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Grassroots Awakening Gradually Growing.

Dear Readers,

In our '''field work''', on behalf public liaison for, and on behalf of the epochal, anti-New-Dark-Ages Mission of, Foundation Encyclopedia Dialectica [F.E.D.], Aoristos Dyosphainthos and I increasingly find an acceleratedly growing, if gradual, awakening among the “grass-roots” public, in the United States, and elsewhere as well, to the humanocidal fate that the core -- Eugenics”/ [pseudo-]Environmentalist -- plutocracy has in store for “95%” of humanity, if the majority of humanity fails to awaken in time, to the plutocracys plan, and to act accordingly. 

The text below is a case in point.  It is being circulated, mainly “by hand”, in samizdat fashion, in the U.S.

F.E.D. does not agree with all of the analyses and recommendations contained in this text, but we do find it to be on the trail of the true intensions and plans of the Eugenics”/ [pseudo-]Environmentalist -- plutocracy.

For background on these urgent matters, see --


Miguel Detonacciones

F.E.D. Office of Public Liaison


The statement ...[of the title, above]... may seem overly dramatic or simply offered to gain your interest. 

Only the last part of that is true. 

It is NOT overly dramatic but it was put there to gain your attention, and your parents’ attention, because YOU, young people, students...ARE the greatest threat to the twisted plans which the individuals that are running this country have.

They do not want you to be literate or aware of what is really going on.


     Before I go into what their plans most certainly are, a look back at a similar situation where young people rose up and derailed, for a time, the plans of these world-wide industrialists, bankers and the power elite, including members of the military-Industrial complex, is important to review, so as to gain an understanding of what these individuals have planned for you.

      At the end of World War II in the late 40's, a war that these same interests created, millions of men and women came home from the fighting and war support positions and got back to the productivity that America has since become known for. 

Things were so good economically in this country that young people of this era, that are often referred to as “baby boomers”, had the freedom to attend college without any severe economic pressures. 

They had time to question!

     This gave students the ability, as the military-industrial complex was laying plans to get this country involved in the War in Vietnam, to look into what was being said regarding our involvement in that war, why we were getting involved and other aspects that these powers did not think anyone would ever look into.

Young people did...and they were very successful.

And what they discovered through their continued investigations into the propaganda being forwarded by the powers of the time, showed that this was NOT a war that would be good for America, but VERY good for the companies supplying bombs and ammunition and other items to the war short, good only for the Military-Industrial Complex.

     So the student of the time, at colleges all over the country organized “teach-ins” about the most important lies & facts about how and why the War in Vietnam was being presented to the America public. 

After this step, massive demonstrations were organized by students and student groups, all over the county on a regular and continuing basis.

Students were so effective, committed and un-relenting in exposing the lies about the War in Vietnam, that rather than believing that the “revolution had failed” as you may have heard and some of that time may have thought, students through their efforts were so successful that you could hardly be a politician in those times and come out openly for the war, with any hope of being elected.

Students were actually in the position of dictating White House policy, regarding the War in Vietnam!

They HAD won as the students efforts began to turn the general public against continued involvement in the War in Vietnam!

    This terrified the Military-Industrial Complex and their plans for a war that would go on and on and on  making them billions of dollars of profit, all at the expense of thousands of lives on both sides and a destruction of our economy as well. 

So they decided to take action to derail the very effective efforts by students all across this country. 

Not to mention killing protesters at Kent State, Ohio. 

...killing a few students, they knew, would not stop the continued exposure of the lies that our involvement in the War in Vietnam was founded upon, including the “Gulf of Ton-kin” incident which was used as the basis for our entering the war and which has been shown to be a fabricated lie.

They had another plan.

The plan that the ruling elite, the Military-Industrial Complex and other international money interests came up with, was to infuse drugs into society, especially [M.D.:  into] the youth culture, at a level never witnessed before! 

This they knew would derail the efforts of students who were exposing the real plans of these interests. 

And it worked! 

Even Timothy Leary, who was an early proponent of taking LSD and somewhat of an opinion leader amongst the youth movement, was later exposed as a CIA officer!  Probably on a mission from the CIA to encourage the use of this dangerous drug, all to stop the protest movement against the war which the students were doing so successfully.

     But the plans of the Military-Industrial Complex and those in league with them did not stop with simply drugging an entire generation into being in-effective.

They [also] performed a “house-cleaning” of any political leader(s) that stood against them.

President John Kennedy had plans, ready to go, to scale back and stop our involvement in the War in Vietnam.

He planned to “scatter the CIA and lessen its power.” 

He had millions of U.S. printed dollars ready to be issued, bypassing a current cancer upon this country – The Federal Reserve which prints ALL our money. 

He was simply removed. 

Martin Luther King also spoke out against the War in Vietnam, a war where a high percentage of black soldiers were being killed. 

We all know his fate. 

And Robert Kennedy, also against the war, was investigating and exposing the Mafia, who were most likely involved in a dark alliance, with the power elite, in bringing drugs [in]to America where they [were] used as “weapons” against students.

The day he won the California primary, which almost certainly would have meant that he would be our next President, Robert  Kennedy was gunned down in circumstances that, still to this day, have not been investigate[d] properly.

Those individuals running the Military Industrial Complex, the International Bankers, politicians who are secretly supported by them and others, learned a less[o]n by almost having their plans derailed, by “a bunch of uppity students who think this country is theirs to run as they see fit!” 

Never again would they allow the economy to be in a good enough condition so that students would have any time to ponder the issues of they day. 

So they began to destroy the productivity America was known for. 

They certainly had a hand in creating the “environmental movement”.

The environmental movement, although needed in a world where there is too much polluting of our environment, was pushed by the media that the very same people who drugged an entire generation own and control. 

It is simply a way to force us into a “”simpler”” lifestyle while they continue to live anyway that they desire no matter the pollution they and their companies do. 

But there is, of course a darker side to their creation and support of the environmental movement

     Just before they started this campaign, real strides were being made towards developing a workable fusion reactor. 

And this form of energy, clean and abundant, since hydrogen is the most abundant element in our world, is an energy source that is directly opposed to their plans of keeping us on oil and gas for as long as they can. 

It is why they invented “global warming”, which my colleagues and I have thoroughly investigated and have found to be the biggest hoax ever forced on the people of this world! 

It was invented to stop the forward progress of any workable energy source that would derail their plans and profits.

The media they own, is relentless in forwarding the total fabrication represented by “global warming.”


     The real facts, not altered by those that work for them or who are controlled by them, show the claims about “global warming” to be completely fabricated.

In our possession is a declassified CIA report that was issued before “global warming” started being pushed, and it reports that the planet is cooling and in the years to come it will be harder to grow crops in a world that will again be host to another ice age.

Then suddenly the message was changed, at precisely the time when fusion was being researched and some successes were being made with this form of energy!  

Even a leading and current proponent of “global warming” told a colleague of one of our researchers that, “I know that global warming is false, but I know where my grant funding money comes from.”


    The current plan, it appears to be, since they can never allow another generation of students to be bright and questioning and aware of their plans, is to continue their drugging of all students.

This is being done either with dangerous psychiatric drugs, like Ritalin and Prozac, which the pharmaceutical industrial complex makes billions of dollars from, or their new campaign, using the media to present marijuana as being as safe as a cocktail at the end of a work day. Something which could not be further from the truth no matter what you have heard in the media, again which these interests totally control. 

So what is one to do to make sure that one is not put asleep to the plans of these people, that one's fellow students are not asleep to the plans of the Military-Industrial Complex and their lust for continual wars driven by their lust for profit; the lust of the International Banking Interests and their lust for the control of everything financial; those that profit from illegal world-wide trade and the Pharmec[e]utical-Industrial Complex, that is the tool of these entities to keep students unaware, asleep to their plans, or worse. (EVERY student that has shot up schools in this country was on psychiatric drugs).

     ... things STILL can be done to derail the plans and efforts of these entities who want to enslave all students and eventually every American citizen. 

First, speak to your parents and make them realize that you should never be tested for any of the made-up maladies such as Hyper this or that disorder. 

They have been fabricated by the Pharmaceutical Industrial Complex simply as a way to make students blind to the plans of a very sick group of International entities and for their profits. 

If you have problems speak ONLY to a member of the Clergy or a qualified, non-psychiatric nutritionist. 

Many of the symptoms, that students are given dangerous psychiatric drugs for, can be totally handled through proper nutrition. 

Other symptoms are alleviated through proper study methods, like making sure one does not read past ANY words that one does not understand.  Make a dictionary, at your level of reading, one of your tools [that] you always keep handy.

     If you are already on any psychiatric drug, even if you agree they are worthless and you don't like taking them...UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES SHOULD YOU STOP TAKING THEM WITHOUT THE SUPERVISION BY A QUALIFIED NON-PSYCHIATRIC NUTRITIONIST!!.  There are nutritionists available that know how dangerous and worthless psychiatric drugs are and they can help get you off of them. If you have fellow students on these drugs, talk to then, help them to seek out a nutritionist to get off of them as quickly and as safely as possible. The Citizens Commission on Human Rights, CCHR,, is a psychiatric watch dog group that has booklets and videos exposing the myths put forth by psychiatrists and the Pharmaceutical Industrial Complex. In fact many of the studies reporting that drugs like Prozac and Ritalin are safe or worthwhile have been funded secretly [M.D.:  or openly!], by the very companies that make and sell these dangerous drugs!

Refuse to be caught up in the current campaign forwarding the smoking of marijuana (pot).

Pot is a far more dangerous drug than is currently reported for the very reason that a drugged society is way more easy to control than one that is wide awake and able to see through the lies of these entities that are seeking to control all Americans as a way of maintaining their own profit and power, at the expense of the country and [of] all of us.


     Imagine if you were a politician who was doing illegal things, would you want to be confronted at a press conference by reporters who would make you answer questions.

Would you want to have to answer to those that can elect you or not elect you and who are not going to back off until you, the criminal politician answers the questions regarding the missing funds that were supposed to go for maintaining our roads or keeping our schools in good repair, which, sorry...are simply now just...missing?

     No!  You would not if your were unethical in your actions. 

And that's why they work to make an America that is asleep for the most part, [with a public] who are drugged and fed with foods that are not healthy, and focused on an internet with images that no one should be exposed to [--] with us basically looking the other way and unaware of the actions and plans [that] these people have, and are forwarding against all of us, and our freedoms.


     I believe that young people are the future of this great country and our world.

I try to invest in young people. 

I want to see young people in the best possible shape possible, because that is our best “weapon” against the dire plans that these twisted entities, psychotic in their actions and only bent on maintaining their power, money, influence and control over us, have. 

I believe that we will be successful in our battle against such sick minded individuals.

But it requires us to be aware and to question their motives and the false information they send to us along today's information channels, which as outlined before, they own.

Still there is a “magic” in this country. 

We still can get the truth and they do not yet control all of the internet and there are truths there to be found by those that realize how important this battle for our own future is.

I wish you well. 

You MUST be successful in this challenge, or a new dark age will descend upon all of us. 

YOU, young people, are our best weapon against their [M.D.:  plan for our] enslavement.


There are 3 movies to watch.

One will shed light on how Washington is really run: “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington.

Missing”, tells what members of our Government will do around the world to preserve their power and control, and “Oh God!” points out who is responsible for making this world a better place...

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