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Part 8. of 8. -- Political-ECONOMIC DEMOCRACY

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This blog-entry contains the
eighth and final part of my serialization, within this blog, of the E.A.g.’s [Equitist Advocacy group’s] “Way Forward” proposal, entitled Alternative to the Totalitarian, Humanocidal Self-Degeneration of Capitalism -- Political-Economic Democracy, with my own edits added to their text, for its improvement [improvement, at least, to my way of thinking!].


In my opinion, this text is too valuable to be treated as any kind of “sacred text”.

It needs to be “improved upon”, and circulated, «samizdat», worldwide, in such “improved” editions -- i.e., in as many versions as are seen as being needed, by every author who thinks that [s]he can “improve” upon it [including this one].

This text is under the Equitist Advocacy group’s omni-copyright umbrella [see item 6, Universal Property”, in text at:  ], so there are no “copyright violation” issues to hinder such circulation, whether such an edition, “improved” or not, is attributed anonymously, or under the name(s), or under (a) (the) pseudonym(s), of the improving author(s), or under the name of the Equitist Advocacy group itself [although, in that case, the fact of the “improvement” of their original text by (an)other author(s) should be explicitly noted, obviously].

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Part 8. of  8. --

Alternative to the Totalitarian, Humanocidal Self-Degeneration of Capitalism -- Political-Economic Democracy

Plan of Action


1.  Draft target equitarian social constitutions, each as an immanent extension /- «aufheben»-negation, of an individual national constitution, at least, initially, for the nation-states of the global geographical core of the ‘capitals-system’ -- e.g., for the U.S. Constitution, for the «de facto» U. K. Constitution, for the French Constitution, for the German Constitution, for the Italian Constitution, for the Canadian Constitution, etc., and a programmed progression of enabling Equitarian constitutional amendments, as well as [other] legislative enactments designed to establish and institutionalize equitable society, and the social relation of societal reproduction of Equitarian [‘contra-Trotskyist’, ‘contra-Stalinist’, ‘contra-Leninist’, contra-state-capitalist [democratic-communist] society;

2.  Form an [underground] Equitist Party to campaign for the Equitist constitutional amendments, and for the general program of transition to an equitable society, via all available/created, global «samizdat» channels;

    • Campaign continually and relentlessly, via anonymous communications, through every appropriate global «samizdat» channel, for the public to comprehend that their lot, under the continued reign of “the capital-relation’ [Marx], is one of ever-deepening political-economic immiseration, ‘‘‘be their wages high or low’’’;

    • Demonstrate that this is so through relentlessly publicizing to the global public the burgeoning global totalitarian police-state terror-regime of descendant-phase capital, the ‘torture-state’ of totalitarian/plutocratic, ‘Meta-Nazi’ state-capitalism, and through publicizing its hyper-vampiric parasitism on their very life-blood — the very life-blood of human society, of expanded human social reproduction — manifesting as the trajectory of accelerating global contracted social reproduction that ‘‘‘lawfully’’’ characterizes descendant-phase capital.  Show the public how this leads, if they acquiesce, to an ineluctably entailed global holocaust — the multi-genocidal, meta-genocidal, ‘‘‘humanocidal’’’ finality of the unchecked rule of descendant-phase capital.

    • Explain how, intrinsic to the process of the competition/accumulation of capitals, and to the successive waves of mega-mergers, etc.; to the resulting hyper-consolidation, hyper-centralization, and hyper-concentration of capital ownership, and to the ‘hostile takeover’ of the capital-prostituted political state by the hyper-concentrated capital-ownership groups, is a transformation of descendant-phase capital into ‘‘Murder, Incorporated’’’, with killing people for money as its fundamental modus operandi — ever more so with the passing days, in ever more ways.  Prove to the public that the rule of descendant-phase capital becomes, and must become, Corporate Stalinism, Private Stalinism, and Privatized Stalinism.  Demonstrate to the global public that — 

      • without citizen externality equity, they are increasingly helpless to defend their children, and their children to be, against the pollution ‘externalities’ that are poisoning them, forcing them into asthma, emphysema, leukemia, and other dread diseases; giving them births fraught with deformities, autism, etc.; 

      • without citizen birthright equity, they cannot protect their children against a future of ever-increasing indebtedness and destitution, with an increasing likelihood of homelessness, and of incarceration in the ‘Meta-Nazi’ concentration /extermination camps that are already under construction; 

      • without citizen stewardship equity, they, and their children, will face, at best, a future of unaffordable higher education, and of chronic unemployment, interrupted only by attenuating, sporadic spasms of "contingent", temporary hiring -- when their labor can be exploited, briefly, for profit -- under ever-deteriorating, ever-more-life-threatening conditions of anti-health and of anti-safety while in the workplace, a workplace that they will have to commute to via ever-deteriorating, and ever-more life-threatening transportation infrastructure, and other social infrastructure, with no "employee benefits" except those that they are fined, by law, for not buying for themselves, but which they will be unable to afford, given rock-bottom wages and salaries, and Central-Bank orchestrated, cumulative, uncompensated inflation.  All of this will arise in the context of ever-worsening, ever-deepening, aperiodic World Market Crises/World Wars, each one worse than the last -- worse than the 1930s Global Great Depression I., worse than the present Global Great Depression II. -- each successive crisis/war "succeeding" with greater amplitude than its predecessor, with their frequency ever-increasing, and with each inflicting more lethal damage upon the vast majority of humanity than its predecessor, until these crises/wars merge and blur together, into an interminable stagnation -- or in a global, totalitarian, 'humanocidal' extermination-state; 

      • without global citizen allocational equity, they are doomed to the continued existence of a ‘Third World’ zone of human deprecation and depredation for the majority of humanity, with all of the global degradation of the human spirit that this entails, and also, consequently, doomed to the continued existence of this “Third World” as a breeding ground for monstrous dictatorial personalities, and for colossal global violence, from which even their most distant homes and communities cannot ultimately be protected; 

    3.  Campaign continually and relentlessly, via anonymous communications, through every appropriate global «samizdat» channel, for public understanding of the proposed new species of equity foundational to equitable society, or political-economic democracy, of the global human benefits of those new species of equity, and of the sequence of steps necessary to construct that equitable society, and for public understanding of and support for the program of constitutional amendments and of [other] legislative enactments necessary to institute generalized equity;

    • Distribute freely, and discuss widely, á la "The Federalist Papers", through all appropriate anonymous channels, the various national versions of the Equitarian Social Constitution

    • Distribute, submit to public dialogue and critique, revise, and then re-print, (i) an Equitarian Manifesto, (ii) the language and content of the various, developing proposed enactments of Equitarian transitional/enabling legislation, (iii) the Equitarian constitutional amendments, and (iv) the various draft national Equitarian Social Constitutions

    • The [underground] Equitist Party as a whole, as among its most fundamental policies, and all of its [undercover] members, as a condition of that membership, pledge to the global public that they shall refrain from “taking state power”, and from any official role in an eventual Equitarian government, committing, on the contrary, to remain in action as such, after the Equitarian transition / social-relations revolution, as an external check-and-balance upon the Equitarian government, to help minimize abuses of power by that government, and to help minimize subversions of political-economic democracy, by the bureaucracy of that government, and by / in concert with its former-ruling-class-remnant, ‘Meta-Nazi’ would-be ‘perverters’. 

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