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Seldon on State-Capitalism.

Seldon on State-Capitalism.

Dear Readers,

Karl Seldon recently shared with me, as well as with others of the Foundation, the following remarks, on the topic of state-capitalism [This transcript has been edited, for emphasis, by me, not, as has usually been the case in this blog, by the F.E.D. Special Council for the Encyclopedia].

He said -- 

Stalinist[, Leninist, Maoist, etc.] [proto-]State-Capitalism -- i.e., the “pure” state-bureaucratic ruling class species of capitalism -- is not an alternative to “private” capitalism, or to “public”, joint-stock capitalism. 

That State-Capitalism is not a “supersession” of [“private”, and/or of “public”, joint-stock] capitalism.

That State-Capitalism is not a “successor system” to [“private”, and/or to “public”, joint-stock] capitalism.

That State-Capitalism is nothing more than a prevenient, ‘semi-peripheral’, disfigured prefigurement of the “lawful” ultimate destiny of core capitalism itself, and, indeed, of all of capitalism as a whole itself.

That “lawful” destiny of capitalism as a whole is, namely, police-state, totalitarian, ‘humanocidal’, Orwellian -- ‘‘‘hell on Earth’’’ -- ‘national super-corporation’ state-capitalisms, in contrived, ‘humanocidal’, global “permanent war” [cf. George Orwell] among themselves, and in global ‘permanent depression’ economically and psychologically, while the waning species of humanity lasts, and secretly ruled by a single, global, ultra-vicious, “eugenicist”, Malthusian ruling class, one which is a hybrid of elements of the concentrated “private” capital-owning national ruling classes of the old capitalist core, and/with formerly hostile elements of the ‘semi-peripheral’ national[ist] state-bureaucratic, oligarchic, plutocratic ruling classes, both, in their separation, belonging to the earlier phase of capitalism, as well as with surviving elements of feudal -- theocratic and crypto-landed-aristocratic -- plutocratic classes, that were only partially defeated, as ruling classes, by the rising industrial capitalist classes of the emergent capitalist core.

It is the ‘‘‘political-economic law of motion of modern society’’’ [cf. Karl Marx], in terms of the collective will of this descendence-phase ruling class, a will that is psychohistorically driven by the sociopathic logic of the “capital-relation” [Marx] as predominant “social relation of production” [Marx], that ‘‘‘ascendence-phase’’’ capitalism will, at length, descend and degenerate into the ‘‘‘New Dark Age’’’ of a global, ‘‘‘Orwellian’’’ system of police-state, totalitarian, [eu]genocidal-‘humanocidal’ state-capitalisms.  This means a global horror-regime of state-capitalist nation-states, and multi-nation-state blocs thereof [cf. George Orwell], in permanent mobilization for mass-murder, globally.

This degeneration will continue, and will worsen, up to and including the ‘self-extinction’ of the Terran human species -- unless or until the world working class acts successfully, especially electorally, to terminate this degeneration, and to launch a global, ‘‘‘grassroots’’’, ‘Political-ECONOMIC DEMOCRACY’, and, with it, a ‘Global Renaissance’ of humanity. 

Such a ‘Global Renaissance’ can only be based upon an accelerated re-advancement of the “social forces of production” [Marx], and upon the emergence, and constitutional, juridical adoption, of the new “social relation of production”, beyond the “capital-relation”, that is appropriate to that re-advancement of ‘the societal self-re-productive societal self-force of humanity’.

The course of the planetary historical development of ‘‘‘human Nature’’’ that this “law of motion” describes is driven -- causally, psychohistorically -- by the growing consolidation, centralization, and concentration of capital ownership wealth in ever fewer hands as the capital accumulation process progresses, coupled with the ‘technodepreciation’ ‘‘‘fatal flaw’’’ of the capitalist system -- the accelerating “technological obsolescence depreciation”, or “moral depreciation” [Marx], of accumulated, concentrated-ownership fixed capital plant and equipment.

The latter drives the historic shift in the ‘capital as self-expanding value # capital as self-contracting value’ ‘self-duality’, or ‘‘‘internal/self-contradiction’’’, of capital-value, from the dominance of the LHS [Left-Hand Side] of the forgoing contradiction[#]-relation expression, to the dominance of its RHS [Right-Hand Side], that also creates the transition from the global ‘‘‘ascendence phase’’’ to the global ‘‘‘descendence phase’’’ of the capitalist system, with its pivot circa 1900 C.E./B.U.E.


Miguel Detonacciones,
Member, F.E.D.,
Officer, F.E.D. Office of Public Liaison

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