion dollar abortion industry and its promotion as "birth control" - but that's another story
With strong financial ties to the multi-billion dollar scam called "The Cancer Industry," which promotes a phony "War on Cancer" as well as useless albeit expensive "cures" and "research," this chemical-pharmaceutical beast of a cartel is also heavily involved in the bio-warfare industry, the production of toxic chemicals often tested on unwitting US citizens.
"George H. W. Bush's Secretary of State, James Baker III, was reported to have owned part of the [Gulf War] vaccine manufacturing company against whom ailing Gulf War veterans had filed a lawsuit," writes Horowitz. "Moreover Mr. Bush is said to have been a major shareholder in that company -Tanox Biosystems of Houston."
Why is this significant? The so-called Persian Gulf War needs to be reconsidered as a bio-warfare testing ground - against American troops by American commanders.
"In fact Bush became a board director at Tanox-affiliated Baylor College of Medicine after leaving the CIA directorship," Horowitz continues. "Tanox was closely linked to Dr. Shyh-Ching Lo, who under employment by the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology, isolated and patented a 'pathogenic mycoplasma' originally taken from an AIDS patient that somehow contaminated many of the vaccines given to allied military personnel traveling to the Gulf. Only French soldiers who did not receive the American-made vaccines did not develop Gulf War Syndrome."
By the way, Tanox and Baylor College of Medicine first tested their mycoplasma or fungus-infected vaccines on Huntsville, Texas prisoners. The prisoners consequently developed Gulf War Syndrome - before the Gulf War even started.
In other words, Gulf War Syndrome was predictable - and therefore preventable. So why were US troops dosed with infected vaccines?
Horowitz's conclusion is chilling. "The US military, generally comprised of nationalistic, sovereign thinking, patriotic individuals who pledged to kill and die to defend the US Constitution against all foreign and domestic enemies, represented a 'clear and present danger' to the evolving New World Order."
It was decidedly an Illuminati "two-fer-one." Accomplish two objectives in a single operation: 1. Kill off the America-centric military with slow death Gulf War Syndrome, and 2. Make money by selling polluted vaccines.
The propaganda campaign waged through the media about the efficacy of vaccines is pure psychological operations, or PsyOps, in military-speak. It's a way to confuse the "enemy" - the American public-to believe that black is white and white is black and vaccines will "prevent" disease - rather than lower the immune system and infect a younger generation with toxins that will eventually become cancer in middle age.
Heavily documented, Dr. Horowitz's book describes in detail the many modalities of slow death disguised as public health policy.
For instance, aerial spraying of neuro-toxic pesticides has become a commonly accepted practice, despite the outrageous risks to humans and animals. The so-called med-fly "epidemic" required spraying toxic chemicals over heavily populated areas, according to public health officials. This charade did nothing but debilitate the immune systems of the elderly and other minorities who happened to live in the affected area.
Horowitz notes that "in 1998, Dan Rather reported on the CBS Evening News the 'emergency' spraying of Malathion by 'black helicopters' simultaneously over Miami Beach and Los Angeles for an alleged 'fruit fly infestation."
A world-renowned speaker on health issues himself, Dr. Horowitz writes that "I thought it odd that there would be: 1) emergency fruit fly infestations in urban settings as most pest captures I knew were in rural areas, 2) sudden simultaneous infestation of the same species more than three thousand miles apart. In this case, it seemed too convenient that the US disease control and agricultural officials together with the military had decided to kill two fruit fly infestations with one helicopter dispatch, and 3) the predominant 'fruit flies' in Miami Beach and Los Angeles were elderly Jewish, Hispanic and Blacks. Who better than these 'pests' might they desire to spray?"
Reported with a straight face by Government-Media shill Dan Rather, this wacky story was accepted as gospel truth by a gullible TV audience.
Dr. Horowitz concludes this report by saying that "moreover I knew that Dan Rather could not be trusted as he had personally admitted in June 1992 being used for CIA cover stories and counterintelligence propaganda stories."
Death in the Air has additional chapters on
* Chemtrails (contrails containing toxic chemicals sprayed from aircraft; officially called "Operation Cloverleaf," according to government insiders)
* the bizarre toxic Red Tide phenomenon in New Jersey,
* HAARP and atmospheric heating "experiments,"
* the so-called abortion pill RU-486 (Mefeprex) and its deadly side effects,
* the euphemistically named "non lethal weapons,"
* psychological operations against civilians,
* CIA mind control programs (MK ULTRA and MK NAOMI), and
* electromagnetic weapons used for mind control. Dr. Horowitz also describes the early roots of contemporary eugenics and its racist Ruling Class origins, most notably the people-hating Paul Ehrlich and his propaganda classic, The Population Bomb. "We can no longer afford to merely treat the symptoms of the cancer of population growth; the cancer itself must be cut out," wrote Ehrlich. If you didn't get it, Ehrlich considers people to be the cancer of Planet Earth. Today even though his false prophecies have been thoroughly discredited, Ehrlich's lie-of-a-book remains mandatory reading to brainwash future generations of college students.
Death in the Air reveals how non-governmental organizations (NGOs) are used for genocide, how the US Geological Survey promotes government propaganda, and how vaccinations are a tool for global genocide -- linking the infection of Gays in America and Blacks in Africa with the man-made disease called HIV/AIDS.
Facts presented by Dr. Horowitz also effectively discredit the popular myth of "vaccination safety," promoted by the mass media and public health officials.
Color reproductions of astonishingly graphic genocidal art at the Denver International Airport and its ominously named "New World Airport Commission" are also found in the book These murals are illustrations that depict nothing less than the Death of Humanity (the death of indigenous peoples, Blacks, Latinos and Whites) and the rise of Global Eco-Fascism.
Dr. Horowitz's previous book Emerging Viruses: AIDS and Ebola (1996) was an underground best seller -- a scathing indictment of the criminal Military-Industrial-Medical Complex, referenced by actual government documents and reports as evidence.
His Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse (1999) was an expose' of the occult mysteries of biological and psychological warfare.
Death in the Air is a must read -- a brilliant and disturbing work of investigation amid the prevailing subtext of genocidal public policy.
The issue of "public health" and its abuse by government officials is a dagger in the heart of every American, and Dr. Horowitz presents clear-cut evidence of malevolent intent and criminal conspiracy.
The book, however, ends on an optimistic note. "Ultimately the choice to assimilate this knowledge and intelligence is both practical and spiritually uplifting," he writes.
"Although this factual account may seem overwhelmingly bad, if not horrifying, these revelations have come in cadence with the greatest spiritual renaissance in history."
"For the most part we are not required to blindly follow medical advice: consume toxic chemically treated foods and drinks, or even breathe polluted air," he continues. "My family, for instance, has chosen to rely on alternative health professional and self-care practices. We do not pay for costly health insurance, but invest our savings in a healthy lifestyle. We have learned to treat ourselves with periodic fasting, detoxification, deacidification, immune boosting, oxygenation and bioelectric and bioacoustic therapies." Anyone who wants to understand "bio-spiritual warfare" should read Death in the Air.
"I have seen the difference my protests have made in people's lives around the world," Dr. Horowitz writes. "A simple sharing about vaccine risks today can save an infant, a child, or a parent's life tomorrow."
Death in the Air: Globalism, Terrorism and Toxic Warfare  
By Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz

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