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“DOT” #07: “Rock.” -- “DOTS” SERIES.

DOTS SERIES -- DOT#07:  Rock.”.

Dear Reader,

This new series, entitled “DOTS” -- as in “connecting the dots” -- is intended to provide you with ‘evidentiary excerpts’ from the many years of research, by Karl Seldon, initially, and, later, by the Foundation, on the ‘‘‘lawful’’’ but secret global agenda and strategy of the ‘descendence phase’ capitalist ruling class.

We plan to present these excerpts here, within this new series, together with their source references, usually without any commentary, by us, as to how we “connect” these “dots”, to give you, our reader, the chance to make your “connections” on your own.

We will, generally, set forth our GLOBAL STRATEGIC HYPOTHESES, giving our version of the interconnections of these “dots”, and our hypotheses to explain these “dots”, elsewhere.  Some of our hypotheses such are already extant in past entries to this blog.

DOTSSeries [as in “connecting the dots”.] -- DOT #7: 


In his 2004 book entitled American Dynasty:  Aristocracy, Fortune, and the Politics of Deceit in the House of Bush, Republican activist and historian Kevin Phillips wrote as follows [background notes:  Prescott Bush was the grandfather of George “Dubya” Bush.  The Brown Bothers Harriman, BBH, investment bank still “thrives” in New York, near its earlier Wall Street home, to this very day, despite their funding of the rearmament of Nazi Germany, of the Hitler regime, and of its German patrons, and their violations of the WWII Trading with the Enemy Act.] --

[pp. 38-39]:  “By the late 1930s, Brown Brothers Harriman [Ed.: “BBH”]...and Dillon Reid were two notable active investors in a Germany rapidly rearming under Adolf Hitler.”

“... the two Wall Street lawyers with the largest German practices [were] the two Dulleses.”

“John Foster Dulles, as a board member of International Nickel, actually had helped to work out that firm’s prewar cartel agreement with I. G. Farben to provide Germany with a steady supply of nickel for armor plating.”

“Prescott Bush, who handled much of the German work [Ed.:  for BBH], used their services.”

“In Allen [Ed.:  later 1st head of CIA] Dulles’s office notes of January 1937 the clients requiring cloaking of assets were short-handed as “Brown Brothers Harriman -- Schroeder -- Rock. [emphasis added -- Ed.].

“The U. S. Justice Department had begun probing German-connected companies and investors in 1941, but Pearl harbor and the U. S. declaration of war against both Germany and Japan put government investigations into overdrive.”

“In early March 1942, a special Senate committee began public hearings on cartel agreements between U.S. and German firms.”

“Before long, William S. Farish, chairman of the [Ed.:  Rockefeller founded] Standard Oil of New Jersey, had pleased guilty to charges of criminal conspiracy between his company and I. G. Farben.”

“Secretary of War Stimson, a man with strong establishment ties -- Andover [Ed.:  a plutocracy prep. school], Yale, Skull and Bones, and service in both Republican and Democrat cabinets -- asked President Roosevelt in March 1942 to stop the investigations... .”

“However, that didn’t stop the inquiries being made by the alien property custodian under the Trading with the Enemy Act of December 1941.”

“None of this would have been happy news for Prescott Bush at 59 Wall Street.”

“In 1938, the firm [Ed.:  “BBH”, for which Prescott Bush worked] had been collaterally involved in a German transaction -- shipping of tetraethyl lead needed by the Luftwaffe -- by the Ethyl Corporation, of which Farish [indicted Chairman of the Rockefellers’ Standard Oil of New Jersey] was a director and which was half owned by Standard Oil of New Jersey.”

“In 1941, the New York Herald Tribune had featured a front-page story headlined “Hitler’s Angel [Ed.:  E.g., massive funder, Fritz Thyssen] Has #3 Million in U. S. Bank”, reporting that steel baron Fritz Thyssen had channeled the money into the Union Banking Corporation [Ed.: “UBC”], possibly to be held for “Nazi big-wigs”.”

“UBC was the bank nominally owned by a Dutch intermediary, that Brown Brothers Harriman ran for the German Thyssen steel family.”

“Prescott Bush was a director.”

“... On October 20, the alien property custodian [Ed.:  under the Trading with the Enemy Act] seized the assets of the Union Banking Corporation.”

“... In November, the government seized the assets of the last major entity connected to Harriman, Walker and Bush -- the Silesian-American Corporation.”

“Politically, the significance of these dealings [Ed.:  In illegal support of the Nazi War Machine] -- the great surprise -- is that none of it seemed to matter much over the next decade... .”

“Nor would Republican Prescott Bush and his presidential descendants be hurt in any of their future elections.”

Commentary:  Again, we have a major looming paradox, and a mystery, that has hardly been touched upon by establishment historians.

We see the erstwhile King of England, Edward VIII, “King of the United Kingdom and the Dominions of the British Empire, and Emperor of India, from 20 January 1936 until his abdication on 11 December of that year”, publicly supporting the Nazi regime, along with a large faction of the rest of the British aristocracy, and giving Hitler salutes for press photographers.

We see a major faction of the U. S. ruling class -- e.g., the Dulles Brothers [‘attorneying’ for the Rockefellers’ Standard Oil via the ultra-prominent law firm of Sullivan & Cromwell, whose most important clients were the Rockefellers], and Brown and Harriman, served by Prescott Bush, and “Rock.” -- all of them financially and illegally serving Hitler’s financial “Angels”, e.g., steel baron Fritz Thyssen, massively facilitating the Nazi’s rise to power, and the colossal rearmament of Nazi Germany -- e.g., supplying tetraethyl lead needed by the Luftwaffe, providing Nazi Germany with a steady supply of nickel for armor plating, as well as praising Hitler to the skies in books, newspapers, interviews, etc. -- UNTIL ~1939.

I ask again -- What happened in ~1939 that turned the Nazi regime, in the eyes of these western ruling class ruling factions, from ‘‘‘the way-showers to our future’’’ to ENEMY #1?

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