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¿CORONAVIRUS: ‘Rocke-Nazi’ Psy-Op?

¿CORONAVIRUS: Rocke-NaziPsy-Op?

¿The Eric Pianka Plague?


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HYPOTHESIS.  The “coronavirus” media story would have us believe that a process of “natural”, random, Darwinian evolution of pathogens has produced an outbreak of a new pandemic virus, poised to collapse the global economy, and, in particular, to end the longest economic expansion in U. S. history -- in perfect timing for the 2020 primary and Presidential elections, to discredit Trump, and to assure his electoral defeat for a second Presidential term.

Well, please pardon me if I find that story hard to swallow.

For we whose nostrils have long-since become sensitive to the stench of ‘Rocke-Nazi’ media Psy-Op ‘Rocke-DooDoo’, the stench that pervades so much of American society, and so much of the ideological atmosphere world wide, we cannot deny that we “smell a RAT” in this story -- indeed, we smell the same ‘Rockefeller RAT’ that has spawned so many other Psy-Ops to further their designs for global ‘stealth humanocide’ --

The ‘Rocke-Nazi’, formerly-unchallenged ruling faction of the Capitalist ruling class has been locked, for more than four years as of today, in a life-or-death struggle for power with an insurgent ‘Trump Faction’ of that ruling class.

Another four years of the Trump administration, and another four years of the longest economic expansion in the history of the United States, would likely convince the American majority, the working class, that prosperity for their families is possible, ‘sustainably’, and might permanently put an end to the ‘Rocke-Nazis’ main ploy for their planned global ‘humanocide’ pogrom, ‘Global Warming Austerity’, with Carbon Taxes raising average monthly utility bills into the thousands of dollars, bankrupting middle class America, driving an explosion of mass homelessness -- driving working class Americans right into FEMA “protective custody” camps, soon morphing into ‘humanocidal’ concentration/extermination camps, “TO SAVE THE PLANET”, especially with a little help from even newer Rocke-Nazi ‘designer diseases’, e.g., their planned ‘Eric Pianka Plague’ --

The ‘Rocke-Nazis’ are thus growing more desperate by the day. 

I hypothesize that the “coronavirus outbreak” is a ‘Rocke-Nazi’ Psy-Op, based, like the “AIDS pandemic”, on a new vintage of the ‘Rocke-Nazis’ spate of genetically-engineered ‘designer diseases’, that the ‘Rocke-Nazis’ hope, since even their “impeachment” of Trump, based upon -- to coin a phrase -- “trumped up” charges, failed to unseat him, that they hope will crash the world economy, and lead to Trump losing the election.

With a genetically engineered disease, the ‘Rocke-Nazis’ can make Trump look bad -- make it look like his government’s efforts to stop the spread of the disease are failing and incompetent -- by simply ordering their agents to smuggle in the disease to wherever, in America, etc., they want to create a fresh outbreak, and thereby secretly infect unwitting victims, despite the best efforts of the government to stem the spread of that disease.  

Also, if "coronavirus" is indeed a 'Rockefeller Faction designer disease' -- a genomically-engineered germ-warfare weapon for 'stealth humanocide', for crashing the world economy, and for defeating Trump -- then that Faction has probably already stockpiled a sequence of increasingly virulent strains of "coronavirus".  Should this first strain that they have released fail to collapse the world economy, and/or fail to discredit Trump, then we may soon see headlines announcing a "new, more virulent mutant strain" of "coronavirus", just happening to "pop-up" where the old "strain" has been contained.

The ‘Rocke-Nazi’-‘‘‘owned’’’ mass media have been hyper-hyping this “coronavirus” disease from day one, making it sound like it is ten-times worse than the bubonic plague that killed ~half of Medieval Europe’s human population, thereby spooking many stockholders in the world’s capital-stock markets.

I believe that the ‘Rocke-Nazis’ have reinforced this ‘hyper-hype’ by selling vast quantities of shares in key companies whose shares they massively, and secretly, own, via “money-laundering” techniques -- e.g., “parcelization” -- by launching millions of coordinated small share sales [“parcel” sales], from apparently different owners, by selling those shares through thousands of different, small brokerages where the ‘Rocke-Nazis’ hold accounts by which their ownership of all of those shares is obscured. 

It’s a new application of their old “Capital Asset Bubble Engineering” tech., which was enhanced for them in the run-up to ‘Global Great Depression I’ by Joe Kennedy, while his family, under his “leadership” -- like the Bush Crime Family, under the “leadership” of Hitler-funder Prescott Bush -- was still a lower-plutocracy servant-family to the Rockefeller Mega-Crime Family.

After millions of shares are sold, on one day, their share prices drop precipitously by the next day, so that the ‘Rocke-Nazis’ need only use part of the money that they gained by selling millions of shares at the previous day’s, higher share prices, i.e., when those shares were more expensive, to buy back many of those shares -- but slowly, over time, without re-surging those share prices -- to rebuild their holdings of those key company stocks for a later round of massive selling.

In this way, the ‘Rocke-Nazis’ can drive down the stock market indices -- The Dow, the NASDAQ, the S&P-500, etc. -- with the intent to create a psychological panic in millions of other shareholders, leading those other shareholders to also panic-sell their shares as well, and thus to drive down key company stock prices, and the market indices, even deeper, until this PSY-OP induces a global market crash, and a global depression, depriving Trump of credit for the longest economic expansion in the entire history of the United States, which Trump’s policies made possible, and losing his second-term Presidential election for him -- or so the ‘Rocke-Nazi Faction’ hopes!

Also, Bernie Sanders is, at best, a Rockefeller dupe when it comes to “Global Warming”.

Sanders is pushing the global police state plan of the “[Soylent-]Green New Deal”, and the catastrophic collapse of majority living standards that would result from its ‘Global Warming Austerity’ Carbon Taxes, etc., that he seeks to impose.  Just ask the “Yellow Vests” what happened to ordinary French citizens when only the beginnings of ‘Global Warming Austerity’ were imposed upon them!

When Bernie Sanders mouths “democratic socialism”, what this really means is police-state, totalitarian, ‘‘‘[Soylent-]Green’’’, ‘humanocidal’ STATE-CAPITALISM.

But I don't think that this "coronavirus" outbreak is, just yet, their planned 'Eric Pianka Plague'.  True, the 'Rocke-Nazis' do, indeed, plan to destroy the growing threat to their power that is the Chinese state-bureaucratic ruling class, and that is the Chinese people, probably largely by yet another of the Rocke-Nazis'  'designer diseases'.  But NOT JUST YET!!!

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Miguel Detonacciones

Voting Member, Foundation Encyclopedia Dialectica [F.E.D.],
Participant, F.E.D. Special Council for Public Liaison,
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