Monday, January 29, 2018

Reply to a Proposed Revision of Marx’s THESIS 11 [On Feuerbach].

Reply to a Proposed Revision of Marx’s THESIS 11 [On Feuerbach].

Dear Readers,

I have responded to a recent blog-entry post proposing a revision the final thesis of Marx’s eleven, new world-view-founding “Theses On Feuerbach”.

I have posted a link to that blog-post, together with my response, below.




Dear Professor Santos,

It is a telling ‘‘‘psychohistorical’’’ phenomenon of our times!  You are not the only Marxian who has felt the need to enhance Marx’s culminant thesis on Feuerbach, thesis 11.

Of the present Marxian tendencies -- the tendencies that eschew all forms of sub-peripheral “pure” state-bureaucratic state-capitalism/pseudo-socialism -- Leninoid, Trotskyoid, Stalinoid, Maoid, Castroid, Unoid, etc., etc., ad nauseam -- as well as of hybrid, private-capital-dominated/state-bureaucratic-class-administered state-capitalism -- Hitleroid, Fascist, Falangist, Peronist, Salazaroid, etc., as well as the forms prevalent in the core capitalist countries today -- the present Marxian tendency that I like best has enhanced Marx’s eleventh thesis to the following:

“The philosophers have only interpreted the world, in various ways; the point, however, is for us to change our presently still “prehistoric” human world, in the direction of, and all the way through to the actualization of, a global political-ECONOMIC DEMOCRACY, and thus to enable, thereby, that regime of a continuing GLOBAL renaissance of humanity -- the first such ever -- a regime of the growing global flourishing of human Nature and of planetary exo-human Nature alike, the regime that political-ECONOMIC DEMOCRACY makes possible.”

Like you, they see the need to integrate “non-human “ Nature, both theoretically and practically, into the movement for planetary self-liberation, showing how humanity is an outgrowth of pre-human Nature, by way of principles and processes that are generic in Nature as the totality; showing that humanity is a self-extension of, and a predictable self-continuation of, pre-human Nature itself.

Indeed, they have resurrected Engels’s unfinished “Dialectics of Nature” in a form deeply conversant with contemporary modern science, and with contemporary modern mathematics.  They have revived it into the form of a unitary, natural-historically-generic “DIALECTIC [singular] of Nature”, containing separate, successive, and progressive epochs of natural history, each with its own natural-historically-specific “dialectical-natural laws”, each such “law” a variant of, but each also fully conformant with, that natural-historically-generic ‘self-aufheben’ dialectical ‘‘‘law of Nature’’’ [singular].

Their detailed definition of “political-ECONOMIC DEMOCRACY” can be found at --

Their voluminous work in general is freely available via: .

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