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The Nazi State was a ‘Rocke-Nazi’ State: Global Strategic Hypotheses.

The Nazi State was a RockefellerState:  Global Strategic Hypotheses.

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The Nazi state was a Rockefeller state.  The early, ultra-degenerate “Dr. Strangeloves” of the Rockefeller, ‘capitalist anti-capitalist’, ‘human anti-humanist’, “Eugenicist” faction of the geographical core capitalist ruling class, funded and promoted a plethora of “fascist” state-capitalist, genocidal totalitarian dictatorships across Europe and Asia, including Salazar in Portugal, Franco in Spain, Mussolini in Italy, and, of course, Hitler in Germany.  These were ‘servant dictatorships’ -- servants to the Rockefeller faction, mass-murderous, terrorist, ultra-vicious police-state dictatorships to their own people.

The Hitler ‘servant-dictatorship’, in particular, was funded and serviced, for the Rockefeller faction, by the Brown and Harriman Investment back, in acts which were later indicted under the World War II “Trading with the Enemy” Act.  The person in charge of this Hitler Regime promotion: none other than Prescott Bush, the founder of the Bush Crime Family, as a lower-plutocracy servant family to the Rockefeller faction.

The Rockefeller Faction also provided the early drafts for the Hitler Regime’s infamous “Eugenics” plans -- “Generalplan East” and “Operation Barbarossa” -- the plans to conquer, enslave, and then exterminate the peoples of Eastern Europe and greater Russia.
The Rockefeller faction, and its subordinate factions in the U.K. “City of London”, etc., had long feared the growing trend toward an alliance between Russia, with its vast labor and natural resources, and its emerging industry and scientific-technological capabilities, and Germany, with its already well-developed industrial, scientific, and technological capabilities.  They feared that this potential German-Russian alliance would overthrow their global dominance, and thus also overthrow their plans for a global system of “fascist” state-capitalist police-state dictatorships, of permanent global economic [and psychological] depression, of permanent global war, and of ongoing Malthusian “Eugenics” mass extermination of the human population.  I.e., they feared that such an alliance would lead to their liquidation, and thus also destroy their ultra-sadistic plans to impose everything that George Orwell warned us about in his novel, 1984.  This was their first, failed attempt.  [They are still trying, right now planning their ‘2.0’ implementation, via ‘Global Warming Austerity’, but blocked, for the moment, by the recent ascendancy of the ‘Trump Faction’].

They thus specifically ordered their ‘servant-dictator’, Hitler, to attack East.  Their plan was for Russian and Germany to exhaust and destroy each other in a war of mutual extermination, eliminating that threat of a German-Russian alliance.

When, in 1939, Hitler signed his [totally insincere] “Peace” Pact with Stalin, and co-invaded Poland, the Rockefeller Faction realized that their ‘servant dictator’ had turned on them -- had become a ‘Franken-Dictator’ -- and was next planning to attack West, targeting THEM.  They realized that he had decided that, after all of their funding and arranging for the rearmament of Germany and the rebuilding of its war machine, that he didn’t need them anymore, that he no longer needed to serve them, but could, indeed, overthrow them, and take their former place in dominating the globe.

They had to quickly scrap their plans to overthrow the Roosevelt presidency, and to allow the Roosevelt “New Deal” reforms [which the Rockefellers have been trying to take back ever since WWII ended], and to muster the U.S. working class to die horrific deaths by the hundreds of thousands to save the Rockefellers from their own Frankenstein Monster, the Nazi Monster that they had crucially enabled, funded, and promoted to the point that this Monster became a mortal threat to all of humanity.

German Nazism was overthrown.  Hitler was defeated.  Fascist state-capitalism -- but not Stalinist state-capitalism -- was critically weakened.  The Rockefellers had to stop openly promoting “Eugenics”, and move on to disguised latter-day forms of it, such as their “People Are Pollution” Environmentalism. 

However, the most tragic aspect of the outcome of WWII is that the Rockefeller faction -- the Eugenicist Mega-Monsters who drafted “GeneralPlan Ost” and “Operation Barbarossa”, and who imposed upon the world the deaths in agony of millions through their funding and promotion of “Eugenics” and of fascism worldwide -- were left unprosecuted, unpunished, still in power.  

After their extermination of the leadership of their rival, Roosevelt Faction -- murdering, in short order, John Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, and Martin Luther King [and, later, John Kennedy Jr., once he began to pose a political threat] -- as well as the later demise of their Russian Stalinist rival for global dictatorship, in 1989, the Rockefeller Faction left itself in unrivalled power, to preside over the hollowing out of the American working class, and of American democracy, until they were within a stone’s through of implementing their planned global humanocide “2.0” -- when their plans were suddenly and unexpectedly blocked, at least temporarily, by the working-class-backed ascendancy of the Trump Faction of the capitalist class, which has sought to electorally, policy-wise, and otherwise ally with the U. S. working class against the Rockefeller Faction.

Ever since, the Rockefeller-controlled mass media have vilified Trump for each of his breaths, for every single inhalation, and for every single exhalation.

But all of their incessant attempts at the character assassination of Trump have so far failed.

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