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Why the Plutocracy Pushes "People Are Pollution" 'Global-Warmism' [ = 'Neo-Eugenics']

Full Title:  Why the Core Plutocracy Pushes "People Are Pollution" Global-Warmism [ = Neo-Eugenics]


Dear Readers,

Hypothesis:  A Brief Summary of the Collective-Psychological "Psycho-Historical Law" of the History of Capitalism as a predictable stage in the self-alienated self-development of the Human '''Phenome'''/Genome.

The primary driver of the trajectory of a [self-]global[izing] capital-relation-based human-social system is the "self-duality" of capital as "self-expanding value" versus capital as "self-contracting value", and the mutually-determined shift in the balance of these two contrary, mutually-engendering processes as the capital-praxis of humanity develops itself... .

Historical Premises.

Competitive capitalism is inherently unstable as such.

Competition leads to the negation of competition.

Some competitors succeed, most fail.

The succeeding competitors typically swallow up the assets of the failing competitors.

As a result, the concentration of economic power grows, in the hands of the “successful competitors”.


Capital as "Self-Expanding Value":  "Accumulation" of Capital-Value as Net Profits are re-invested, especially in new, more cost-effective, more productive "capital equipment".

But, as the physical mass of profit-productivity-enhancing fixed capital grows relative to the physical mass of circulating capital, the vulnerability of the owners of concentrated capital to devastating competition from "upstart" new entrants, employing less costly to acquire, less costly to operate, and/or more productive [less-costly per unit of output] fixed capital plant-and-equipment, grows apace.


Capital as "Self-Contracting Value":  "Dis-Accumulation" of the Capital-Value of past-accumulated, obsolete fixed-capital plant and equipment

The concentrated-capital owners can be forced, by such competition — from "upstart" new entrants, employing less costly to acquire, less costly to operate, and/or more productive [less-costly per unit of output] fixed capital plant-and-equipment — to retire their thus "obsoleted" fixed capital, at a loss, i.e., long before its full-physical-life-time-use "full amortization" would have paid for it and yielded its expected profit-returns, AND while they still owe debt-service on the loans that they took out to purchase that now-worthless fixed capital. They may typically have to pay that debt-service for many years still to come, while also having to take out NEW loans on the NEW, replacement fixed-capital, that is competitive with the "upstart" new entrant(’)s(’) more advanced fixed capital, thus "compounding" their debt-service expenses and exposure.

This compounding of debt-service payment expenses on fixed capital, for both fixed capital still in use -- and also for that not still in use, and thus no longer generating any revenue "coverage" for its own continuing debt-service costs -- combined with the continual "writing-off" of other fixed capital "techno-obsoleted" in this way, once the value of fixed capital has become a large or even a predominant portion of total capital, can induce a secular decline in the net rate of profit return on investment for core concentrated industrial capital.

Later, these capital-return-rate losses to industrial capitalists and to banks is "socialized" (e.g., due to the heightening rates of bankruptcy of industrial borrowers holding too much "compounded" debt-service expense) — is converted into inflation losses to the public (i.e., mainly, to losses for the working class — for the buying power of their wages and savings), via "Central Bank" fractional reserve monetary systems [fiat debt-money-creation systems] — systems no longer constrained by production and productivity (e.g., by the production of precious metals), and designed for that very purpose by the core plutocracy.  

For more about this, see "US Price levels 1665 to 2005, in Constant (2005) Dollars" at

As a result, the owners of concentrated, core industrial capital move massively to destroy such "upstart", new entrant, new technology based competition, both from entrepreneurs in the industrial capitalist core countries, and from other countries, outside that core, that have the potential to industrialize — a potential that they seek to crush by the setting up of progress-suppressing comprador servant-dictatorships -- servants to the core plutocracy, dictators to their own people -- throughout the yet-to-industrialize peripheries of the core capitalist countries.

The successful competitors, the core concentrated industrial and banking capital owners, have sufficient capital-profit funds, and other forms of power, to begin "buying-out" [prostituting] the national states of the core — legislature, executive, and judiciary alike, thus subverting any political checks-&-balances against anti-democratic abuses of power among the political branches of bourgeois-democratic nation-states.

They leverage their prostitution of these governments to destroy real competition, arranging corporate welfare of all kinds for themselves, and biased regulatory strangulation for their smaller competitors, especially the new entrants who are fielding the most innovative, higher-productivity [higher "productive force"]/lower-cost technologies.

Now increasingly and effectively  "Above the Law", the concentrated-capital ownership plutocracy begins to kidnap ("disappear"), or assassinate, or otherwise ruin (often using the unconstitutionally/anti-constitutionally-expanded police powers of their prostitute-governments) inventors whose innovations threaten to "techno-depreciate" the plutocrats' fixed capital, via more-advanced, more-productive technology.

[Example:   HYPOTHESIS — the Rockefeller Oil/Finance Plutocracy [Exxon-Mobile/J. P. Morgan-Chase, etc.] has brought about the rapid demise, in one way or another, of every single inventor/scientist who has ever announced a successful fusion reactor design.  For more about these dynamics, see GS3: The Long History of the 'Rocke-Nazi' Suppression of Nuclear Fusion Energy Development, and the Decoy of Linear-Equilibrium "Tokamak" Fusion.]

For more about these "techno-depreciation" dynamics, see:

Historical Consequences.

So, the plutocracy also uses its wealth, and the military power of the core capitalist state(s) which it has prostituted, financed for "free" to that plutocracy, via the tax revenues paid to those states mainly by their non-wealthy, non-plutocrat, mostly working class citizens [thus creating a new form of “surplus-value” exploitation], to install, and to maintain, "servant-dictatorships" all over the periphery of the core/"advanced" industrial capitalist state(s).
The core-plutocracy-assigned function of these "servant-dictators" — "servants" to the core plutocracy, "dictators" to their own citizens — and their police-states is to, under CIA tutelage, torture, rape, and murder the progressive, democratic-nationalist, and “populist” citizens of those nations, and to destroy any industrialization or technological advance in those peripheral states.

Otherwise, the core plutocracy would face "techno-depreciation" of its fixed-capital-based assets from abroad, from the periphery, where a combination of traditionally low wages, and latest-vintage, higher-productivity, lower-cots, higher-quality capital equipment, in competition against the plutocracy's older-vintage/obsolete capital equipment, and the higher wages won by the core middle/working class through generations of bloody struggles against that plutocracy in the core industrial-capitalist state(s), would "techno-depreciate" that plutocracy's fixed-capital-based assets, and/or depress their rate of return on those assets, to an extent which would threaten the ability to hold onto economic, hence political, power of that core plutocracy.

Lately -- starting with the post-WWII re-industrializing re-building of Western Europe ["Marshall Plan", etc.] and Japan, forced upon the core U.S./U.K. plutocracy by their need to counter the Stalinist state-capitalist challenge to their global rule, and continuing, e.g., in the industrialization of China, India, and Brazil -- the core plutocracy's strategy of industrialization-suppression has been failing more and more.  The core plutocracy feels cornered, and has become desperate.

These plutocrats have therefore massively funded anti-science, anti-technology, pro-de-industrialization, and "people are pollution" ('pro-humanocide') ideologies — beginning even before WWII, with, e.g., Rockefeller "Eugenics" in the 1920s & 1930s, adopted — and discredited — by their former "servant-dictator", later "Franken-Dictator" Adolph Hitler, all the way to today's "Eugenics Warmed-Over" — humanocidal "GLOBAL-WARMISM", as well as other variants of pro-"population reduction" ploys (e.g., "Peak-Oil"-ism, "Small-Is-Beautiful"-ism, "Limits-to-Growth"-ism, "Zero-Growth"-ism, etc., etc., ad nauseam).

The purpose of all of these plutocracy-manufactured “people are pollution”, pro-“population reduction”, ‘pro-humanocide’ ideologies is to help block further advances in technology/"human social productivity", which threaten to devalue their fixed-capital-based assets, and, eventually, to reverse the historical growth of human-social [self-]productivity / "the social forces of production".

Hence, since these plutocrats strive to suppress any rise in global social productivity, and, eventually, to lower it, they work also to achieve public acquiescence in global multi-genocide ("population reduction"), since their productivity-blocking has the consequence of accumulating an ever more miserable population of poor people worldwide, ever more likely to revolt against, and to overthrow, that ultra-vicious plutocracy.

The plutocracy therefore acts to murder these people preemptively, through all kinds of stealth genocide (Hypothesis:  e.g., via genomically-engineered "Designer Diseases", such as "AIDS"), and through outright genocide whenever these plutocrats think that they can get away with it.

Thus, the self-degeneration of representative-democratic, competitive capitalism into totalitarian, humanocidal state-capitalism is inevitable, until or unless the world's people rise up in revolt, and put an end to the 'humanocidal' power of this increasingly hyper-perverted, 'cosmopathic', core plutocracy.

This path represents the immanent "law of motion" of industrial-capital-centered human societies generally.

The only way that I see out of this deepening nightmare is to increasingly put the productive assets of society into the hands of socialized producers' cooperatives, which must meet the economic checks-and-balances, and the tests, of market competition — e.g., the Equitists' new "Citizen Stewardship Equity" constitutional rights.

Control — not ownership, but stewardship — of social property productive assets by these socialized producers' cooperatives would, in that way, be widely dispersed, creating constitutional-citizen-economic-rights-based economic checks-and-balances, conserving the checks-and-balances on "product quality" and "customer service quality" provided by market competition, and blocking the hyper-concentration of capital-asset-value seen today, which leads rapidly to the global self-destruction of human society, due to the political-economic dynamics of "techno-depreciation", and due to the predictable ruling class strategic responses thereto, as described above.

This "way out" will require a popular revolution in the "core of the core" of [state-]capitalism — in the U.S.A., as well as in China — much like the one which overthrew Stalinist state-capitalism in Russia and Eastern Europe circa 1989.

However, this time, it must be, if it is to succeed, a revolution aimed DIRECTLY at the ruling Rockefeller/Morgan/Rothschild/etc. invisible dictatorship, which was able to pervert and suppress the Eastern European and Russian revolutions against state-capitalism, installing new, neo-state-capitalist servant-dictators [Yeltsin, Putin] there, because that plutocracy was in a momentaneously safe, privileged position to strike at them, since it was not directly vulnerable to those revolutions.

This revolution, to succeed, must be aimed at GREATER individual liberty, and GREATER democracy, not less.

It must be a revolution whose goal, e.g., is the CONSERVATIVE EXTENSION of the U. S. Constitution and Bill Of Rights, so as to add ECONOMIC CHECKS AND BALANCES -- also thereby resurrecting the otherwise increasingly moribund political checks and balances among the branches of the political government, by overthrowing the prostitution of the political government to the core plutocracy -- and new Species of Citizen Equity constitutional rights, beyond but still including, and, for the first time, enforcing Capital-Equity [Stockholder Democracy] — New Citizen Economic Rights — to the Political-only Rights and checks-and-balances already enshrined in — even if honored increasingly only "in the breach", especially lately — that Bill Of Rights of that Constitution.

It must be, to succeed, a revolution whose demand is an amendment of the U.S. Constitution, establishing a Political-ECONOMIC DEMOCRACY.

To succeed, it must be a legal, non-violent movement for constitutional amendment, using the legally-established channels for such amendment.

Unfortunately, the Caligulan-Neroan hyper-pervertoids of the U. S. plutocracy can be expected to attack this movement illegally, with all of the ultra-violence that they can muster, until or unless this movement becomes popular enough — just as the popularity of the revolutions in Eastern Europe and the former USSR eventually stayed the hand of the vicious secret police and the pro-Stalinist army elements, flash-freezing those craven bullies via their fear of popular wrath.
Since this ultra-violent response of the (Rockefeller/Morgan/Rothschild/etc.) core plutocracy is predictable, it should be prepared for in advance.

How much more mass murder will the people of the United States tolerate from the ‘Rocke-Nazi’, "R.I.C.O." [Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organization] U.S. "government" before they rise up?

Individualist Anarchists and Pseudo-Libertarians take heed:  Pining away for a utopia of stable, perpetual free capitalist competition, a la Ron Paul — a nowhere "utopia" that does not exist, and that cannot ever exist anywhere — is, well, ineffective, and impractical, to say the least.  Insisting that this impossibility become reality — and thereby transferring even more unchecked power into the hands of the mega-corporate plutocracy, by eliminating even those few benefits and protections against increasingly unchecked corporate-plutocratic power that central governments still afford to working people — is the creed of the latest breed of 'utopian capitalists', and plays right into the hands / plans of the core corporate plutocracy.

Pseudo-Marxians (Lenino-Stalinoids, Lenino-Trotskyoids, Stalino-Mao-oids, etc., etc., ad nauseam) take heed:  Totalitarian state-capitalism is not socialism (that is, state-capitalism is not the political-economic democracy of "the associated producers" [Marx]) [This is detailed directly in the works of Karl Marx, as opposed to the re-presented, recuperated, and falsified works of said pseudo-Marxians, many of them funded and deployed by the aforementioned core plutocracy]; on the contrary, state-capitalism is, in fact, the very extremity of the historical OPPOSITE of socialism:  the final, hyper-degenerate, descendant-phase, nadir-form of capitalism itself!



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