Tuesday, March 30, 2021

‘How we Expect that Implemented 'Generalized Equity' will Tend Toward a Classless Society’.



How we Expect that Implemented Generalized Equity’ will Tend Toward a Classless Society.


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This blog-entry is for the purpose of presenting the following statement by our co-founder, Karl Seldon --


We expect that, once implemented by means of constitutional amendment and associated statutes, by popular demand of the voters of the majority class, that an actualized Equitism will tend toward a “withering away” [Marx] of the old classes, via the constitution of an “associated producers” [Marx] single majority class as “universal class” [Hegel; Marx], hence also a “withering away” of the state as a class institution for the subjugation of the majority class by a minority, ruling, class.”


“However, we further expect this “withering away” of the oppressive aspects of capitalist government to be accompanied by a rise of an even higher level of social ‘self-administrative’ organization, in the form of ‘political-economic-democratic’, participatory institutions of societal self-governance – truly “of the people, by the people, and for the people.”



We expect this “withering away” to be driven, not by violent or state-dictatorial expropriation [the Leninist, state-bureaucratic ruling class, state-capitalist model], but, on the contrary, by the trend of a growing voluntary conversion of capitalist private property, and of state-capitalist state property, into ‘Citizens’ Stewardship Equity’-based social property, the all-citizens-owned property, held in ‘‘‘Stewardship’’’, not in local ownership, by ‘Citizens’ Stewardship Equity’ socialized producers’ cooperatives, as well as being driven by the psychological, political, economic, social, and cultural impacts of the other two foundations of ‘Generalized Equity’ – ‘Citizens’ Birthright Equity’ and ‘Citizens’ Externality Equity’.



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