Thursday, September 04, 2014

The Dialectic of Egoism and Altruism: The Emergence of '''Communst Egoism'''.

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The 'dialectogram' posted below addresses a core, crucial, but usually suppressed issue in the whole history of the Marxian movement, which is also crucial to the present resurrection of that movement, and to the future of humanity as a whole:  the dialectic of egoism and altruism -- of individualism and collectivism -- and the world-historical emergence of a new, synthesis, human-social self-identity 'psycheo-ontology' that <<aufheben>> includes and transcends both.

This 'dialectogram' also references a text from the early 1970s which explored this issue in depth, and which, though long out of print, is available from internet sources including the following --

-- and which is well worth another look today.

A fuller excerpt from the 1844 letter to Marx by Engels, that is excerpted  in the 'dialectogram' below, is available via --

Enjoy, Learn, and Transcend!



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