Sunday, January 28, 2018

Contribution to an Internet 'Multilogue' on “Atheistic Materialism”.

Contribution to an Internet 'Multilogue' on “Atheistic Materialism”.

Dear Readers,

I recently posted the following contribution, pasted in here below, to an extensive, multi-year web dialogue on "Atheistic Materialism".



“If it is true that we can neither prove the existence of God/of a Divine Realm, nor prove the non-existence of anything adequate to such names, then perhaps this post should be about 'Agnostic Materialism', not about "Atheistic Materialism".”

“I like the work of a research programme, called Foundation Encyclopedia Dialectica, that does not waste a lot of effort debating Theism vs. Atheism vs. Agnosticism, but, instead, uses a new 'contra-Boolean algebra' of dialectics that they have discovered, to build qualitative models -- '''ontological models''' -- of the entire known universe -- the 'Dialectic of Nature' -- and of the many 'sub-universes' of our one experientially-known Universe.  Their work is available for free-of-charge download at .”

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