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'How we Expect that Implemented 'Generalized Equity' will Transform the Social Relations of Production’.



How we Expect that Implemented Generalized Equity will Transform the Social Relations of Production.



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This blog-entry is for the purpose of presenting the following statement by our co-founder, Karl Seldon --

We expect that, once implemented by means of constitutional amendment & associated statutes, by demand of the voters of the majority class, that actualized Equitism will constitute an extended «aufheben», dialectical transformation – a negation/conservation/elevation – of the “wages of labor”, or “wage-labor” [and ‘‘‘salaried labor’’’] social relation of production [Marx], the ‘wages-relation’, and of its intertwined “profits of capital”, “profits of enterprise”, or “capital profitability” social relation of production, i.e., the capital-relation [Marx], into the Generalized Equity social relation of production.”


“Transformation of the fundamental social relations of production of a society, into new human-social relations of human-societal self-reproduction, that were immanent in, and slowly growing within, the old social relations of social reproduction, is the essence of the meaning of the term social revolution.  Not political violence, and blood running in the streets, as the ruling-class-controlled mass media, and their antagonistic cooperators, the Leninists, would have you believe.”


We see this transition of our fundamental social relation of production, from the capital/wage-labor-relation, to the ‘Generalized Equity relation’, as arising, in particular, through a transition from private property and state property in the means of [social re-]production, to an increasing predominance of ‘‘‘social property’’’, of [ultimately global] ‘‘‘common property’’’, combined with individual property [Marx, Capital, volume I, Chapter 32, final two paragraphs].


We see this majority-class-demanded, eventually constitutionally and statutorily sanctioned, public-policy-sanctioned transition, after a period in which the majority class increasingly practices Citizen Stewardship Equity, learns the new skills of associated management, and of stewardship of social property, that its practice demands, and compares, experientially, the relative benefits and woes of capitalist wage/salaried-labor employment, vis-à-vis the Citizen Stewardship Equity way of life, of Collective Self-Employment, as resulting from the majority class consensus evaluation of the two modes of social life.







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