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CAPITALISM’S FATAL FLAW -- “in a nutshell”.





CAPITALISMS FATAL FLAW -- in a nutshell.

Dear Readers,

A brief rendition of the proposition which is the central focus of this blog is posted below.


The capital-value system, the capital/wage-labor system of social relations of production, incentivizes productivity growth in the pursuit of augmented profitability -- the growth of the social forces of production, i.e., of ‘the [human-]societal [self-]force of expanded societal [self-]reproduction’.

Concurrently, increasingly, as capital-value-based society develops -- as capital-value accumulates -- that productive-forces growth -- that growth in human-societal ‘self-productivity’ -- destroys capital, especially concentrated capital, by “moral depreciation”, e.g., of the fixed capital assets of the concentrated-ownership, politically-powerful capitalist interests, that is, destroys their capital by ‘‘‘technological obsolescence depreciation’’’ [‘technodepreciation’ for short].  

This destruction by de-value-ation’ of past-accumulated capital-value goes on at a tendentially-accelerating rate, threatening to overthrow the core faction of the capitalist ruling class by destroying the concentrated-capital-value ownership base of its socio-political power.

The core-faction ruling-class reaction* to their realization of that mortal threat to their rule -- their realization that their own system has ‘“turned against them”’ -- [e.g., ideologically, their engineering & propagation of “Eugenics”, leading to Hitler’s, and others’, concentration/extermination “Eugenics” camps, followed by ‘humanocidal’, “People Are Pollution” Environmentalism] creates the Hell-on-Earth horrors of the ‘‘‘descendence phase’’’ of the global capitalist system [since ~1900 C.E.].

Meanwhile, the advanced capital-value-relation pre-configures seeds of ‘political-economic democracy’, fostering the mostly unconscious, stealth pre-formation of a potential higher successor system to the capitalist system.

*[Major ruling-faction initiatives in reaction to this realization include the 1913 U.S. Income Tax Revenue Act, the 16th Amendment ratified in 1913, the Federal Reserve Act of 1913, & the ruling-faction-engineered precipice of World War I, circa 1913.].

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