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EQUITARIAN PROPERTY-FORMS -- Forms           /Species of Property Rights Recognized or Established per the Proposed ‘‘‘Equitist’’’ Constitutional Amendment and Amendatory Annex.

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The proposed Equitarian Constitution -- i.e., the proposed amendments-based, rule-of-law-based, Equitarian, conversion of the U.S. Constitution, from one attempting to establish political-ONLY, “representative” democracy, to one establishing grass roots political-ECONOMIC DEMOCRACY -- involves the constitutional recognition, or the first-time establishment in constitutional law, of six species of Property-Relations.

For background on ‘‘‘Equitism’’’ as the envisioned higher successor socio-political-economic system to the capitalist system, please see --

The three forms of property that are «aufheben»-continued and -preserved -- and -elevated -- in the Equitarian Constitution, and in the higher socio-political-economic system that this ‘‘‘supreme law of the land’’’ constitution is intended to inaugurate within the rule of law of the United States of America, are those of (1) ‘‘‘Personal Property’’’, (2) ‘‘‘Private Property’’’, and (3) ‘‘‘State/Public Property’’’.

The three additional forms of property that are unprecedented within, and that would be established in U.S. law for the first time per, the adoption of the Equitarian Constitution, are those of (4) ‘‘‘Collective Property’’’, (5) ‘‘‘Social Property’’’ [cf. Marx, Capital III, NW, p. 437.], and (6) ‘‘‘Individual Property’’’ [cf. Marx, Capital I, NW, p. 763.].

Note that this development -- both conditionally predicted by us for the future of humanity, and proposed by us in the present -- instantiates the [contra-Boolean’] NQ algebraic logic’s ‘fundamental equation of dialectical logic’.

E.g., given that we take C to denote, collectively, the three «aufheben»-preserved Capitalist[~ and pre-capitalist] Property-Forms, and E to denote the three qualitatively new, qualitatively different, and ‘socio-ontologically’ unprecedented Equitarian Property-Forms, we can map this categorial, and predicted-historical, progression as --

C   -->   C(C) = C2 = C + Delta(C) |-=  C + E.

-- wherein ‘C(C) = ~C = C of C = C2’ connotes our ‘pre-constructed’ future “practical-critical”, «aufheben» self-critique, of the practitioners of the ‘capital-praxis’, by the practitioners of the ‘capital-praxis’.

The six forms of property-relations/-rights inhering in C2, per this solution for C2, are enumerated and elaborated one-by-one below.

1.  ‘‘‘Personal Property’’’ -- This is the form of property involved when a citizen purchases a commodity using personally-owned revenues, e.g., wages, so that this commodity thereby drops out of “the sphere of circulation”, and into “the sphere of [personal] consumption”.  Per the Equitarian Constitution, each citizens Citizen Birthright Equity Social Trust Fund is the potential ‘‘‘Personal Property’’’ of that Citizen, awaiting statutorily-supported conversion from ‘‘‘Social Property’’’ into ‘‘‘Personal Property’’’.

2.  ‘‘‘Private Property’’’ -- E.g., the legal nature of the ownership, by profit-seeking, ‘‘‘Capital-Equity’’’ firms, e.g., corporations, of their means of production, as capital-property.  This form of property is NOT outlawed under the Equitarian Constitution, but may decline in frequency and ‘social density’ via its competitions with the ‘‘‘Collective Property’’’, ‘‘‘Social Property’’’, and ‘‘‘Individual Property’’’ provisions, in practice, of that Constitution.

3.  ‘‘‘State/Public Property’’’ -- Continues to exist per the Equitarian Constitution.  In the form of ‘‘‘State Capital’’’ -- e.g., of ‘‘‘State Property’’’ in means of production, etc., it is tolerated, under its ‘‘‘Amendatory Annex’’’, only where market competition regarding the output of those means of production fails, until or unless such market competition can be restored, e.g., via new, competing Capital Equity enterprises, and/or new, competingCitizen Stewardship Equity enterprises.

4.  ‘‘‘Collective Property’’’ -- Per the Equitarian Constitution, this form of property is epitomized by the Citizen Externality Equity property-right and human-right. The latter is the right of citizens suffering pollution, etc., externalities, i.e., external costs, at the hands of private capitalist enterprises, and/or of  ‘state-capitalist enterprises, and/or of ‘Citizen Stewardship Equity’ enterprises, to vote in elections that maintain grass-roots, democratically-managed, electorally-managed, internalized economic checks-and-balances against the uncontrolled production of externalities by such enterprises, e.g., via this ‘‘‘Collective Property’’’ application of “Coase’s Theorem”.

5.  ‘‘‘Social Property’’’ [cf. Marx, Capital III, NW, p. 437.] -- Per the Equitarian Constitution, this form of property is epitomized by the Citizen Stewardship Equity property-right and human-right.  This involves the right of a constitutionally and statutorily certified, and ‘Social Bank’-backed collective of Citizens to constitute a Stewardship Equity socialized producers cooperative enterprise, competing, in product(s)/service(s) market(s) per its ‘Social Bank’-endorsed Business Plan, with other Stewardship Enterprises, and/or with remaining Capital-Equity enterprises, including state-capitalist enterprises, and holding both the stewardship and the usufruct of the means of production provided to it, under various covenants, as a kind of ‘Public Venture Capital’, by a competing, OCSP-chartered Citizen Stewardship Equity Social Bank, also a Stewardship Equity cooperative enterprise, but not holding those means of production as ‘‘‘Personal’’’, or as ‘‘‘Private’’’, or even as ‘‘‘Individual’’’ Property.  Those means of production remain ‘‘‘Social Property’’’, for the usufruct of which a monthly Social Rent is due to the electoral national Office of the Custodian of Social Property [OCSP].  The purposes of these Social Rents include ‘incentivizing’ economy in the use of means of production, funding the expanding plant and equipment requirements of successful old, and net new, Stewardship cooperatives, funding replacement of obsolescent means of production plant and equipment, for enterprises choosing subscription to OCSP ‘techno-depreciation insurance’, and service as one of the funding sources for, e.g., the Citizen Birthright Equity Social Trust Funds.

6.  ‘‘‘Individual Property’’’ [cf. Marx, Capital I, NW, p. 763.] -- Per the Equitarian Constitution, this form of property is epitomized by the individual ownership aspect of the Citizen Stewardship Equity property-right and human-right, as it pertains to each individual Citizen member of a Stewardship cooperative collective.  No individual member of a Stewardship cooperative collective holds any ‘‘‘Personal Property’’’ claim to the means of production provided to that Stewardship enterprise, via its ‘Social Bank’ partner, to meet the requirements of its ‘Social Bank’-endorsed Business Plan.  But each individual Citizen-member of each Citizen Stewardship Equity socialized producers cooperative, owns an inalienable [non-sale-able’] ‘‘‘Individual Property’’’ right in the Stewardship collective that collectively holds that cooperatives means of production usufruct, its ‘Social Bank’ endorsement, and its ‘Social Bank’ covenants, granted in return for that ‘Social Bank’ endorsement.  That Individual Property right grants, to each such Citizen-member, an equal share in the monthly net operating surplus of that enterprise, compensation for hours worked for that enterprise, at (a) rate(s) commensurate per the relevant ‘Skills Market(s)’, and an equal vote in the election and/or recall of managers, as in all other key management decisions of that cooperative enterprise.  This Individual Property right of each such Citizen cannot be altered without due process of law, beginning with adversarial court proceeding(s) in theCitizen Stewardship Equity Tribunal of proximate jurisdiction, and subject to ultimate appeal to the Supreme Court of the United States.

We hold that a ‘Property-Forms, juridical analysis of the proposed ‘socio-political-economic system’ of ‘‘‘Equitism’’’, such as that outlined above, provides useful insights into the envisioned ‘inner inter-workings of that proposed successor system to the present, capital-relation-dominated, ‘socio-political-economic system’.

For more information regarding these Seldonian insights, please see --


For partially pictographical, ‘poster-ized’ visualizations of many of these Seldonian insights -- specimens of dialectical art -- see:



Miguel Detonacciones

Voting Member, Foundation Encyclopedia Dialectica [F.E.D.],
Participant, F.E.D. Special Council for Public Liaison,
Officer, F.E.D. Office of Public Liaison.

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