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Dialogue with a Reader: Marxian, 'Psychohistorical-Dialectical' Theory of ‘Rocke-Nazi’ Ruling Class Ideology and Strategy -- GLOBAL STRATEGIC HYPOTHESES.

Dialogue with a Reader:  Psychohistory of ‘Rocke-Nazi’ Ruling Class Ideology and Strategy -- GLOBAL STRATEGIC HYPOTHESES.

Dear Readers,

This blog-entry is to share with you a recent dialogue with a reader, on the psychohistory of ruling class ideology and strategy.”




Reader:  I believe it's true, the data on Project Paperclip has been authenticated and researcher Mae Brussell had it all taped, that elements from Nazi Germany were brought over here at the end of WWII and were able to infiltrate (most likely with acceptance by the racists in the Power Elite).

But, if so, then why is the U.S. government Israel's best ally? 

That doesn't match up with what I believe to be true:  that the Power Elite IS following a racist-Nazi agenda, mainly as a way to finally destroy this country from within, something the Germans [Nazis] could not do in WWI and WWII.

Please share your thoughts.  I do not want the contention that a Nazi ideology is at work covertly in our government to fail to be accepted simply due to not being able to answer the above question.

M.D.:  The theory that those German Nazis who imported en masse into the U.S. after WWII by Project paperclip -- and also directly by the CIA, who hired many former Gestapo agents, etc. -- “infected” the U.S. “Power Elite” with Nazi ideology, and thereby created the present strategy of the U.S. [and U.K.] “Power Elite”, gets into trouble because it fails to ask “where did Nazi ideology itself come from in the first place”, or because it assumes that the origin of such ideologies was entirely a product of pre-Nazi, Weimar Germany.

That theory is tantamount to a theory that Sauron was the source of all evil in the Tolkein universe -- ignoring Morgoth.

Examining history more deeply, regarding the origin of Nazi ideology, results in a tracing of that ideology back to the U.K., to the
ideologies of Hobbes [the call for a dictatorial “Leviathan” state, to violently suppress the conflicts, and the conflicting factions, within civil society], of Malthus [growth of human population MUST outrun the growth of the production of means of subsistence, so famines and epidemics must be tolerated, or even promoted, as well as wars and massacres, to reduce the human population back to the level that the means of subsistence can support. Of course, most of human history is the story of an exponential growth in the productivity of means of subsistence, supporting an exponentially increasing human population, until recently, utterly falsifying Malthusian “science”], and of Darwin [“[gladiatorial] survival of the fittest”, according to the [Anti-]Social Darwinists”, who perverted the science; the real science involves ‘‘‘survival of the more ‘sustainedly’ self-reproductive’’’], which also led to the ideology of Eugenics [people with “bad genes” should be prevented from reproducing, e.g., by exterminating them before they can reproduce, or by exterminating also any children that they may have had along with exterminating them, the parents]. 

Hitler explicitly refers to a perverted version of
Darwinism in his ‘genocido-maniacal’ rant, Mein Kampf.

The Carnegie Foundation, and especially the Rockefeller Foundation, funded
Eugenics, worldwide, and especially in the U.S. and Germany. 

Eugenics was the evil heart and very core of Nazi ideology.
The Rockefeller family has never apologized, to America, and to the rest of the world, for their global funding and promotion of their vicious Eugenics ideology.  Indeed, there is vast evidence that they are still pursuing Eugenics, even more rapaciously than before, but now under different names and euphemisms. [see the book  Merchants of Despair:  Radical Environmentalists, Criminal Pseudo-Scientists, and the Fatal Cult of Antihumanism, by Robert Zubrin, New York:  2012, New Atlantis Books. See also, in this blog, the blog-entry:].

Of course, the Rockefeller
Eugenics ideology was adapted to local German ideological weaknesses and susceptibilities.  Such “local/nationalist adaptations” were applied by the Rockefeller ‘ideology-engineering corps’ for each one of the Rockefeller-owned fascist dictatorships that they proliferated worldwide in the 1930s, leading up to WWII -- Mussolini in Italy, Franco in Spain, Salazar in Portugal, Horthy in Hungary, Tojo and Hirohito in Japan, etc., etc. [try to keep from puking while you read this list!].

But Hitler in Germany was a key ‘servant-dictator’ for the Rockefellers.

That's why the Rockefellers, including the Rockefeller Foundation, directly, and, indirectly -- via key Rockefeller agents, such as the Dulles brothers, and Prescott Bush, the founder of the Bush family as a lower-plutocracy servant-family to the Rockefellers -- funded the rise of Nazi Eugenics, and the rise of Hitler, so generously.  [see:]. 

The Rockefellers feared the strong potential for an alliance between Germany -- with its scientific, technological, engineering prowess -- and Russia -- with its vast labor and natural resources, as well as its pockets, already, of scientific, technological, and industrial advance. 

Such a potential alliance, if actualized, could have easily overthrown Rockefeller global rule.

So the Rockefellers hired Hitler to do Rockefeller Eugenics on the Slavic peoples of Europe, intending that a war of mutual extermination between Germany and Russia/Eastern Europe would devastate and weaken both to the extent that the threat of their alliance would be extinguished, and so that both could be securely conquered under new Rockefeller servant-dictators.

In the end, Hitler didn't do his job, so the Rockefellers had to fire him. 

The Rockefellers’ German agents crafted a plan, including
Operation Barbarossa, within their Generalplan Ost (“General Plan for the East”), for Hitler to attack eastward -- to attack the Slavic people’s to Germany’s East in general, and to attack Russia in particular -- and to enslave, then exterminate, those Slavic peoples, weakening both Germany and Russia in the process of that Eugenics war of extermination, making them no longer 'ally-able', and, separately, no longer strong enough to threaten Rockefeller world rule.  The Wikipedia “General Plan East” entry describes these plans as follows --

"The Generalplan Ost (German pronunciation: [ɡenəˈʁaːlˌplaːn ˈɔst]; English: General Plan East), abbreviated GPO, was the Nazi German government's plan for the colonization of Central and Eastern Europe.[1] Implementation of the plan necessitated genocide[2] and ethnic cleansing on a vast scale to be undertaken in territories occupied by Germany during World War II.[2] Some of the plan was partially implemented during the war, resulting indirectly and directly in a very large number of deaths, but full implementation was not considered practicable during the ongoing war effort and was prevented by Germany's defeat."
"The plan entailed the enslavement, expulsion, and partial destruction of most Slavic peoples in Europe, whom the Nazis viewed as racially inferior and non-Aryan.[2][3] The programme operational guidelines, prepared in the years 1939–1942, were based on the policy of Lebensraum designed by Adolf Hitler and the Nazi movement, as well as being a fulfillment of the Drang nach Osten (English: Drive towards the East) ideology of German expansion to the east. As such, it was intended to be a part of the New Order in Europe.[2]"

Hitler’s “concentration camps” -- his
extermination camps -- were, quite precisely, nothing other than Rockefeller-designed Eugenics camps. [See the book War Against the Weak:  Eugenics and Americas Campaign to Create a Master Race, by Edwin Black].

Indeed, Michael Crichton notes the following: “The latter
[The Rockefeller Foundation] was so enthusiastic that even after the center of the eugenics effort moved to Germany, and involved the gassing of individuals from mental institutions, the Rockefeller Foundation continued to finance German researchers at a very high level.  (The foundation was quiet about it, but they were still funding research in 1939, only months before the onset of World War II.)” [for source, and full extract, see:].

Here, Michael Crichton either failed to “connect the dots”, or was afraid to do so.

He did not ask why the Rockefellers stopped funding their German -- Hitler -- version of
Eugenics only in 1939.

Our Hypothesis:  They did so, because that’s when they realized that Hitler had turned on them, turned against them, like the fictional Frankenstein’s monster turned on his creator, Dr. Frankenstein.  That’s when the Hitler ‘servant-dictatorship’ -- servant to the Rockefellers, brutal dictator to his own people -- became a franken-dictatorship’.

The Rockefellers had funded the rise of the Hitler dictatorship, and of its “military-industrial complex”, in part via
Prescott Bush -- the founder of the Bush family as a lower-plutocracy servant-family, servants to the Rockefellers -- from Bush’s position in the Brown and Harriman investment bank.  The Roosevelt administration later prosecuted Prescott Bush/Brown and Harriman for this funding of Nazi-ism and of the Nazi war machine, under the WWII “Trading with the Enemy Act” [see the book American DynastyAristocracy, Fortune, and the Politics of Deceit in the House of Bush, by Kevin Phillips].

That was when Hitler acted on his feeling that, instead of remaining subservient to the Rockefellers, he could defeat them, and make himself world ruler in their place.

So, instead of attacking Russia, his agents enacted, in the wee hours of 23 August 1939, in Moscow, the “Hitler-Stalin Non-Aggression Pact”, also known as the “German-Soviet Treaty of Nonaggression”, and the “Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact”, a -- mutually insincere -- agreement that Germany would not make war on Russia, and that Russia would not make war on Germany.  Ha! Ha! Ha!

But that Treaty signaled to the Rockefellers that their German ‘servant-dictator’ had turned into their German Franken-dictator’. 

Now the Rockefellers had to give up their plan to overthrow the Roosevelt administration in the U.S., and to replace it with a Nazi-like
Eugenics dictatorship, originally planning to install Charles Lindbergh as their U.S. ‘servant-dictator’. 

[however, when their arch-Eugenicist, Lindbergh, sired a “genetically defective” son -- even though Lindbergh had his son kidnapped and murdered in March of 1932, to cover up these "genetic defects" from public disclosure -- the Rockefellers turned to Marine General Smedley Butler.
But, to the Rockefellers’ dire peril, General Butler reported publicly the ‘servant-dictatorship’ that they had offered him]. 

The Rockefellers now needed the Roosevelt regime, and the U.S. working class -- thousands of the latter to die horrible deaths in WWII, to save the Rockefellers from extermination by Hitler, the Frankenstein Monster that the Rockefellers’ funding and their
Eugenics ideology had created.  So the Rockefellers had to allow the New Deal, and other Roosevelt reforms, to get the people of the U.S. to clean up the Rockefellers’ Hitler mess.


World War II then formally began, on September 3rd, 1939, two days after Nazi Germany invaded Poland, on September 1st, 1939, when England, parts of its “Commonwealth”, and France declared war on Nazi Germany.

Up until Hitler’s 1939 “turn”, highly-placed Rockefeller agents and public figures all over the world, and especially in the U.S. and the U.K., had been, during the 1930s, praising Hitler to the high heavens, declaring that Western European and American-style democracy was “dead”, and declaring German Fascism to be the wave of the future, the new model for the whole world -- the new world order. 

The founder of another lower-plutocracy servant family to the Rockefellers, initially a co-eval peer [and competitor] to the
Bush servant family -- Joe Kennedy -- who the Rockefellers had appointed as U.S. ambassadorship to the U.K. -- seemed to be late in getting the message that the Hitler regime was no longer the servant of the Rockefeller world Eugenics movement, but was now the arch enemy to the Rockefellers, Joe Kennedy’s masters. 

Joe Kennedy kept trying to arrange a personal meeting with Hitler, a meeting unauthorized by the Roosevelt White House and State Department, and, perhaps, he thought that he could play the hero, and score big points with the Rockefellers, by “turning” Hitler back to Rockefeller-servitude. 

In any case, in November 1940, Joe Kennedy forever dashed his ambitions of becoming the President -- or Rockefeller ‘servant-dictator’? -- of the United States, when he publicly uttered the words:  “Democracy is finished in England.  It may be here.” -- to the Boston Sunday Globe, as published in that newspaper on November 10, 1940.

Joe Kennedy’s later hostility to the Rockefellers, his encouragement of his sons to run for the U.S. Presidency in his stead, and their defection from the Rockefeller, ruling faction, to the Roosevelt, opposing faction, of the U.S. ruling class, should be seen in this light.

Another “eugenicist” racist who, we conjecture, sought to “re-turn” the Nazi regime in Germany, back to Rockefeller-servitude, restoring the deal that had prevailed prior to Hitler’s ‘franken-dictator’ turn against Rockefeller world rule, was none other than Hitler’s “Deputy Führer”, Rudolf Hess.  

 In 1941, the year that Hitler was secretly scheduled to invade the “Soviet” Union -- the invasion actually occurred on 22 June 1941 -- Hess flew solo, on 10 May 1941, from Germany to Britain, in a flight unauthorized by the Hitler regime, in an effort to negotiate peace with Britain, in return for Germany’s invasion of Russia -- a potential return to Hitler’s ‘original assignment’, for the Rockefellers, and for the Rockefellers’ British “elite”, eugenicist followers and allies.   

We hypothesize that Hess knew well of Hitler’s planned “Operation Barbarossa” invasion of Stalinist Russia, and timed his defection based upon the imminence of that potential return to ‘the original deal’, as handing him a valuable bargaining chip with the British. 

We think that Hess foresaw Germany’s defeat in a two-front war, warring concurrently with both Russia and the combined U.S/British forces, and saw a “re-turn” to ‘the original, Rockefeller-serving deal’ as a way out of that otherwise total defeat.   

Hess’s plan, we think, would have involved the overthrow of Hitler by the original, anti-‘franken-dictatorship’, anti-“turn” faction within the Nazi Party, and the replacement of Hitler by Hess, as the new -- restored -- Rockefeller ‘servant-dictator’.

The Rockefellers had been grooming "eugenicist"
Charles Lindbergh to become their U.S. ‘servant-dictator’, after their planned overthrow of the Roosevelt presidency -- and had been cultivating his vast U.S. and world-wide celebrity and popularity -- up until he fathered a “genetically defective” son, disqualifying the eugenicist, Lindbergh, from representing the Rockefellers “good genes” ideology as to who should rule, and who should die.   

Lindbergh had his “genetically defective” son kidnapped and murdered in March 1932, hoping, thereby, to suppress press coverage of his son’s “genetic defect”, and to get back into the “good graces” of the Rockefellers, so as to once again be their choice for their U.S. ‘servant-dictator’.

Evidence of Lindbergh's involvement in the kidnapping of his own child is presented in the following NOVA episode [original air date 31 July 2013; from time-index ~37:35 to time-index ~44:17] -- -- and in a major book on the kidnapping by Rutgers historian Lloyd Gardner [ Lloyd Gardner, The Case That Never Dies: The Lindbergh Kidnapping].

Instead, the Rockefellers’ agents approached U.S. Marines General Smedley Butler -- the most decorated Marine General of all time, if I am not mistaken -- in November of 1934, offering him the role of U.S. fascist ‘servant-dictator’, after the Rockefeller overthrow of the Roosevelt presidency.  [see the book The Plot to Seize the White House -- The Shocking TRUE Story of the Conspiracy to Overthrow FDR, by Jules Archer].

Unfortunately for them, Smedley Butler did not even wait, or cooperate with them, long enough to become another Rockefeller ‘Franken-Dictator’.  Instead, he reported their offer to the public.  The Rockefellers had to scramble all of their media, Congressional, and other ideology-engineering assets to succeed in -- only partially -- suppressing Butler’s revelations, and to avoid their prosecution, once again -- their prosecution for treason against the United States.

As mentioned above, the Rockefellers, Morgans, etc., had to give up their plans for a Fascist overthrow of Roosevelt, anyway, in August 1939, when Hitler, in effect, “declared war” on his erstwhile masters, the Rockefellers.  The Rockefeller faction then needed the Roosevelt faction, and the American people, to save the Rockefellers’ ugly asses from German Nazi-ism, the
Eugenics monster that the Rockefellers themselves had created.

After America [and Russia] won WWII, and the horrors of the Nazi
Eugenicscamps were exposed to the world, the Rockefellers had to drop their Eugenics vocabulary like they would a 1,000,000 degree hot potato!  

Instead, they switched their propaganda, and their massive financial support, to a new vocabulary, but, of course, with the same old, Eugenicsgoals -- “Zero Population Growth”, “Zero Economic Growth”, “Small Is Beautiful”, “Save the Environment [by killing billions of people]”, “Back To Nature”, “Frugality” [starving to death millions of people], “Austerity”, ‘‘‘Voluntary Self-Impoverishment’’’, “Save The Planet” [by destroying humanity] -- and Rockefeller, "People Are Pollution" Global Warming Austerity.

After WWII, the Rockefellers faced a new competitor for World Domination -- the ultra-vicious Stalin and Mao dictatorships in China and Russia.  The Rockefellers had to suspend their plan for world dictatorship, and concentrate on defeating their Stalinist rivals in the “Cold War”.   

The Rockefellers, to win world public support in that “Cold War”,  even had to pretend to uphold democracy, constitutions, bills of rights, human rights, union rights, and even some of the Roosevelt “New Deal” Reforms [which they absolutely hated for benefiting the majority of the U.S. population, the population they planned to decimate].

It was not until after Rockefeller arch-agent Henry “Dr. Strange Kiss” Kissinger prevailed upon China to impose a “one child per family” proto-Eugenics regime, in return for capital investments, etc., and after the ‘“Fall of the Wall”’, and of Eastern European/Russian Stalinism, in 1989, that the Rockefellers could begin to resume an -- only somewhat updated -- version of the 1930s plan for world Eugenics -- for world-wide, Orwellian, totalitarian, police-state dictatorships, their national state-capitalist ‘servant dictatorships’ all under Rockefeller control, as needed to impose “ecological” humanocide. 
¿Why not re-start the Rockefellers’ plan with a “9/11” false-flag operation, using “worker bees” provided by the Rockefeller-owned Saudi ‘servant-dictatorship’, and minions of the Bush family’s Bin Laden business partners, to “justify” omni-surveillance of all citizens, and a de facto repeal of the U.S. Constitution and Bill Of Rights?

¿Why not then “follow-up” with another ‘Designer Depression’, similar to the Rockefeller-engineered ‘Global Great Depression I’ of the 1930s -- i.e., why not next impose, beginning in 2007-2008, to “soften up”, not just the German, etc., working-classes, but, this time, the global working-class, for acquiescence in a new spate of Rockefeller-Neo-Nazi ‘servant-dictatorships’ world wide?

So, no, Nazi-ism was not just some local, home-grown German ideology, that later polluted and infected the U.S. ruling class, which imported Nazi-ism when they imported Nazis back to the U.S. for cushy government jobs, in the CIA, etc., after WWII, instead of prosecuting those Nazis, for crimes against humanity.

Nazi-ism was a tailored-to-German-weaknesses version of a world-wide
Eugenicsideology, funded by the Rockefellers and the rest of their ruling faction of the U.S. ruling class, designed by the Rockefeller ‘ideology-engineering’ apparatus, and exported to Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Hungary, Japan, etc., especially during the 1930s, as well as being propagated, and even enacted into law, in the U.S., by the Rockefeller faction.  [see:].

Nazi-ism did not “infect” the U.S. ruling class after the fact.  The Rockefeller ruling class created Nazi-ism, adapting it to dupe the German people using ideological materials already ready to hand in Germany, especially after the “reparations” savage ravaging of the desperate German people, including by the 1923 hyper-inflation, etc., that had “softened them up” for the “hope” offered them by the Rockefeller-Nazi ideology.

Why does the U.S. ruling class make the U.S. Treasury Israel’s best ally?

It should always be remembered in these matters that racism -- that various ‘enthnicisms’ and ‘religion bigotries’, etc. -- are not the ideology of the ruling class itself.  They are ideologies that the ruling class engineers for OUR consumption, to divide and conquer the working class, to keep us fighting each other, instead of fighting THEM.

As far as the individuals of the ‘Rocke-Nazi’ ruling class are concerned, ALL workers, of every race, ethnicity, and religion, are all “niggers” -- to be impoverished, then enslaved and, then, a little later, to be, mostly, exterminated.

If the ruling class can concentrate more of the poverty, unemployment, and general abuse that their brand of capitalism generates on only one part of the working class, more than on the others -- like on the Catholics in Northern Ireland, or on the slavery-descended African-Americans in the U.S., etc. -- then they can get the other parts of the working class NOT wanting to be treated like that “nigger”, or “gook”, etc., part of that working class is treated, and wanting to believe that that “nigger”, or “gook”, etc., part of the working class is “inferior”, and therefore “deserves” that abuse, and even get parts of those other parts of the working class wanting to join in on that abuse, to get out their own “white trash”, etc., frustrations at being also abused by that ruling class. 

After all, after their Rockefeller impoverishment and hyper-abuse, these “niggers”, “gooks”, etc. LOOK “inferior”, don't they?  Anybody would!

If the Zionist ideology, and the Israeli state, can be “pressed into service”, prostituted by massive U.S. military and other funding, to perpetrate ‘Stealth Genocide’ against the Palestinians and other Arabs, and to divide and conquer the Semitic peoples -- Arabs and Hebrews alike -- then the ruling class does not care that the Israelis are “Hebrews”, as long as they obey that ruling class.

The Israelis serve to “watch over” the Middle Eastern part of the Rockefellers’ ‘Global Dictatorship of Petroleum’. 

If the Saudi Arabians grow disobedient to the Rockefellers, the Rockefellers can sic the Israelis upon those Arabs.

If the Israelis grow disobedient to the Rockefellers, the Rockefellers can sic the Saudi Arabians on the Israelis, etc., etc.  

'“Checks and Balances”', Rockefeller-style!

The Nazi ideology of, e.g., anti-Semitism, was tailored, by the Rockefellers, to German 1930s conditions.

[By the way, the Rockefellers are not semites.  They are "Southern Baptists", of Dutch extraction]. 

The Rockefellers tailor other ideologies to suit other conditions, as needed.

Racism is just an ideological tool that the Rockefellers use to fool you into attacking other workers, instead of you realizing what’s really going on, uniting with other workers, and overthrowing the Rockefellers -- by non-violent, rule-of-law, constitutional, legal means, given the remnants of the democratic rule of law in your nation!

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