Thursday, November 22, 2012

PREAMBLE to Proposed Equitarian Constitutional 'Amendatory Annex'

Dear Readers,

I have reproduced, below, the draft Preamble to the Proposed Equitist "Amendatory Annex" to the U. S. Constitution.

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Proposed ‘Amendatory’ Annex to the U. S. Constitution ...


We, the People of the United States of America, duly institute into the law of our land this Economic-Democratic Annex to the Constitution of our nation in order thereby to therein establish Political-Economic Democracy

We do so in cognizance of humanity’s historical experience of the fate of political-only democracy, in the grip of a self-degenerating capital-based socio-economic system, and in cognizance of the mechanism of that self-degeneration, as revealed by humanity’s political-economic science.  

Both confirm that human liberty, and human prosperity, cannot then even be maintained, let alone advanced, by political-only constitutional and statutory checks and balances among governmental branches.   

Our historical experience, leading us to these reforms, can be summarized as follows --

The social system founded upon the capital-relationship ineluctably concentrates an ever-greater share of ownership and control in an ever-shrinking minority of the population, and in a minority which increasingly tends to be socially selected for sociopathic tendencies.   

This inherent trend in the capitals-system increasingly affords to the concentrated ownership class, a tiny minority, an ever greater possibility of, and financial capability to, prostitute the executive, legislative, and judiciary branches of political government to their unified command, at all jurisdictional levels, thereby defeating constitutional and statutory, political-only checks and balances among those branches of government.

Moreover, as the capitals-system continues, capital-value accumulates, in the hands of the concentrated ownership class, ever-more preponderantly in the forms of fixed capital, capital-market securities, and long-term bank loan capital assets, for loans used to purchase vast quantities of fixed capital plant and equipment.   

The concentrated ownership class thus perceives an increasing vulnerability of its power to overthrow by forces inherent in competitive capitalism itself. 

That class therefore acts to eliminate its exposure to such overthrow, in ways which threaten the liberty, health, livelihoods, and progress of the majority of humanity; in ways increasingly destructive to the vast majority of living human beings, ways which also threaten the future – the very survival -- of the human species globally.   

The capital assets of the concentrated ownership class are increasingly vulnerable to technological obsolescence depreciation -- to "technodepreciation", for short -- given the continuation of normal competition against older capital assets from the latest, lowest-cost, most-advanced, highest-productivity fixed capital, e.g., installed in newly-industrializing, initially low-wage nations in the geographical periphery of that ruling class’s “home” nation-states, as well as from home-grown new-entrant innovators within that ruling class's own heartland.   

This drives that ruling class to defend its capital assets, the very basis of its socio-political-economic power, against such technodepreciation in ways which make it the enemy of human progress and, ultimately, the enemy of any human future.

This class uses its concentrated economic power, and its burgeoning “buy-out” of national governments, to increasingly suppress any technological progress whose competition would threaten its assets with such technodepreciation in its home market.   

As a consequence of its suppression of deep economic competition, this class induces the descending phase – the “vampire-capitalist”, state-capitalist phase -- of the capitals-system, increasingly reversing and destroying whatever social virtues that system may have exhibited in its competitive, ascending phase.   

Abroad, this class imposes a system of brutal militarist dictatorships on the potentially newly-industrializing nations of the geographical periphery of its “home” nation-states, to suppress industrialization there, while also taxing its home producing class to pay for that plutocracy’s global secret police “intelligence”, torture, assassination, and mass murder infrastructure, and conscripting, from its home producing class, “cannon fodder” for its military interventions to maintain its system of servant dictatorships.   

It thus dupes people whom it has impoverished into mass-murdering other people whom it has also impoverished.   

In that process, the concentrated ownership class imposes, step-by-step, on the majority of its own heartland population, a “national security” citizen-spying-state / citizen-assassination-state; an increasingly human-rights outlawing and violating degeneration and perversion of constitutional, representative democracy.   

The concentrated ownership class moves to block the progress of [“technodepreciating”] productivity growth globally.  

It diverts and perverts potential increments to global prosperity into socially destructive preparations for wars, contrivance of actual wars, and financial cannibalization of productive assets, to contrive profit from destruction, rather than from production, as it had once done, to a greater degree, in its ascendance phase.  

It propagates profit-via-destruction, e.g., as "stealth eugenics" and as stealth genocide, via the interlock of health-destroying pseudo-foods and health-destroying pseudo-medicines.   

By all of these acts it deepens majority impoverishment globally, making the very population size of the increasingly suffering majority a growing remaining threat to its rule.   

In the end, this concentrated ownership class, losing control, failing to sufficiently suppress the growth of science & of industrial productivity worldwide to protect its asset-values, & threatened with imminent overthrow by the techno-depreciating consequences, & by the democratic aspirations, of the advanced-fixed-capital employing, educated, economically-empowered, rising middle-working classes worldwide, including in the "former "Third World" nations that it had formerly been able to “underdevelop”, desperately opts for a new, & this time global, holocaust; for catastrophic, contrived- Malthusian “population reduction” -- “Eugenics” -- on a world scale, by contriving civil wars, pandemic diseases, “natural” disasters, economic collapse, famine, police-state concentration-extermination "Eugenics" camps, and new world war:  in short, opts for "humanocide" -- the wholesale murder of the majority of the human race.   

This amendatory annex to the Constitution of the United States is instituted to economically as well as politically empower the majority, producing class of this nation so that it is enabled to avert the humanocidal fate which otherwise awaits, by instituting new, economic checks-and-balances on concentrated political-economic power -- by establishing Political-Economic Democracy.

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